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Large print crime new titles

Ngā tuhinga hara tānga pū nui

Browse our collection of the latest large print crime fiction. This list updates when we add new titles to the collection.
That old black magic by Cathi Unsworth

That old black magic

Cathi Unsworth

"April 1943: four boys playing in Hagley Woods, Essex make a gruesome discovery. Inside an enormous elm tree, there is the body of a woman, her mouth stuffed with a length of cloth. As the case goes cold, mysterious graffiti starts going up across th...

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A spot of folly by Ruth Rendell

A spot of folly

Ruth Rendell

"In these tales a businessman boasts about cheating on his wife, only to find the tables turned. A beautiful country rectory reverberates to the echo of a historical murder. A compulsive liar acts on impulse, only to be lead inexorably to disaster. And...

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Bloody January by Alan Parks

Bloody January

Alan Parks

"When a teenage boy shoots a young woman dead in the middle of a busy Glasgow street and then commits suicide, Detective Harry McCoy is sure of one thing. It wasn't a random act of violence. McCoy uses his underworld network to lead the investigation...

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Now we are dead by Stuart MacBride

Now we are dead

Stuart MacBride

"Detective Chief Inspector Roberta Steel got caught fitting up Jack Wallace - that's why they demoted her and quashed his sentence. Now he's back on the streets and women are being attacked again. Wallace has to be responsible, but if Detective Sergeant...

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The darkest goodbye by Alex Gray

The darkest goodbye

Alex Gray

"When newly fledged DC Kirsty Wilson is called to the house of an elderly woman, what appears to be a death by natural causes soon takes a sinister turn when it is revealed that the woman had a mysterious visitor in the early hours of that morning - ...

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The girl I used to be by Mary Torjussen

The girl I used to be

Mary Torjussen

"The morning after real estate agent Gemma Brogan has dinner with a prospective client, she's furious at herself for drinking so much. But there will be more to regret than a hangover. A photo of a hallway kiss. A video of her complaining about her h...

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The last time I lied by Riley Sager

The last time I lied

Riley Sager

"Two Truths and a Lie. The girls played it all the time in their tiny cabin at Camp Nightingale. Vivian, Natalie, Allison, and first-time camper Emma Davis, the youngest of the group. The games ended when Emma sleepily watched the others sneak out of...

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It all falls down by Sheena Kamal

It all falls down

Sheena Kamal

Growing up, Nora Watts only knew one parent - her father. When he killed himself, she denied her grief and carried on with her life. Then a chance encounter with a veteran raises disturbing questions Nora can't ignore. Finding the truth about her father's...

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Wedding cake crumble by Jenn McKinlay

Wedding cake crumble

Jenn McKinlay

"With Angie and Tate's wedding just around the corner, it's a happy time for Melanie Cooper and the Fairy Tale Cupcakes crew. Not only are they finessing last minute details of the big day, but they've been hired to bake cupcakes for the blockbuster ...

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Baker's deadly dozen by L. J. Washburn

Baker's deadly dozen

L. J. Washburn

"Phyllis Newsom and Sam Fletcher come out of retirement to work as substitute teachers as a favor for friends. That means getting up early, dealing with students and teachers, and helping out with extracurricular activities. The problem is, for Phyll...

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A fatal collection by Mary Ellen Hughes

A fatal collection

Mary Ellen Hughes

"Callie Reed makes a long overdue visit to her aunt Melodie, who lives in a fairy-tale cottage in quaint Keepsake Cove, home to a bevy of souvenir and collectible shops on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Just as they're beginning to reconnect, Callie discovers...

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The Secret, Book & Scone Society by Ellery Adams

The Secret, Book & Scone Society

Ellery Adams

"Strangers flock to Miracle Springs, North Carolina, hoping the renowned spa can cure their ills. If not, some find their way to Miracle Books. There, over a fresh-baked "comfort" scone, owner Nora Pennington prescribes the perfect novel to ease the ...

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The Moscow deception by Karen Robards

The Moscow deception

Karen Robards

Bianca St. Ives was recently put through the wringer, but she came out the way her father trained her to--hungry for a fight. Still navigating the fallout from a shocking revelation that's left a network of assassins' crosshairs trained on her, Bianca's...

