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In the mood for a classic love tale? Dial up the passion with our titillating tales from times gone by in book, eBook, eAudiobook, large print or audio CD . This list updates when we add new titles to our collection.

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Kiss me at Christmas  by Valerie Bowman

Kiss me at Christmas

Valerie Bowman

"Bow Street Runner Daffin Oakleaf abhors Christmas. Carol singing and holiday cheer only remind him of a dark time. When a close friend calls on him for help, Daffin is happy to capitalize on the distraction. But when he learns the lovely Lady Regina...

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The secret orphan by Glynis Peters

The secret orphan

Glynis Peters

Keep her secret Keep her safe On the 14th November 1940, Hitler's bombs rain down on Coventry. From the rubble of a bombed-out family home, a young girl is saved ... but at what cost? This is a stunning and memorable page-turner of love, loss and res...

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An eternity of you by Sophia Garrett

An eternity of you

Sophia Garrett

England 1833. The Duke of Sharrington left Rebecca with more than a broken heart six years ago--he left her with a son. His return rekindles their passion, but only a Christmas miracle will convince the town surgeon to believe in his promises of eter...

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A rake's redemption by Cynthia Breeding

A rake's redemption

Cynthia Breeding

Alexander Ashley has decided women of the ton are more interested in status than love. His game is seduction and nothing more. His feelings regarding aristocratic ladies leads to an outlandish idea--prove a servant can be taught to be as ladylike as those...

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More or less a temptress by Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradley

More or less a temptress

Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradl...

Hyacinth Somerset's debut is the most anticipated event of the season, as it will be the reclusive young lady's first public appearance. But within moments of being asked to dance by a dashing stranger, Hyacinth calls him a murderer, then faints dead...

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Forbidden night with the prince by Michelle (Author of historical romances) Willingham

Forbidden night with the prince

Michelle (Author of historical romances)...

Virtuous Joan de Laurent is fated never to marry. Three betrothals, each ending in the groom's death, have convinced her she's cursed! But only her hand in marriage can help darkly brooding Irish Prince Ronan win back his fortress. To break the curse...

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Her convenient husband's return by Eleanor Webster

Her convenient husband's return

Eleanor Webster

After Beth married her childhood friend to escape from debt, he swiftly returned to his life in London. But now Ren's back, as Lord of the Estate, and Beth's heart pounds whenever he is near! She's wary of his expectations of her to produce an heir, for...

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Awakened by the prince's passion by Bronwyn Scott

Awakened by the prince's passion

Bronwyn Scott

...Crown Princess Dasha is plucked from the flames of rebellion and sent to London with no memory of the past. Everyone says she's heiress to Kuban's throne... She trusts Ruslan Pisarev on first sight - he becomes her protector, her confidante, even her...

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Homecoming by M. C. Beaton


M. C. Beaton

Lizzie is the sixth and youngest daughter of the late Sir Beverley, the patriarch who gambled away their beloved estate, Mannerling. Each of Lizzie's sisters had been entrusted by their ambitious mother to lure the various owners of their former home....

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Christmas at Woolworths by Elaine Everest

Christmas at Woolworths

Elaine Everest

1942. Even though there was a war on, the Woolworths girls brought Christmas cheer to their customers. With their loved ones away busy fighting the enemy, their bonds of friendship strengthen each day. Betty Billington is a manager at Woolworths, and...

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Someone to trust  by Mary Balogh

Someone to trust

Mary Balogh

"After her husband's passing, Elizabeth Overfield decides that she must enter into another suitable marriage. That, however, is the last thing on her mind when she meets Colin Handrich, Lord Hodges, at the Westcott Christmas house party. She simply enjoys...

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The reluctant warrior  by Mary Connealy

The reluctant warrior

Mary Connealy

"Union army officer Cameron Scott is used to being obeyed, but nothing about this journey to Lake Tahoe has gone as expected. He's come to fetch his daughter and nephew, and seek revenge on the people who killed his brother. Instead he finds himself trapped...

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Dear Evelyn by Kathy Page

Dear Evelyn

Kathy Page

"Dear Evelyn follows a seventy-year- long wartime marriage between two seemingly Incompatible partners in sometimes tender, sometimes excruciating detail. Studded with allusions to poems and novels, it is set in locations that include London during the...

