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The chocolate factory by Mary-Lou Stephens

The chocolate factory

Mary-Lou Stephens

"It's 1921, and after years of working for Cadbury's at Bournville, Dorothy Adwell is on her way to a new adventure in the colonies, helping to establish the Firm's new Australian factory. A promotion and a fresh start are just what she needs after the horrors...

Thanks for having me by Emma Darragh

Thanks for having me

Emma Darragh

"Mary Anne is painfully aware that she's not a good wife and not a good mother, and is slowly realising that she no longer wants to play either of those roles. One morning, she walks out of the family home in Wollongong, leaving her husband and teenage...

All the words we know by Bruce (Novelist) Nash

All the words we know

Bruce (Novelist) Nash

"Rose is in her eighties and has dementia, but she's not done with life just yet. Alternately sharp as a tack and spectacularly forgetful, she spends her days roaming the corridors of her aged-care facility, ruminating on the staff and residents and enduring...

Prima facie by Suzie Miller

Prima facie

Suzie Miller

"Tessa is a thoroughbred. A young, brilliant barrister from a working-class background now at the top of her game: defending, cross-examining and lighting up the shadows of doubt in any case. The law is a game and she is its most talented player. One sickening...

Mr Einstein's secretary by Matthew Reilly

Mr Einstein's secretary

Matthew Reilly

"All Hanna Fischer ever wanted to do was to study physics under the great Albert Einstein. But when, as a teenager in 1919, her life is suddenly turned upside-down, she is catapulted into a new and extraordinary life - as a secretary, a scientist, a sister and...

Body of lies by Sarah (Australian author) Bailey

Body of lies

Sarah (Australian author) Bailey

"A car crash victim clings to life and is rushed to hospital but can't be saved. Hours later, the body is stolen from the morgue. No one knows who the dead woman was or why her body was taken. Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is back in her hometown of...

The accident by Fiona Lowe

The accident

Fiona Lowe

"Freya thought she could relax when Ryan's best mate Jamie got engaged to her best friend Hannah. Two couples, four friends - what could be better than that? But a day before the wedding Freya's torn between keeping the peace or blowing it up. Hannah's perfect...

The call by Gavin Strawhan

The call

Gavin Strawhan

"After surviving a brutal attack, Auckland cop DS Honey Chalmers has returned to her hometown to care for her mother. The remote coastal settlement of Waitutu holds complicated memories for Honey, not least the tragic suicide of her younger sister, Scarlett....

I will ruin you by Linwood Barclay

I will ruin you

Linwood Barclay

"In the latest novel from New York Times bestselling author Linwood Barclay, a teacher's act of heroism inadvertently makes him the target of a dangerous blackmailer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. How would you react in a life-or-death...

Think twice by Harlan Coben

Think twice

Harlan Coben

"Three years ago, sports agent Myron Bolitar gave a eulogy at the funeral of his client, renowned basketball coach Greg Downing. Myron and Greg had history: initially as deeply personal rivals, and later as unexpected business associates. Myron made peace and...

The silk code by Deborah Swift

The silk code

Deborah Swift

"England, 1943: Deciding to throw herself into war work, Nancy Callaghan joins the Special Operations Executive in Baker Street.There, she begins solving 'indecipherables' - scrambled messages from agents in the field. Then Nancy meets Tom Lockwood, a quiet...

The Highland girls at war by Helen Yendall

The Highland girls at war

Helen Yendall

"The Lumberjills, the newest recruits in the Women's Timber Corps, arrive in the Scottish Highlands to a hostile reception from doubtful locals. The young women are determined to prove them wrong and serve their country - but they're also all looking for...

The Sardinian story by Francesca Scanacapra

The Sardinian story

Francesca Scanacapra

"Apennine Mountains, Italy, 1965 - Leonora Bacchetti was once a happy child. But at the age of seventeen she has become a wild and rebellious young woman who leaves her parents in despair when she runs away from home with a group of itinerant travellers. At...