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Nothing to lose by Lee Child

Nothing to lose

Lee Child

"Two small towns in Colorado: Hope and Despair. Between them, nothing but twelve miles of empty road. Jack Reacher can't find a ride, so he walks. All he wants is a cup of coffee. What he gets are four redneck deputies who want to run him out of town....

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Island of the mad by Laurie R. King

Island of the mad

Laurie R. King

"With Mrs Hudson gone from their lives and domestic chaos building, the last thing Mary Russell and her husband, Sherlock Holmes, need is to help an old friend with her mad and missing aunt. Lady Vivian Beaconsfield has spent most of her adult life in...

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Scot free by Catriona McPherson

Scot free

Catriona McPherson

"Lexy Campbell fell in love and left her native Scotland for a golden life in California - hitched to a hunk, building her marriage counseling practice, living the dream. Six months later she's divorced, broke, and headed home. But Lexy's only client...

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Green sun by Kent Anderson

Green sun

Kent Anderson

"Oakland, California, 1983: a city churning with violent crime and racial conflict. Officer Hanson has abandoned academia for the life-and-death clarity of police work, a way to live with the demons that followed him home from the Vietnam War. Hanson...

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The uninvited corpse by Debra Sennefelder

The uninvited corpse

Debra Sennefelder

"Leaving behind a failed career as a magazine editor and an embarrassing stint on a reality baking show, newly divorced lifestyle entrepreneur Hope Early thought things were finally on the upswing. Her schedule is jam packed with recipe testing and s...

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The death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

The death of Mrs. Westaway

Ruth Ware

"On a day that begins like any other, Hal receives a mysterious letter bequeathing her a substantial inheritance. She realizes very quickly that the letter was sent to the wrong person but also that the cold-reading skills she's honed as a tarot card...

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Probable claws by Rita Mae Brown

Probable claws

Rita Mae Brown

"Rita Mae Brown and her feline coauthor Sneaky Pie Brown return to Albemarle County, Virgina, as tangled mysteries past and present converge in the bestselling Mrs. Murphy series. As feline collaborators go, you couldn't ask for better than Sneaky Pie...

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Turbulence by Stuart Woods


Stuart Woods

"Stone Barrington and several friends are vacationing in Florida when an extreme weather event puts a damper on their trip. Even worse, the hurricane-force winds blow a powerful, noxious politician straight onto Stone's doorstep. Though they part ways...

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Ghost lake by Victor J. Banis

Ghost lake

Victor J. Banis

Its real name is Caspar Lake, but people call it Ghost Lake. Years ago, a ferryboat went down in a storm, drowning everyone on board - and some say their souls have never rested... Beth Nolan travels to the nearby town at the invitation of an old sch...

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The eye stones by Harriet Esmond

The eye stones

Harriet Esmond

A shock awaits Deborah Ritchie when she arrives to stay with her recently married sister. She is told that the couple have both perished tragically in a fire which destroyed their home. Alone in the bleak Norfolk brecklands, Deborah is forced to acce...

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Lord James Harrington and the summer mystery by Lynn Florkiewicz

Lord James Harrington and the summer mystery

Lynn Florkiewicz

It's summer, and the annual tennis tournament between Cavendish and Charnley is underway; but a sudden spate of jewel thefts prompts James to put his sleuthing hat on. His investigation suggests that the criminals are using an ancient smuggling network....

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The red tape murders by Gerald Verner

The red tape murders

Gerald Verner

Superintendent Budd's latest murder investigation begins with the murder of a solicitor, found strangled with red tape. Soon, two more local solicitors are murdered in similar fashion. Eventually Budd learns that two years earlier, a man shot himself...

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Her last breath by Tracy Buchanan

Her last breath

Tracy Buchanan

Food writer Estelle Forster has the perfect life. And with her first book on the way, it's about to get even better. When Estelle hears about Poppy O'Farrell's disappearance, she assumes the girl has simply run away. But Estelle's world crumbles when...

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Silent voices by Ann Cleeves

Silent voices

Ann Cleeves

When DI Vera Stanhope finds the body of a woman in the steam room of her local pool, she wonders if, for once, it's a death from natural causes. But closer inspection reveals ligature marks around the victim's throat. Vera pulls her team together and...