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A daring venture by Elizabeth Camden

A daring venture

Elizabeth Camden

"In early 1900s New York, biochemist Doctor Rosalind Werner works to champion a water delivery technology that will fight water-borne illnesses. The fight brings her into contact, and conflict, with newly appointed Commissioner of Water, Nicholas Drake....

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Cry to dream again by Jane Hawking

Cry to dream again

Jane Hawking

"In 1930s Greater London, Shirley is a talented ballerina who dreams of becoming a principal dancer at the Sadler's Wells Ballet Company. Yet one summer, on the way back from staying with her grandparents in France, she meets a handsome young man, Alan,...

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Christmas angel by Kat Martin

Christmas angel

Kat Martin

Previously appeared in No Place Like Home Dear Readers, This story was inspired by a trip to Savannah. I visited one of the area's Civil War forts and became fascinated by the discovery that General Sherman and his men had arrived in a conquered Savannah...

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First earl I see tonight by Anna (Romance novelist) Bennett

First earl I see tonight

Anna (Romance novelist) Bennett

Once upon a time three young ladies vowed to record their first London seasons?and to fill in the gaps of their finishing school educations. Thus began "Fans of Regency romAn heiress with a daring proposal. An earl who?s determined to resist Recently...

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Kiss me at Christmas by Valerie. aut Bowman

Kiss me at Christmas

Valerie. aut Bowman

-- USA Today -- Publishers Weekly -- Kirkus ReviewsKiss Me At Christmas by Valerie Bowman.Bow Street Runner Daffin Oakleaf abhors Christmas. Carol singing and holiday cheer only remind him of a dark time. When a close friend calls on him for help, Daffin...

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Knight furies by C. C. Wiley

Knight furies

C. C. Wiley

For a Knight of the Swan, any mission might lead to fortune--but the chance for love comes once in a lifetime . . . Margaret Grace is the lady of Fletchers Landing, earning what she can as a beekeeper and mead maker, and playing a nerve-wracking game...

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Tying the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

Tying the Scot

Jennifer Trethewey

At age eleven, Alex Sinclair pledges an oath to the Duke of Chatham promising to serve and protect his illegitimate daughter, Lucy FitzHarris. Nine years later, the duke unexpectedly takes Alex up on his vow, offering the future Laird of Balforss his...

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The admiral's penniless bride by Carla Kelly

The admiral's penniless bride

Carla Kelly

Sally Paul is down to her last penny. As she spends it on a cup of tea--to stave off being at the mercy of the workhouse--the last thing she expects is an offer of marriage from a complete stranger! Admiral Sir Charles Bright's seafaring days are ove...

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Falling through time by Nancy Scanlon

Falling through time

Nancy Scanlon

"From the day the Fates decided he would be the warrior to train and lead a group of time-traveling clansmen, Reilly O'Malley has been certain of everything. He's gone into every battle, verbal or physical, knowing that he will be victorious. Rescuer...

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The Demon Duke by Margaret Locke

The Demon Duke

Margaret Locke

A man tormented by a painful secret meets the bookish miss who just might save him from himself... ______________________________________________________________________Behind every good man is a great secret.Banished to Yorkshire as a boy for faults...

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One perfect rose by Mary Jo Putney

One perfect rose

Mary Jo Putney

Stephen Kenyon, Duke of Ashburton, has always taken the duties of his rank seriously - until a doctor's grim diagnosis sends him running from his world of privilege. Traveling incognito, he yearns to experience life to the fullest in what time he has...

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Belle of the back streets by Glenda Young

Belle of the back streets

Glenda Young

"Any rag and bone!" Everyone recognises the cry of Meg Sutcliffe as she plies her trade along the back streets of Ryhope. She learnt the ropes from her dad when he returned from the War. But when tragedy struck, Meg had no choice but to continue alone....

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The sins of Lady Dacey by M. C. author. Beaton

The sins of Lady Dacey

M. C. author. Beaton

The local society could only speculate how a pair of turtledoves would cope as the guests of the scandalous Lady Dacey. Surely she would attempt to corrupt them - an act that both Pamela Perryworth and Honoraria Goodham would see as welcome entertainment...

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Enchanting Nicholette  by Dawn Crandall

Enchanting Nicholette

Dawn Crandall

"Nicholette Everstone is already a widow at the age of twenty-two: her husband was murdered on their wedding day. She has just returned to Boston after two years of mourning in Europe. Although her husband was loving, the marriage was an arranged one,...