Murder on mistletoe lane by Clara McKenna

Murder on mistletoe lane

Clara McKenna

"Taking on the responsibilities that come with being Lady Lyndhurst, Stella is eager to embrace yuletide traditions in the Edwardian English countryside and use her strong social influence for good. Her world becomes so consumed with starting a horse farm...

Diva by Daisy Goodwin


Daisy Goodwin

"In the glittering and ruthlessly competitive world of opera, Maria Callas is known simply as La Divina: the divine one. With her glorious voice, instinctive flair for the dramatic and striking beauty, she's the toast of the grandest opera houses in the world....

Death and the sisters by Heather Redmond

Death and the sisters

Heather Redmond

"London, 1814: Mary Godwin and her stepsister Jane Clairmont, both sixteen, possess quick minds bolstered by an unconventional upbringing, and have little regard for the rules that other young ladies follow. Mary rejects the two paths that seem open to her -...

Some of us are looking by Carlene O'Connor

Some of us are looking

Carlene O'Connor

"In Dimpna Wilde's veterinary practice, an imminent meteor shower has elevated the usual gossip to include talk of shooting stars and the watch parties that are planned all over Dingle. But there are also matters nearer at hand to discuss - including the...

The Paris notebook by Tessa Harris

The Paris notebook

Tessa Harris

"When Katja Heinz secures a job as a typist in Hamburg working for Doctor Viktor's clinic, she doesn't expect to be writing up top secret medical records. Doctor Viktor treated soldiers for PTSD at the end of the first world war - and one of the patients was...

The revenge club by Kathy Lette

The revenge club

Kathy Lette

"Best friends Matilda, Penny, Sofia and Jo are approaching their sixties with flair until, one by one, their bubbles are burst. Matilda, a bestselling novelist, is dropped by her publisher; Penny is cut from her prime-time TV show in favour of her male...

The rich list by Ben Saxon

The rich list

Ben Saxon

"Jay Chopra, the world's second richest person, is dead; the result of an apparent tragic accident. Days later, the body of another prominent billionaire is discovered. Several years after his fiance's death, Special Agent Hogan is still trying to salvage his...

The lodgers by Eithne Shortall

The lodgers

Eithne Shortall

"Tessa's life as an activist and volunteer worker takes a hit after a fall. At the ripe young age of 69, she's no longer able to live alone and decides to take in two lodgers for free. After the recent death of his brother, Conn is riddled with grief and...

The lifeline by Tom Ellen

The lifeline

Tom Ellen

"Will is sleepwalking thorugh life. He works a dead-end job and volunteers at an anonymous crisis line to avoid facing his own problems. Annie is sure she has her five-year plan all worked out. But when things start falling apart, she just needs someone who...

Lilith by Nikki Marmery


Nikki Marmery

"Lilith and Adam are equal and happy in the Garden of Eden. But when Adam decides Lilith should submit to his will and lie beneath him, she refuses - and is banished forever from Paradise. Demonised and sidelined, Lilith watches in fury as God creates Eve, the...

The almost truth by Anne Hamilton

The almost truth

Anne Hamilton

"When Alina's son, Fin, traces his long-absent birthfather, it's the catalyst for decades of secrets to implode in Alina's neatly ordered life. With the sudden appearance of Rory, and the ever-present pull of a very different life in Bangladesh, she's left...

Year at the Star and Sixpence. Part one by Holly Hepburn

Year at the Star and Sixpence. Part one

Holly Hepburn

"When sisters Nessie and Sam inherit a little pub in a beautiful country village they jump at the chance to escape their messy lives and start afresh. But when they arrive at the Star and Sixpence, it's not quite what they imagined - it's pretty much derelict,...

See them run by Marion Todd

See them run

Marion Todd

"On the night of a wedding celebration, one guest meets a grisly end when he's killed in a hit-and-run. A card bearing the number '5' has been placed on the victim's chest. DI Clare Mackay, who recently moved from Glasgow to join the St Andrews force, leads...