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If I die before I wake by Emily Koch

If I die before I wake

Emily Koch

Everyone believes Alex is in a coma, unlikely to ever wake up. As his family debate withdrawing life support, and his friends talk about how his girlfriend Bea needs to move on, he can only listen. But Alex soon begins to suspect that the accident that...

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The prime of Ms Dolly Greene by E. V. Harte

The prime of Ms Dolly Greene

E. V. Harte

In the heart of southwest London, just a short stroll from the Thames, lies an enclosed and overgrown bike path and a single row of cottages. Foremost among Tinderbox Lane's hotchpotch of loyal residents is professional Tarot reader Dolly Greene. When,...

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The killing of Polly Carter by Robert Thorogood

The killing of Polly Carter

Robert Thorogood

Supermodel Polly Carter was famed for her looks and party-girl lifestyle. Now she's dead, apparently having thrown herself from the clifftop near her home on the island of Saint-Marie. Those who knew her say Polly would never have killed herself; and...

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A murder to die for by Stevyn Colgan

A murder to die for

Stevyn Colgan

How do you solve a murder when hundreds of wannabe detectives have the same goal? Every year, fans from all over the world descend upon a tiny picturesque English village to celebrate the life of the enigmatic author Agnes Crabbe and her fictional de...

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A different kind of evil by Andrew Wilson

A different kind of evil

Andrew Wilson

"Agatha Christie's remarkable talent for detection has captured the attention of British Special Agent John Davison. Now, at his behest, she is cruising to the beautiful Canary Islands to investigate the strange and gruesome death of Douglas Greene of...

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Shot in the dark by Cleo Coyle

Shot in the dark

Cleo Coyle

As Village Blend manager Clare Cosi fixes a date for her wedding, a smartphone dating game turns the Village Blend into a hookup hotspot. Then one night Clare finds a dead body in the building. The corpse is an entrepreneur who used dating apps with ...

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The last equation of Isaac Severy by Nova Jacobs

The last equation of Isaac Severy

Nova Jacobs

Just days after mathematician and family patriarch Isaac Severy dies of an apparent suicide, his adopted granddaughter Hazel, owner of a struggling Seattle bookstore, receives a letter from him by mail. In it, Isaac alludes to a secretive organization...

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The art of vanishing by Cynthia G. Kuhn

The art of vanishing

Cynthia G. Kuhn

When Professor Lila Maclean is sent to interview celebrated author and notorious cad, Damon Von Tussel, he disappears before her eyes. Chaos ensues, as Damon is headlining Stonedale University's Art Week. The chancellor expects Lila to locate him and...

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The hidden by Sally Spencer

The hidden

Sally Spencer

"DCI Paniatowski's team are increasingly convinced that the girl found dead in the woods is the victim of a ritual killing, carried out by a secret society established in the very heart of Whitebridge. The problem is that without Paniatowski there to...

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Grey dawn by Clea Simon

Grey dawn

Clea Simon

"When grad student Dulcie Schwartz thinks she hears a wolf late one night, on her way to pick up some forgotten papers from her departmental office, she tries to dismiss it - but it's too late for her peace of mind. The noises, the dark building and...

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Mr Campion's abdication by Mike Ripley

Mr Campion's abdication

Mike Ripley

"Margery Allingham's Mr Campion finds himself masquerading as technical advisor to a very suspicious but glamorous Italian film producer and her crew hunting for buried treasure that never was in the Suffolk villages of Sweethearting and Heronhoe, which...

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Suddenly at home by Graham Ison

Suddenly at home

Graham Ison

"When Richard Cooper is found shot to death in his luxury apartment in North Sheen, London, Detective Chief Inspector Harry Brock and Detective Sergeant Dave Poole are assigned the case. They immediately question Dennis Jones, who found Cooper's lifeless...

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Murder with mercy by Veronica Heley

Murder with mercy

Veronica Heley

"Ellie's friend on the police force asks her to enquire about some deaths in the community which might or might not be suicide, and various relatives of the deceased confirm their suspicions. Unbeknown to the police, an elderly lady has come across some...