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The secret legacy by Sara Alexander

The secret legacy

Sara Alexander

Santina is spending her final days at her home, Villa San Vito, in the beautiful Italian town of Positano. As she decides the fate of the magnificent eighteenth century palazzo she must confront the choices that led her here. In 1949, hoping to escape...

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Betting the Scot by Jennifer Trethewey

Betting the Scot

Jennifer Trethewey

Declan Sinclair is a Highlander who believes his dreams never lie. When he spots Caya at a public house, he knows instantly she is the woman in his dreams-his future wife. Though her brother had promised never to gamble again, he engages Declan in a ...

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When a Scot loves a lady by Katharine Ashe

When a Scot loves a lady

Katharine Ashe

After years as an agent of the secret Falcon Club, Lord Leam Blackwood knows it's time to return home to Scotland. One temptation threatens his plans--Kitty Savege, who warms his blood like a dram of fine whiskey. But a dangerous enemy stands in the way...

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Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas goose  by Stephanie Laurens

Lady Osbaldestone's Christmas goose

Stephanie Laurens

"Three years after being widowed, Therese, Lady Osbaldestone finally settles into her dower property of Hartington Manor in the village of Little Moseley. However, she questions whether life in a small village will generate sufficient interest to keep...

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The light before day  by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The light before day

Suzanne Woods Fisher

"After three years on a whaling voyage, Henry Macy returns to Nantucket to news that his grandmother has passed, bequeathing her vast fortune to him and his sister, Hitty. And it was truly vast. But Lillian Coffin was no fool. The inheritance comes with...

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The hollow of fear  by Sherry (Sherry M.) Thomas

The hollow of fear

Sherry (Sherry M.) Thomas

"Under the cover of "Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective," Charlotte Holmes puts her extraordinary powers of deduction to good use. Aided by the capable Mrs. Watson, Charlotte draws those in need to her and makes it her business to know what other ...

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The other Miss Bridgerton  by Julia Quinn

The other Miss Bridgerton

Julia Quinn

"Poppy Bridgerton will only wed a suitor whose keen intellect and interests match her own. Sadly, none of the fools from her London season qualify. While visiting a friend on the Dorset coast, Poppy is pleasantly surprised to discover a smugglers' hi...

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The Pallisers by Anthony Trollope

The Pallisers

Anthony Trollope

"Wealthy aristocrat and politician Plantagenet Palliser and beautiful, spirited Lady Glencora embark on an arranged marriage, despite her passion fo the dashing but debt-ridden Burgo Fitzgerald. As her husband rises throught the ranks of government, ...

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Lady Osbaldestone and the missing Christmas carols  by Stephanie Laurens

Lady Osbaldestone and the missing Christmas carols

Stephanie Laurens

"With four grandchildren as guests at Harrington Manor in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Therese, Lady Osbaldestone, is happy to have them busy themselves with the mystery of the village's missing book of Christmas carols as well as playing Cupid...

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A devil of a duke by Madeline Hunter

A devil of a duke

Madeline Hunter

"He's infamous, debaucherous and known all over town for his complete disregard for scandal, and positively irresistible seductions. Gabriel St. James, Duke of Langford, is obscenely wealthy, jaw-droppingly handsome and used to getting exactly what he...

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Beyond all dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Beyond all dreams

Elizabeth Camden

Anna O'Brien leads a predictable and quiet life as a map librarian at the illustrious Library of Congress until she stumbles across the baffling mystery of a ship disappeared at sea. Thwarted in her attempts to uncover information, her determination ...

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My one and only duke  by Grace Burrowes

My one and only duke

Grace Burrowes

"Falsely imprisoned Quinn Wentworth marries pregnant widow Jane Winston in order to help her, but when he is saved from execution by the discovery that he is the heir to a dukedom, they must live with their marriage of convenience."--Publisher's desc...

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The kitchen marriage  by Gina Welborn

The kitchen marriage

Gina Welborn

"A bright future awaits the women of courage and faith who boldly chase their dreams across the wide-open Montana Territory, prepared to embrace adventure and forge their own destinies. When French immigrant Zoe de Fleur is forced out of her position...