Enter ghost by Isabella Hammad

Enter ghost

Isabella Hammad

"After years away from her family's homeland, and healing from an affair with an established director, stage actress Sonia Nasir returns to Palestine to visit her older sister Haneen. Though the siblings grew up spending summers at their family home in Haifa,...

The three-body problem by Cixin Liu

The three-body problem

Cixin Liu

"Set against the backdrop of China's Cultural Revolution, a secret military project sends signals into space to establish contact with aliens. An alien civilisation on the brink of destruction captures the signal and plans to invade Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth,...

Not in a billion years by Camilla Isley

Not in a billion years

Camilla Isley

She's a self-made fitness sensation. He's a billionaire mogul. They're sworn enemies and rivals... aren't they?Blake Avery knows all about hard work. She's gone from making videos in her teenage bedroom to founding a booming fitness business and opening a...

Truly, madly, Greekly by Mandy Baggot

Truly, madly, Greekly

Mandy Baggot

Sun, sea and a sexy stranger - a whole lot of fun just got a lot more complicated. Capable, confident and career-driven, Ellen had her dream job and a marriage proposal from boyfriend Ross. Life was good, her future set. Until it wasn't and everything fell...

Brothers of the sword by Peter Gibbons

Brothers of the sword

Peter Gibbons

An epic battle where heroes fight and die to protect a Kingdom from Viking invasion... 991AD. King Aethelred the Unready's Kingdom of the English is threatened. Olaf Tryggvason and his fleet of Viking warships snap at the coastal edges like ravenous wolves,...

The last list of Mabel Beaumont by Laura (Novelist) author. Pearson

The last list of Mabel Beaumont

Laura (Novelist) author. Pearson

The list he left her had just one item on it. Or, at least, it did at first... Mabel Beaumont's husband Arthur loved lists. He'd leave them for her everywhere. Remember: eggs, butter, sugar. I love you: today, tomorrow, always. But now Arthur is gone. He died:...

Mayhem in the mountains by Kelly Oliver

Mayhem in the mountains

Kelly Oliver

1918 Italy. When a deadly blizzard traps Fiona Figg and Kitty Lane in the Dolomite Mountains, it's all downhill from here. Their hotel is snowed-in, and no one can get in or out. Then a man is found dead in his locked hotel room - and the killer is still on...

The woman in the woods by J. A. (Suspense fiction writer) author. Baker

The woman in the woods

J. A. (Suspense fiction writer) author....

I am safe here, in my cottage in the woods where no one knows me or my real name. Here all is peaceful and calm and the real world can't hurt me - because I know how cruel it can be. But then I see her again and her pale, white face. Watching me. Taunting me....

The girl from Portofino by Siobhan Daiko

The girl from Portofino

Siobhan Daiko

When Gina Bianchi returns to the beautiful Italian resort of Portofino to attend her father's funeral, she is beset by vivid memories of World War 2, when she joined the Resistance, alongside her identical twin sister, Adele. In her childhood bedroom, Gina...

A killing at Smugglers Cove by Michelle Salter

A killing at Smugglers Cove

Michelle Salter

Wartime secrets, smugglers' caves, skeletal remains. And the holiday's only just begun... July 1923 - Iris Woodmore travels to Devon with her friends Percy Baverstock and Millicent Nightingale for her father's wedding to Katherine Keats. But when Millicent...

Artful antics at St Bride's by Debbie (Public relations consultant) author. Young

Artful antics at St Bride's

Debbie (Public relations consultant)...

When English teacher Gemma Lamb's school flat is wrecked by storms, maverick headmistress Hairnet insists the girls must fund its repair by setting up their own businesses - the start of a series of hilarious unintended consequences. Meanwhile Gemma's worries...

The secret of Villa Alba by Louise (Novelist) author. Douglas

The secret of Villa Alba

Louise (Novelist) author. Douglas

1968, Sicily. Just months after a terrible earthquake has destroyed the mountain town of Gibellina, Enzo and his wife Irene Borgata are making their way back to the family home, Villa Alba, on roads overlooked by the eerie backdrop of the flattened ghost town....