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Hell hath no fury by Rosie Harris

Hell hath no fury

Rosie Harris

"Maureen Flynn is a woman with a secret. Sixteen years earlier, when she was a schoolgirl, something terrible happened to her - but the perpetrators of the shocking crime went unpunished. Maureen and her family left town, the affair was hushed up and...

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The word is murder by Anthony Horowitz

The word is murder

Anthony Horowitz

London. Diana Cowper, wealthy mother of a famous actor, goes to a funeral parlor to plan her own service. Six hours later she is found dead, strangled with a curtain cord in her own home. Disgraced police detective Daniel Hawthorne, a brilliant, ecce...

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Raspberry danish murder by Joanne Fluke

Raspberry danish murder

Joanne Fluke

"Thanksgiving has a way of thawing the frostiest hearts in Lake Eden. But that won't be happening for newlywed Hannah Swensen Barton-not after her husband suddenly disappears. Hannah has felt as bitter as November in Minnesota since Ross vanished without...

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Tightening the threads by Lea Wait

Tightening the threads

Lea Wait

"In the coastal town of Haven Harbor, antique dealer Sarah Byrne and long-lost half-brother, Ted Lawrence, a wealthy old artist and gallery owner in town, are ready to reveal their secret connection. Shortly after announcing plans to leave Sarah his....

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Plain confession by Emma Miller

Plain confession

Emma Miller

"When Rachel Mast returned to Stone Mill, Pennsylvania, she unwittingly became a bridge between the closed Amish community and the Englisher police. Now, as she prepares for her wedding, she's drawn into an investigation that could end in a different...

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Close to home by Robert Dugoni

Close to home

Robert Dugoni

"While investigating the hit-and-run death of a young boy, Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite is thrown headlong into the path of a killer conspiracy and the only people she can rely on to make it out alive might be those she can no longer t...

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Crimson Lake by Candice Fox

Crimson Lake

Candice Fox

"A contemporary crime novel set in Queensland, Australia, finds Sydney detective Ted Conkaffey accused but not convicted of a brutal abduction. Maintaining his innocence, he agrees to help Amanda Pharrell, a convicted murderer turned private investigator,...

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In Farleigh Field by Rhys Bowen

In Farleigh Field

Rhys Bowen

World War II comes to Farleigh Place, the ancestral home of Lord Westerham and his five daughters, when a soldier with a failed parachute falls to his death on the estate. After his uniform and possessions raise suspicions, MI5 operative and family friend...

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The third victim by Phillip Margolin

The third victim

Phillip Margolin

"In rural Oregon, two women are found dead after being tortured, battered, and burned. A third woman escapes with evidence that points overwhelmingly to a local man. When a young lawyer joins the team defending him, she uncovers corruption, lies, and...

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Mephisto waltz by Frank. author. Tallis

Mephisto waltz

Frank. author. Tallis

When the body of a badly mutilated victim is discovered in an abandoned piano factory in 1904 Vienna, psychiatrist Max Lieberman assists Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt in an investigation that draws them into the shadowy and sexually unconventional...

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Murder on Black Swan Lane by Andrea Penrose

Murder on Black Swan Lane

Andrea Penrose

"The Earl of Wrexford possesses a brilliant scientific mind, but boredom and pride lead him to reckless behaviour. He does not suffer fools gladly. So when pompous, pious Reverend Josiah Holworthy publicly condemns him for debauchery, Wrexford unsheathes...

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When the bishop needs an alibi by Vannetta Chapman

When the bishop needs an alibi

Vannetta Chapman

"Visiting Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, Bishop Henry Lapp is called upon to use his ability to draw from memory in photographic detail to aid in an investigation when the body of a local waitress is found. Now the killer is trying to cover up...

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A poisoned season by Tasha Alexander

A poisoned season

Tasha Alexander

London's social season is in full swing, and the aristocracy can't stop whispering about a certain gentleman who claims to be the direct descendant of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Drawing rooms, boudoirs and ballrooms are also abuzz with the latest...

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Fireside gothic by Andrew Taylor

Fireside gothic

Andrew Taylor

From the author of 'The American Boy' and 'The Ashes of London' comes a collection of three gothic novellas - 'Broken Voices', 'The Leper House' and 'The Scratch'. In 'Broken Voices', two schoolboys concoct a plan to discover if the eerie stories about...