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Three nights with the princess  by Betina M. Krahn

Three nights with the princess

Betina M. Krahn

"Fiercely independent, and wholly devoted to her subjects, Crown Princess Thera of Mercia must marry before she can become Queen. But the beauty?s reluctance to choose a husband has plunged her into peril far from home?and into the arms of a handsome...

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Christmas in Whispering Pines  by Scarlett Dunn

Christmas in Whispering Pines

Scarlett Dunn

"On the heels of her blowout European tour, opera star Emma Langtry has returned home to Whispering Pines to spend time with her family. But she isn't alone: a smitten French prince has follwed her, determined to win her love. While Emma enjoys his c...

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Legacy of mercy by Lynn N. Austin

Legacy of mercy

Lynn N. Austin

"Young socialite Anna Nicholson is having trouble focusing on her upcoming marriage due to lingering questions about her birth mother. After hiring detectives to learn more about the past, Anna decides that some secrets are better left hidden. Her choice...

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Remembrance  by Alexa Kang


Alexa Kang

"follows the love story of army nurse Tessa Graham and Lieutenant Anthony Ardley after the fiercely fought Battle of Anzio. With the Allies' victory in Rome, Tessa and Anthony find respite to avow their love in the Eternal City. Their happiness is sh...

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Jalousie  by Alexa Kang


Alexa Kang

"Anthony Ardley, now a junior officer with the U.S. Army's Third Infantry Division is deployed to Southern Italy, and Tessa Graham, a young cadet nurse determined to follow him to battle. Will the two young lovers find their ways to surmount their se...

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Desire  by Alexa Kang


Alexa Kang

"Caught in a brutal war of attrition with no end in sight, Lieutenant Anthony Ardley faces the challenges of fighting the enemies and gaining the respect of troops. When their captain embarks on a plan that will lead to their doom, their survival hinges...

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A notorious vow  by Joanna Shupe

A notorious vow

Joanna Shupe

"With the fate of her disgraced family resting on her shoulders, Lady Christina Barclay has arrived in New York City from London to quickly secure a wealthy husband. But when her parents settle on an intolerable suitor, Christina turns to her reclusi...

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Once a scoundrel by Mary Jo Putney

Once a scoundrel

Mary Jo Putney

"The son of a proud naval dynasty, Gabriel Hawkins was born to command the sea, until he leaves the Royal Navy in disgrace and is disowned by his family. As captain of his own ship, he's earned his living in ways both legal and illegal, and his exper...

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Snow falling  by Jane Gloriana Villanueva

Snow falling

Jane Gloriana Villanueva

"Working at the lavish Regal Sol hotel and newly engaged to Pinkerton Detective Martin Cadden, Josephine Galena Valencia has big dreams for her future. Then, a figure from her past reemerges to change her life forever: the hotel’s dapper owner, railroad...

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My lady thief  by Emily Larkin

My lady thief

Emily Larkin

"Arabella Knightley is an earl's granddaughter, but it's common knowledge that she spent her early years in London's gutters. What the ton doesn't know is that while Arabella acts the perfect young lady by day, at night she plays Robin Hood, stealing...

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The legend of Nimway Hall  by Karen Hawkins

The legend of Nimway Hall

Karen Hawkins

"Miss Charlotte Harrington knows what's expected of her. Properly raised and newly reminded of her duties after the unexpected death of her far-more-perfect twin sister, Charlotte is resigned to wedding the son of a near neighboring land owner and live...

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Dangerous joy by Jo Beverley

Dangerous joy

Jo Beverley

Young Miles Cavanagh becomes the improbable guardian to Felicity Monahan, a wealthy head-strong heiress who is only a few years younger than he. Felicity at first seems set on marrying Rupert Dunmsore, an unscrupulous cad, who clearly only wants to wed...

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Forbidden by Jo Beverley


Jo Beverley

The death of her husband freed Serena Riverton from life as an abused sex-object. Now, her brother plans to sell her to another vile man, but Serena flees, but finds herself stranded and near penniless. When a passing gentleman offers help, Serena accepts,...

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The patriot bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

The patriot bride

Kimberley Woodhouse

"Faith Jackson and Matthew Weber are both working covertly to aid the Patriot cause. But will they be willing to sacrifice all for their fledgling country?A brand new series for fans of all things related to history, romance, adventure, faith, and fa...