The trials of Marjorie Crowe by C. S. author. Robertson

The trials of Marjorie Crowe

C. S. author. Robertson

Marjorie Crowe lives in Kilgoyne, Scotland. The locals put her age at somewhere between 55 and 70. They think she's divorced or a lifelong spinster; that she used to be a librarian, a pharmacist, or a witch. They think she's lonely, or ill, or maybe just plain...

The cage by Quintin Jardine

The cage

Quintin Jardine

On a sunny seaside August morning, a woman on maternity leave spots a body wedged in rocks on a Scottish beach. Gavin Ayre's riding gear sparks the assumption that he had been thrown by a panicked horse... until an autopsy reveals this was no accident. Soon it...

The mysterious Mr. Badman by William Fryer Harvey

The mysterious Mr. Badman

William Fryer Harvey

Taking a break from his holiday visiting his nephew, Jim, Athelstan Digby agrees to look after the old bookshop of Keldstone so that his hosts, the Lavenders, can attend their cousin's funeral. On the first day of his tenure, three suspicious characters...

The Pinfire Lady strikes back by P. J. author. Gallagher

The Pinfire Lady strikes back

P. J. author. Gallagher

English aristocrat Abbie Penraven has forged a new life for herself in the west. She has had to fight hard to gain respect, and has become known as the Pinfire Lady, due to her skill with her pinfire revolver. When Abbie's ranch is raided and her friend Dora...

Rage at the devil by Dale Graham

Rage at the devil

Dale Graham

When stable hand Ben Cade returns home to visit his father, he is stunned to discover the old farmer has been killed by drinking poisoned liquor. Suspicion falls on a whiskey drummer who recently passed through Gothenburg asking strange questions, allegedly...

Unfinished business by Corba Sunman

Unfinished business

Corba Sunman

After hearing rumours of trouble in Benton County, deputy US Marshal Dale Banham visits his sister Hannah to investigate. Neighbouring rancher Matt Dolan is letting his steers roam across Hannah's land, eating her feed and drinking her water, and claims she's...

Marshal Flynn's pilgrimage by Simon (Novelist) author. Webb

Marshal Flynn's pilgrimage

Simon (Novelist) author. Webb

US Marshal Jedediah Flynn resigns his position as a lawman, determined to become a church minister instead. While travelling to take up a place at a theological college in Illinois, however, he stumbles across a crime which he cannot ignore. It seems that...

Way back by Sara Cox

Way back

Sara Cox

Josie's life is absolutely, completely fine. Nice husband, brilliant best friend, a gorgeous kid at uni. The big house of her dreams on its leafy London street is a lifetime away from the Lancashire farm of her childhood. So what if her mother is tricky, and...

Under an island sun by Rebecca Holmes

Under an island sun

Rebecca Holmes

Reeling from a recent break-up with her boyfriend as well as being rejected for a job, Maddy travels to sunny Fuerteventura to help with her cousin's Land Rover tour business. There she falls for Frenchman and fellow guide Philippe, who has troubles of his...

The Borrowdale body by Rebecca Tope

The Borrowdale body

Rebecca Tope

Two days before a special auction at a large house in Borrowdale, Christopher Henderson meets up with Jennifer Reade, the only known heir to the entire estate, and the expected recipient of the proceeds of the auction. She discovers a dead man in the cellar...

Too good to hang by Sarah Hawkswood

Too good to hang

Sarah Hawkswood

April, 1145. Thorgar the Ploughman is found by the bloodied body of Father Edmund, a village priest in Ripple, and is summarily hanged for being caught in the act, despite his pleas of innocence. When his sister Osgyth goes to Worcester to seek justice for...