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Rooted in evil by Ann Granger

Rooted in evil

Ann Granger

Carl Finch is a desperate man. Cut out of his stepfather's will, he is heavily in debt and unless he can persuade his stepsister Hattie to bail him out, he'll be in even more trouble. Hattie's husband Guy has never liked Carl and wants his wife's inh...

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Can you hear me? by Elena Varvello

Can you hear me?

Elena Varvello

"1978. Ponte, a small community in Northern Italy: peaceful woods, discarded rubbish, a closed-down factory. An unbearably hot summer like many others, wilted flowers and trips to the waterfalls. Elia Furenti is sixteen, living in a secluded house with...

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Keep the midnight out by Alex Gray

Keep the midnight out

Alex Gray

When the body of a red-haired young man is washed up on the shore of the beautiful Isle of Mull, Detective Superintendent Lorimer's tranquil holiday away from the gritty streets of Glasgow is rudely interrupted. The body has been bound with twine in ...

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Stowed away by Barbara Ross

Stowed away

Barbara Ross

It's June in Busman's Harbor, Maine, and Julia Snowden and her family are working hard to get their authentic Maine clambake business ready for summer. Preparations must be put on hold, however, when a mysterious yacht drops anchor in the harbor, and...

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Endgame by Bill Pronzini


Bill Pronzini

"The Nameless Detective has taken many cases over the years ... but these two will test his agency's resources. The first involves a man who is accidentally killed in a remote mountain cabin. His wife isn't buying that he was alone, and she's determined...

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Stabbing in the Senate by Colleen J. Shogan

Stabbing in the Senate

Colleen J. Shogan

Life is good for Kit Marshall. She's a staffer in D.C. for a popular senator, and she lives with an adoring beagle and a brainy boyfriend with a trust fund. Then, one morning, Kit arrives at the office early and finds her boss, Senator Langsford, impaled...

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Away with the fairies by Kerry Greenwood

Away with the fairies

Kerry Greenwood

It's the 1920s in Melbourne and Phryne is asked to investigate the puzzling death of a famous author and illustrator of fairy stories. To do so, Phryne takes a job within the women's magazine that employed the victim and finds herself enmeshed in her...

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The Castlemaine murders by Kerry Greenwood

The Castlemaine murders

Kerry Greenwood

Phryne Fisher, her sister, Beth, and her faithful maid, Dot, decide to go to Luna Park for an afternoon of fun and excitement with Phryne's two daughters, Ruth and Jane. But in the Ghost Train, amidst the squeals of horror and delight, a mummified,.....

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Murder in Montparnasse by Kerry Greenwood

Murder in Montparnasse

Kerry Greenwood

Seven Australian soldiers, carousing in Paris in 1918, unknowingly witness a murder and their presence has devastating consequences. Ten years later, two are dead - under very suspicious circumstances. Phryne's wharfie mates, Bert and Cec, appeal to her...

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Death by water by Kerry Greenwood

Death by water

Kerry Greenwood

A succession of jewellery thefts from first class passengers aboard P&O cruises looks like the work of a passenger. Phryne Fisher, with her Lulu bob, green eyes, Cupid's bow lips and Chanel travelling suits, is exactly the sort of elegant sleuth to take...

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Queen of the flowers by Kerry Greenwood

Queen of the flowers

Kerry Greenwood

In 1928 St Kilda's streets hang with fairy lights. Magic shows, marionettes, tea dances, tango competitions, lifesaving demonstrations, lantern shows, and picnics on the beach are all part of the Flower Parade. And who else should be chosen to be Queen...

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Murder in the dark by Kerry Greenwood

Murder in the dark

Kerry Greenwood

It's Christmas, and Phryne has an invitation to the Last Best party of 1928, a four-day extravaganza being held at Werribee Manor house and grounds by the Golden Twins, Isabella and Gerald Templar. She knew them in Paris, where they caused a sensation....

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Mistress of the Just Land by David Ashton

Mistress of the Just Land

David Ashton

New Year's Day: Through the misty streets of Victorian Edinburgh, an elegant female figure walks the cobblestones - with a certain vengeful purpose. Jean Brash, the Mistress of the Just Land, brings her cool intelligence to solving a murder that took...