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Becoming Mrs. Lewis by Patti Callahan Henry

Becoming Mrs. Lewis

Patti Callahan Henry

"When poet and writer Joy Davidman began writing letters to C. S. Lewis -- known as Jack -- she was looking for spiritual answers, not love. Love, after all, wasn't holding together her crumbling marriage. Everything about New Yorker Joy seemed ill-matched...

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Seize the dawn  by Heather Graham

Seize the dawn

Heather Graham

"Bold and beautiful, Lady Eleanor of Clarin---sole heir to her ancestral lands---chooses to marry an aging French noble rather than Edward I's choice of a brutal knight. To preserve Clarin and defeat the rebellious Scots who killed her father, she would...

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The legend of Nimway Hall  by Suzanne Enoch

The legend of Nimway Hall

Suzanne Enoch

"Eighteen-year-old heiress Isabel de Rossi is intent on being the full-time guardian of Nimway Hall, faced with the oversight of estate manager Adam Driscoll and a curious love match that seems to be connected with the Hall's famous and magical orb."...

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The best of intentions by Susan Anne Mason

The best of intentions

Susan Anne Mason

"After WWI Grace Abernathy is determined to reunite with her family, crossing an ocean to convince her widowed sister to return home to England. Yet Toronto holds more tragedy: her nephew, Christian, is in the custody of his paternal relatives, the f...

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Engraved on the heart by Tara Johnson

Engraved on the heart

Tara Johnson

"Reluctant debutante Keziah Montgomery lives beneath the weighty expectations of her staunch Confederate family, forced to keep her epilepsy secret for fear of a scandal. As the tensions of the Civil War arrive on their doorstep in Savannah, Keziah sees...

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Highlander unchained  by Monica McCarty

Highlander unchained

Monica McCarty

"Lachlan Maclean will do whatever it takes to protect his clan-even if it means abducting the most willful woman in the Highlands with the secret intention of wooing her for marriage. A born searing sensual leader possessing brute strength, and an im...

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Lord Of Raven's Peak by Catherine Coulter

Lord Of Raven's Peak

Catherine Coulter

A Viking buys two slaves in Kiev, but neither is who or what he thinks they are.

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Defying the earl by Anabelle Bryant

Defying the earl

Anabelle Bryant

Game... Matchmaker Wilhelmina Montgomery helps cupid's arrow find its mark in the drawing rooms of the Ton, effortlessly pairing even the most unlikely couples for a discreet fee. Perhaps not an appropriate pursuit for a lady...but with an ailing sister...

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Island of sweet pies and soldiers by Sara Ackerman

Island of sweet pies and soldiers

Sara Ackerman

"Hawaii, 1944. The Pacific battles of World War II continue to threaten American soil, and on the home front, the bonds of friendship and the strength of love are tested. Violet Iverson and her young daughter, Ella, are piecing their lives together one...

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Lord Of Hawkfell Island by Catherine Coulter

Lord Of Hawkfell Island

Catherine Coulter

Delicate in appearance, Mirana is a fiery Viking woman - more ingenious than most men. Her simple life on the eastern coast of Ireland changes utterly one fateful day when Lord Rorik, a Viking warrior as fierce as the North Sea, comes to slay her hal...

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Miss Wilton's waltz by Josi S. Kilpack

Miss Wilton's waltz

Josi S. Kilpack

"Lenora Wilton has struggled with shyness and social anxiety her whole life, but when she moves to Bath to teach music at an all-girls' school, she unexpectedly falls in love with the uncle of one of her most troublesome students"--Provided by publis...

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A gift from Woolworths  by Elaine Everest

A gift from Woolworths

Elaine Everest

"Will the war be over by Christmas? As the war moves into 1945 the lives of the women of Woolworths continue. When store manager, Betty Billington, announces she is expecting Douglas's baby her future life is about to change more than she expects. Freda...

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The wardrobe mistress by Meghan Masterson

The wardrobe mistress

Meghan Masterson

"It's Giselle Aubry's first time at court in Versailles. At sixteen, she is one of Marie Antoinette's newest undertirewomen, and in awe of the glamorous queen and her opulent palace life. A budding designer, it's a dream come true to work with the be...

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Bellewether by Susanna Kearsley


Susanna Kearsley

"It's 1759 and the world is at war, pulling the North American colonies of Britain and France into the conflict. When captured French officers are brought to Long Island to be billeted in private homes, it upends the lives of the Wilde family. Lydia ...