Mind games by Nora Roberts

Mind games

Nora Roberts

Every June, John and Cora drop off their children Thea and Rem to stay with their beloved grandmother Lucy in Kentucky. But this year, after returning home, looking forward to some time alone together, John and Cora cross paths with a ticking time bomb. Back...

The heist by Clive Cussler

The heist

Clive Cussler

Charismatic, handsome, and fiercely loyal, Isaac Bell is a no-nonsense private detective at the Van Dorn Detective Agency. Travelling all over early 20th century America in pursuit of justice for his clients, chasing down a steam train in a sports automobile...

The Italian garden by Charlotte Betts

The Italian garden

Charlotte Betts

Lake Como, 1919. The garden of Villa Marchese was once a sight to behold. Now, overgrown and unloved, the flowers that once bloomed are nothing but a reminder of the tragic events of Flora Marchese's death. When horticulturist Violet Honeywell is commissioned...

Victory at Ambridge by Catherine Miller

Victory at Ambridge

Catherine Miller

It's 1943 and the war continues on in Ambridge. But the minds of the villagers are focused a little closer to home... For many centuries, a local tradition has told of a mystic living in a hermit's cave just outside the village. Legend tells that she has...

A Cornish summer by Angela Britnell

A Cornish summer

Angela Britnell

After an initial misunderstanding between Nicky, a long-time widow, and Lane, an American history professor, they become close friends - but are wary of it developing into anything deeper. Amongst many other obstacles, Nicky and Lane both have family problems...

Bob's Blazers by Audrey Mary Brooks

Bob's Blazers

Audrey Mary Brooks

Summer, 1957. Melody Bright begins her dream job as one of Bob's Blazers - the entertainers and hosts at Trimbles Holiday Camp. Melody and her chorus partner Trevor grow closer as they sing, dance, and deal with some challenging customers together. But when...

Jacob's ladder by Sarah Swatridge

Jacob's ladder

Sarah Swatridge

England, 1901. Alice Cusack's circumstances change drastically with the death of her father, and she has to fend for herself, going into service. When her employers move away and dismiss their staff, she accepts a position with Coopers Women's Guild, which...

The sleeping beauties by Lucy Ashe

The sleeping beauties

Lucy Ashe

May 1945 and at long last, Rosamund Caradon is feeling optimistic. As she returns the last few evacuees to London from her Devonshire manor, she vows to protect dance-obsessed daughter Jasmine from further peril. But a chance meeting with a Sadler's Wells...

The lifeline by Libby Page

The lifeline

Libby Page

Everybody needs saving sometimes... For Kate, having a newborn baby means she is almost never alone. But that doesn't mean she isn't lonely. The move from London to Somerset with her husband Jay was supposed be the start of an exciting new chapter. But...

Turn left by Rhonda Forrest

Turn left

Rhonda Forrest

When Amy takes up her first teaching position in an outback Queensland town she feels like her life is going ahead in leaps and bounds. However, her new boss doesn't make life easy and she begins to question her choice of career.Angus, a third-generation...

Crow moon by Suzy Aspley

Crow moon

Suzy Aspley

Strathbran, Scotland. A village steeped in folklore and impenetrable mists and a horrifying mystery... Martha Strangeways is struggling to find purpose in her life, after giving up her career as an investigative reporter when her young twins died in a house...

Paper cage by Tom Baragwanath

Paper cage

Tom Baragwanath

Masterton isn't a big town. The community's tight, if not always harmonious. So when a child goes missing it's a big deal for everyone. And when a second kid disappears, the whole town's holding their own children that little bit tighter.Lorraine doesn't have...

Where there is a will by Michel Vimal Du Monteil

Where there is a will

Michel Vimal Du Monteil

A massive cyclone swell on Sydney's beaches claims a big-wave surfer, leaving his long-term partner without a body to mourn. His four adult godchildren from far and wide gather for the reading of his will. A mysterious girl from Tasmania joins them. Down the...