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Manhattan bombshell by Norman Firth

Manhattan bombshell

Norman Firth

Reporter Larry O'Halloran has got himself a great scoop. So he's shocked when his editor refuses to run it - and no rival newspaper will touch it, either. It seems the press in this city is caught in a stranglehold, scared to print the truth, fearing...

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Lord James Harrington and the spring mystery by Lynn Florkiewicz

Lord James Harrington and the spring mystery

Lynn Florkiewicz

James and his wife Beth are hosting the annual spring fair when wealthy recluse Delphine Brooks-Hunter is murdered. While James is summoned to the reading of her will and is tasked with solving an intriguing riddle, Beth tackles her own mystery after...

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The vampire man by Gerald Verner

The vampire man

Gerald Verner

Conway Jackson, amateur criminologist, receives a disturbing letter from his uncle, Sir James Gleeson, informing him that he feels himself to be in terrible danger, and imploring him to come to his country manor. Unfortunately, the letter has taken some...

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The late Mrs. Five by Richard Wormser

The late Mrs. Five

Richard Wormser

Soon after Paul Porter arrives in the small rural town of Lowndesburg, he is shocked to see his beautiful ex-wife Edith getting into an expensive limousine. He discovers she is now married to rich landowner John Hilliard the Fifth, to whose mansion he...

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The saint of wolves and butchers by Alex Grecian

The saint of wolves and butchers

Alex Grecian

Travis Roan and his dog Bear are hunters: they travel the world pursuing evildoers in order to bring them to justice. They have now come to Kansas on the trail of Rudolph Bormann, a Nazi doctor and concentration camp administrator who snuck into the US...

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Greeks bearing gifts by Philip Kerr

Greeks bearing gifts

Philip Kerr

It is 1956 and Bernie Gunther has a new name (Christoph Ganz), a clean passport, a chip on his shoulder, and a menial low-paying job in Munich. And then an old friend arrives to repay a debt. He encourages Bernie to take a job as a claims adjuster in...

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How it happened by Michael Koryta

How it happened

Michael Koryta

"And that is how it happened. Can we stop now?" Kimberly Crepeaux is no good, a notorious jailhouse snitch, teen mother, and heroin addict whose petty crimes are well-known to the rural Maine community where she lives. So when she confesses to her role...

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Princess by James Patterson


James Patterson

When Princess Caroline, third in line to the British throne, hires Jack Morgan to find a close friend before the media finds out, he knows the princess is hiding something.

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The 17th suspect by James Patterson

The 17th suspect

James Patterson

A series of shootings exposes San Francisco to a methodical yet unpredictable killer, and a reluctant woman decides to put her trust in Sergeant Lindsay Boxer. The confidential informant's tip leads Lindsay to disturbing conclusions, including that s...

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Hardcore twenty-four by Janet Evanovich

Hardcore twenty-four

Janet Evanovich

"Trouble comes in bunches for Stephanie Plum. First, professional grave robber and semi-professional loon Simon Diggery won't let her take him in until she agrees to care for his boa constrictor, Ethel. Stephanie's main qualification for babysitting ...

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Season of sacrifice by Bharti Kirchner

Season of sacrifice

Bharti Kirchner

"Introducing feisty Asian-American private investigator Maya Mallick in the first of an intriguing new mystery series. During a morning stroll in Seattle's Green Lake district, Maya Mallick is horrified to see two young women, shrouded in white, set...

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Make them pay by Graham Ison

Make them pay

Graham Ison

Detective Chief Inspector Brock's sleep is disturbed early one morning when he is called to a burnt-out camper van in Richmond, Surrey. The van contained two badly burned and very dead bodies, and first conclusions are that the occupants have been the...

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Smoke and mirrors by Casey Daniels

Smoke and mirrors

Casey Daniels

Evie Barnum is in charge of her brother's museum, a place teeming with scientific specimens and "human prodigies" including a bearded woman and the lizard man. In this weird and whacky workplace, Evie hopes she can bury her secrets. But when an old f...