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Freedom's light by Colleen Coble

Freedom's light

Colleen Coble

"Hannah Thomas left the South and all that was familiar to marry her beloved John. But the fact that she's never been quite accepted by his mother and sister and that she doesn't quite fit the strict Massachusetts Puritan community only becomes more ...

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The viscount can wait by Marie Tremayne

The viscount can wait

Marie Tremayne

After five years away, Lady Eliza Cartwick isn't relishing returning to the whirl of the London season. But the young widow knows to ensure the best future for herself and her young daughter Rosa, she must remarry. If only Lord Evanston, the dashing rogue...

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The innkeeper's daughter  by Michelle Griep

The innkeeper's daughter

Michelle Griep

"Officer Alexander Moore goes undercover as a gambling gentleman to expose a high-stakes plot against the king - and he's a master of disguise, for Johanna Langley believes him to be quite the rogue. . .until she can no longer fight against his unrel...

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Mistress of Marymoor  by Anna Jacobs

Mistress of Marymoor

Anna Jacobs

"A dark stranger, a moonlit horse ride, a crumbling mansion- is this a nightmare or a dream come true for Deborah Jannvier? Late in the 18th century, beautiful Deborah Jannvier and her widowed mother live in a tiny cottage at the mercy of Deborah's c...

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Highlander unmasked  by Monica McCarty

Highlander unmasked

Monica McCarty

"Alex MacLeod's virile physique, fearsome reputation, and renowned fighting skills have helped him master to perfection the role of a hardened mercenary. On a secret mission to protect his clan, he must keep his true purpose well hidden. But his dang...

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Bound for sin  by Tess LeSue

Bound for sin

Tess LeSue

"When Georgiana Bee Blunt advertises for a husband, she's not looking for a handsome man, or a smart man, or a charming man. What she wants is a brute. A no-nonsense, capable backwoodsman who won't trouble her with talk of love; she just wants someone...

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The Cumberland Bride  by Shannon McNear

The Cumberland Bride

Shannon McNear

"In 1794, when Kate Gruener's father is ready to move the family farther west into the wilderness to farm untouched land, Kate is eager to live out her own story of adventure like he did during the War for Independence and to see untamed lands. And she...

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An hour unspent  by Roseanna M. White

An hour unspent

Roseanna M. White

"Once London's top thief, Barclay Pearce has turned his back on his life of crime and now uses his skills for a nation at war. But not until he rescues a clockmaker's daughter from a mugging does he begin to wonder what his future might hold. Evelina...

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The sound of distant thunder  by Jan Drexler

The sound of distant thunder

Jan Drexler

"Katie Stuckey and Jonas Weaver are both romantics. Seventeen-year-old Katie is starry-eyed, in love with the idea of being in love, and does not want to wait to marry Jonas until she is eighteen, despite her parents' insistence. So much can happen in...

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Christmas at Tuppenny Corner by Katie Flynn

Christmas at Tuppenny Corner

Katie Flynn

Liverpool, 1939. As winter descends on Tuppenny Corner and rumours of war float across the canals, 15-year-old Rosie O'Leary must come to terms with her own dramatic upheaval. Forced to say goodbye to all she holds dear and embark on a new life aboard...

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The devil you know by Sophia Holloway

The devil you know

Sophia Holloway

The Honourable Catherine Elford - Kitty - is presented with an awful choice. Either she is cast off, penniless, by her step-brother, or she marries the handsome Earl of Ledbury, who would be perfect were he not a serial womaniser. Ledbury has only ever...

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The desirable duchess by M. C. Beaton

The desirable duchess

M. C. Beaton

Lovely Alice Lacey was a true incomparable, and her marriage to the Duke of Ferrant was the event of the Season. However, Alice was secretly in love with someone else - and she had confided her feelings to a clever talking mynah bird.Now the gossip m...

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True heart's desire by Caroline Fyffe

True heart's desire

Caroline Fyffe

"Since their father's death summoned Lavinia Brinkman and her four sisters to Eden, Colorado, Lavinia has been content with her new life. Well, almost. Lavinia's heart's desire-creating the elaborate hats she loves-doesn't belong in this small town. How...