White Ash Ridge by S. R. (Crime writer) author. White

White Ash Ridge

S. R. (Crime writer) author. White

During a broiling heatwave, the inner circle of a high-profile charity attends a critical meeting at White Ash Ridge, a small hotel nestled in the Australian wilderness. As the temperature rises, a body is found lying in the thick bush, bludgeoned to death....

Blotto, Twinks and the phantom skiers by Simon Brett

Blotto, Twinks and the phantom skiers

Simon Brett

Blotto and Twinks are off on another adventure - and this time they're bound for the Swiss village of Luzvimmen, where Blotto participates in racing the prestigious Croissant Run, though someone seems determined to sabotage his chances. Twinks, on the other...

Swimming for beginners by Nicola Gill

Swimming for beginners

Nicola Gill

Loretta has life under control. She's good at avoiding things that make her uncomfortable, she's chasing a big promotion at work, and she's marrying a man whose five-year plan aligns perfectly with her own. Children do not come into the mix. This all changes,...

The teashop girls at war by Elaine Everest

The teashop girls at war

Elaine Everest

1942. Rose is busy with staffing problems at the Lyons teashop, with many women taking on war work. She dreams of her husband's return while trying to keep everyone happy. Lily has her own worries when the father of her daughter appears back in her life with...

The changing valley by Grace Thompson

The changing valley

Grace Thompson

The South Wales village of Hen Carw Parc is a haven of rural peace. But times are changing and, although Nelly Luke and the older villagers stick resolutely to tradition, the younger ones have caught tantalising glimpses of a world beyond their quiet valley....

Victory for the Cornish girls by Betty (Novelist) author. Walker

Victory for the Cornish girls

Betty (Novelist) author. Walker

Bude, Cornwall, 1944. When Alice is forced away from her spy training in London under tragic circumstances, she is distraught. That is, until she's asked to join a local branch of codebreakers that might just be finding the key to winning the war. Young Imogen...

The mists of Pencarrack Moor by Terri Nixon

The mists of Pencarrack Moor

Terri Nixon

1931, Cornwall. Lynette Nicholls lost her brother exactly a year ago in a tragic air training accident. When she visits the coastal town where it happened, she begins to doubt everything she's been told about the incident and becomes determined to uncover the...

Love will find a way by Ellie Dean

Love will find a way

Ellie Dean

Cliffehaven, December 1946. From a hill above the town of Cliffehaven, a young woman makes a heart-breaking choice that will change the course of her life forever.Hours later, a baby is found in the Nativity crib of the local church. Who could have left him...

Beauty and the playboy prince by Justine Lewis

Beauty and the playboy prince

Justine Lewis

Something there that wasn't there before? In this If the Fairy Tale Fits... story, Simone's quiet life in a Parisian bookshop is upended when best friend Prince Edouard arrives on her doorstep to hide from a royal scandal! Despite her embarrassing teenage...

Smoky mountains graveyard by Lena Diaz

Smoky mountains graveyard

Lena Diaz

Six bodies. No suspect. A killer on the loose... Working a cold case, investigators Faith Lancaster and Asher Whitfield unearth a secret burial ground. And when a young woman goes missing, it's clear that the same person is to blame. Then he turns his rage on...

Innocent witness by Julie Anne Lindsey

Innocent witness

Julie Anne Lindsey

She's willing to risk anything... When a boy in foster care disappears after witnessing a murder, social worker Hayley Campbell and Detective Finn Beaumont vow to bring him home safely. But as the former lovers grow closer, another child goes missing. Then...

The fortune tellers' daughters by Maggie Mason

The fortune tellers' daughters

Maggie Mason

1939. The threat of war is looming over Blackpool, but Martha and Trisha are determined not to let it dampen their spirits. With two young evacuees for Martha to take care of, and Trisha's market garden business growing as Britain digs for victory, the friends...

A mother's secret by Katie Flynn

A mother's secret

Katie Flynn

Leaving Liverpool behind, Libby Gilbert embarks on a transformative journey to London with her newfound friend Suzie. Amidst the bustling city streets, they find Libby's parents' cherished stall on Petticoat Lane has been taken over and run into the ground by...