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A study in gold by Annie Dalton

A study in gold

Annie Dalton

"A Second World War-themed murder mystery weekend ends in murder for real. Having reluctantly agreed to make up the numbers at a World War II-themed murder mystery weekend at Mortmead Hall, Anna Hopkins and her fellow dogwalkers, Isadora and Tansy, ...

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The devil's cup by Alys Clare

The devil's cup

Alys Clare

"Sir Josse d'Aquin is summoned to assist the beleaguered King John in the 17th - and final - Hawkenlye mystery. September, 1216. A foreign army has invaded England. The country is divided. Some support the rebel barons and Prince Louis of France; others...

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Dying bad by Maureen Carter

Dying bad

Maureen Carter

If revenge is a dish best served cold - someone is cleaning up on chiller cabinets. Though right now, Detective Inspector Sarah Quinn's top priority is cleaning up Birmingham's increasingly mean streets. Not only has the boss of an on-street grooming...

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Murder, she knit by Peggy Ehrhart

Murder, she knit

Peggy Ehrhart

Pamela is hosting the next Knit and Nibble meeting and can't wait to liven up her otherwise empty home with colorful yarn, baking, and a little harmless gossip. She even recruits Amy Morgan, an old friend who recently moved to town, as the group's ne...

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The Storm King by Brendan Duffy

The Storm King

Brendan Duffy

"Nate McHale is a committed family man and a dedicated pediatric cancer specialist. But he has another side, a dark, manipulative persona he has struggled to leave behind in Greystone Lake, the Adirondacks town where he reigned as the untouchable Storm...

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Hunting the five point killer by C. M. Wendelboe

Hunting the five point killer

C. M. Wendelboe

On the tenth anniversary of a series of unsolved murders, the Five Point Killer is back for blood--and retired cop Arn Anderson could be the next investigator who gets too close to the truth. Former Denver homicide detective Arn Anderson never thought...

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Musseled out by Barbara Ross

Musseled out

Barbara Ross

Julia Snowden senses trouble simmering for the Snowden Family Clambake Company. Shifty David Thwing--the "Mussel King" of upscale seafood restaurants--is sniffing around town for a new location. But serving iffy clams turns out to be the least of his...

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Moonshadows by Julie W. Weston


Julie W. Weston

In the early 1920s, photographer Nellie Burns leaves Chicago to find adventure and a career in the West. She lands in Ketchum, Idaho. Out one night photographing moonshadows on snow, she discovers and photographs a dead body. When the body disappears...

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The devil's country by Harry Hunsicker

The devil's country

Harry Hunsicker

"After his wife and children are murdered, Former Texas Ranger Arlo Baines comes to the tiny West Texas town of Piedra and rescues a terrified woman and her children from attackers. The next day, the woman turns up murdered, her children are missing,...

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Found art by Susan Page Davis

Found art

Susan Page Davis

"Portland, Maine, Detective Harvey Larson and his wife, Jennifer, settle into their idyllic home life as newlyweds, but things take a terrifying turn when they dig too deeply into a case concerning a ring of art thieves"--

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Death in the stacks by Jenn McKinlay

Death in the stacks

Jenn McKinlay

Lindsey Norris and her staff are gearing up for the Briar Creek Library's annual Dinner in the Stacks fund-raiser. It's a booklover's dream and the library's biggest moneymaker of the year. But the new library board president is making the staff mise...

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Assaulted caramel by Amanda Flower

Assaulted caramel

Amanda Flower

"When Bailey King hears her grandfather's heart condition has worsened, she rushes to Harvest, Ohio, where her grandparents still run Swissmen Sweets, the Amish candy shop. She finds her grandfather is doing better than she feared, she also finds a l...

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Insidious intent by Val McDermid

Insidious intent

Val McDermid

"In the northern England, psychologist Tony Hill and former police detective Carol Jordan are on the hunt for a serial killer who picks up women at weddings without a date, only to leave the victims' bodies in their own burned-out cars in remote loca...

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The bird that did not sing by Alex Gray

The bird that did not sing

Alex Gray

The Commonwealth Games 2014 is coming to Glasgow and security is extra tight, particularly after a mysterious bomb explodes in a nearby rural Stirlingshire. As the opening ceremony for the Games draws ever closer, the police desperately seek the culprits....

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