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The Highlander who protected me by Vanessa Kelly

The Highlander who protected me

Vanessa Kelly

"1816. Lady Ainsley Matthews, heiress and darling of the ton, was expected to make a magnificent match. Instead she's hiding on a remote Scottish estate, terrified that her vicious former fiancé will use her pregnancy to force her into marriage. One man...

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Becoming Lady Lockwood by Jennifer (Jennifer Lunt) Moore

Becoming Lady Lockwood

Jennifer (Jennifer Lunt) Moore

With the arrival of Captain Sir William Drake, widow and heiress Amelia Beckett's plans quickly go awry for Drake is out to prove that Amelia's marriage to his brother was a fraud. Left with no choice, Amelia joins the captain on his return voyage to...

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The little shop of found things by Paula Brackston

The little shop of found things

Paula Brackston

New York Times bestselling author of The Witch's Daughter Paula Brackston returns to her trademark blend of magic and romance guaranteed to enchant in The Little Shop of Found Things, the first book in a new continuing series. An antique shop haunted...

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It only takes a kiss by Wilma Counts

It only takes a kiss

Wilma Counts

Best friends since their schooldays, Henrietta, Harriet, and Hero are wise and witty young ladies, embarking on the sometimes bumpy road to happily-ever-after, each in her own brilliant way...' Hero Whitby has harbored long-buried fears since a devas...

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More or less a countess  by Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradley

More or less a countess

Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradl...

"Finding a worthy husband should be simple for three beautiful debutantes in Regency London. But the Somerset sisters have a way of making it delightfully complicated. Violet Somerset has always preferred a library to a ballroom, but to please her gr...

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More or less a marchioness  by Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradley

More or less a marchioness

Anna (Romance fiction writer) Bradl...

"For the sake of propriety, and her younger sisters' reputations, Iris Somerset has kept her rebellious streak locked away. But though she receives a proposal from Phineas Knight, Lord of Huntington, Iris can't marry a man she knows isn't truly enamored...

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The bad luck bride  by Jane Goodger

The bad luck bride

Jane Goodger

"As if being left at the alter for the third time isn't bad enough, Lady Alice Hubbard has now been dubbed 'The Bad Luck Bride' by the London newspapers. Defeated, she returns to her family's estate in St. Ives, resolved to a future as a doting spinster....

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Very special Christmas  by Mary Balogh

Very special Christmas

Mary Balogh

"In A Christmas Bride, a very wealthy Edgar Downes promises his aging father that he will finally wed a suitable bride by Christmas. London is full of pretty, proper, and eligible misses, but it's the widow Helena, Lady Stapleton, in a shocking red dress,...

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A song unheard by Roseanna M. White

A song unheard

Roseanna M. White

"Willa Forsythe is a violin prodigy and a top-notch thief, which makes her the perfect choice for a crucial task at the outset of World War I--stealing a cypher from a famous violinist currently in Wales. Lucas De Wilde has enjoyed the fame he's won-...

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Cherished Mercy by Tracie Peterson

Cherished Mercy

Tracie Peterson

"The Inspiring Conclusion to Tracie Peterson's Heart of the Frontier Series Mercy Flanagan survived the Whitman Massacre as a child, and now her heart's cry is for peace between the native peoples and the white settlers inhabiting Oregon Territory......

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Duchess by design by Maya Rodale

Duchess by design

Maya Rodale

In the first novel of Maya Rodale's enthralling new series, an English duke vows to make an American seamstress his duchess.

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The lady who drew me in by Thomasine Rappold

The lady who drew me in

Thomasine Rappold

Daisy Lansing's ability to transfer images from people's thoughts onto paper was a novelty she used to trot out to amuse her friends. But when her "entranced drawing" begins to cause serious trouble for her guardians, she is banished to the country and...

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Duchess by design by Maya Rodale

Duchess by design

Maya Rodale

In the first novel of Maya Rodale's enthralling new series, an English duke vows to make an American seamstress his duchess...In Gilded Age Manhattan, anything can happen...Seeking a wealthy American bride who can save his family's estate, Brandon Fiennes,...

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If you believe  by Kristin Hannah

If you believe

Kristin Hannah

"When Mad Dog Stone, a carefree drifter who loves life on the open road, wanders onto Mariah Throckmorton's apple farm in search of a day's work, sparks begin to fly as the two are irresistibly drawn to each other."--Provided by publisher.

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