Murderous intent by Rachel Lee

Murderous intent

Rachel Lee

Can he unmask the murderer in their midst? When a killer strikes twice in the same day, former soldier turned stockade owner Josh Healey steps in to protect the locals. But it's writer Krystal Metcalfe who penetrates his hardened exterior. Then, just as the...

Peril in Piney Woods by Debra Webb

Peril in Piney Woods

Debra Webb

Danger threatens her small-town life? An act of heroism throws dog groomer Meg Lewis into the spotlight. And endangers everyone she's grown to love in Piney Woods, especially animal rescuer Avery Griffin. When her past catches up with her, Meg must use her...

Their fairy tale India escape by Ruby Basu

Their fairy tale India escape

Ruby Basu

A chance to let her hair down! In this If the Fairy Tale Fits... story, Rina longs for independence, but she's indebted to the overprotective aunt who raised her. When tycoon Connor arrives, to acquire her family's company, she sees an opportunity to escape...

Part of his royal world by Nina Singh

Part of his royal world

Nina Singh

A connection as deep as the ocean... In this If the Fairy Tale Fits... story, when aspiring singer Arielle rescues a gorgeous man from a boat crash, she doesn't expect her life to be turned upside down. Because the man she's saved is Prince Eriko! In...

Cinderella's billion-dollar invitation by Michele Renae

Cinderella's billion-dollar invitation

Michele Renae

A date until midnight... In this If the Fairy Tale Fits... story, scientist Ivy's dreams are derailed following her brother's devastating illness. Now she's working as a barista to make ends meet. So when billionaire Wolf-Ivy's most charming customer!-invites...

A surgeon's Christmas baby by Deanne Anders

A surgeon's Christmas baby

Deanne Anders

In this Boston Christmas Miracles story, Ben is Boston's best children's surgeon. But following his heart-breaking past he's also the grumpiest! And now the hospital's insisting he become a team player by Christmas. The only person who'll help is cheerful Dr...

Healed by a mistletoe kiss by Alison Roberts

Healed by a mistletoe kiss

Alison Roberts

Trauma surgeon Nikita is leaving to put some space between her demons and her job. She just wasn't expecting her temporary replacement to be blast from the past Pedro. Nikita knows she's a shadow of the woman he once knew. But as they work together on an...

Baby shock for the millionaire doc by Marion Lennox

Baby shock for the millionaire doc

Marion Lennox

Devastated by a tragic loss, Dr Angus Firth lives his life as unattached as possible. Until alluring doctor Misty arrives on his doorstep with shocking news - her new baby niece is his daughter! Already overburdened, Misty can't raise little Lily alone, so...

Reunited by the nurse's secret by Louisa George

Reunited by the nurse's secret

Louisa George

In this Rawhiti Island Medics story, nurse Mia was reeling from a tragedy the night she met guarded paramedic Brin. Their instant chemistry allowed them a moment of freedom from their pain, but after they parted Mia discovered she was pregnant! Three years...

Resisting the pregnant paediatrician by Sue (Susan) author. MacKay

Resisting the pregnant paediatrician

Sue (Susan) author. MacKay

To escape a recent trauma, famous ER doc Aaron takes up a residency in Italy. His plan? Keep a low profile and enjoy his anonymity in a sleepy little village. Meeting gorgeous paediatrician Bella is not on the agenda! But widowed Bella is pregnant so, despite...

A duke for the penniless widow by Christine Merrill

A duke for the penniless widow

Christine Merrill

One of The Irresistible Dukes. When penniless widow Selina confronts the Duke of Glenmoor, the man she blames for her husband's death, she's startled at the attraction she feels for her enemy! She defiantly refuses his offers of help - until the scandal sheets...

Miss Georgina's marriage dilemma by Eva Shepherd

Miss Georgina's marriage dilemma

Eva Shepherd

A Rebellious Young Ladies story. When fun-loving Miss Georgina risks losing her fortune unless she marries, her only option is getting wed to tightly wound Adam, Duke of Ravenswood. He needs her wealth to save his estate, but otherwise Georgina knows to stay...

Wedded to his enemy debutante by Samantha Hastings

Wedded to his enemy debutante

Samantha Hastings

Lady Frederica is the last person Samuel, the new Duke of Pelford, wants to marry! His childhood nemesis might have grown into a beautiful woman, but she's as bold, outspoken and badly behaved as ever! Except marrying her is the only solution to the debts he's...

Convenient vows with a Viking

Convenient vows with a Viking

In Her Bought Viking Husband by Lucy Morris, Orla strikes a deal with enslaved Jarl Hakon to protect her land. She'll buy his freedom if the handsome warrior marries her! In Chosen as the Warrior's Wife by Sarah Rodi, at the Emperor's bride show, Viking Fiske...

Home alone with the children's doctor by Traci Douglass

Home alone with the children's doctor

Traci Douglass

In this Boston Christmas Miracles story, between her busy job on the children's ward and her recent autism diagnosis, Kalista is looking forward to being home alone for the holidays. But unexpectedly having her best friend's brother - and old flame! -...

His last minute desert queen by Annie (Romantic fiction writer) author. West

His last minute desert queen

Annie (Romantic fiction writer) author....

Determined to save her cousin from an unwanted marriage, Miranda daringly kidnaps the groom-to-be, Sheikh Zamir. She doesn't expect him to turn the tables and demand she become his queen instead... But Zamir needs a bride today, or he'll forfeit his throne and...

A vow to redeem the Greek by Jackie Ashenden

A vow to redeem the Greek

Jackie Ashenden

Elena's adoptive father's dying wish is to be reunited with his estranged son Atticus. Whatever it takes, she must track down the reclusive billionaire. When she finally finds him, she's completely unprepared for the wildfire that rages between them, nor for...

The bump in their forbidden reunion by Amanda Cinelli

The bump in their forbidden reunion

Amanda Cinelli

Ex-racing car driver Grayson crashes Izzy's fertility appointment to reveal to her his late best friend's deceit before it's too late. He always desired Izzy from afar, but being in her presence again unlocks something primal in Grayson. Knowing she feels it...

Wedding night in the king's bed by Caitlin Crews

Wedding night in the king's bed

Caitlin Crews

Virginal Helene Archibald knows she's destined for an arranged marriage. So when her father declares she'll be given to a king in a loveless union she accepts it as her fate. But Helene is unprepared for King Gianluca and the passion he awakens in her. Does...

An innocent's deal with the devil by Tara Pammi

An innocent's deal with the devil

Tara Pammi

When Yana's former stepbrother walks back into her life, his outrageous offer has her playing with fire! Nasir will clear all her debts if she helps look after his daughter for three months. It's a dangerous deal, because innocent Yana has been burnt by their...

Playing the Sicilian's game of revenge by Lorraine Hall

Playing the Sicilian's game of revenge

Lorraine Hall

They're playing a game only one can win! When Saverina Parisi discovers her engagement is part of fiancé Teo LaRosa's ruthless vendetta against her family's empire, her hurt is matched only by her need to destroy the same enemy. She'll agree to play his...

The baby his secretary carries by Dani Collins

The baby his secretary carries

Dani Collins

Faced with a hostile takeover, tycoon Gio must strengthen his claim on the Casella family company with a fake engagement. He'll never commit to a real one again. Despite his forbidden attraction, his dedicated PA Molly is ideal to play his adoring fiancée. The...

The Italian's pregnant enemy by Maisey Yates

The Italian's pregnant enemy

Maisey Yates

Ruthless tycoon Dario's night with his nemesis Lyssia was a totally unexpected, totally forbidden indulgence. Then, six weeks later, she drops the bombshell that she's pregnant. Growing up on the streets of Rome, Dario fought for his safety, and he's...

The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club by Helen Simonson

The Hazelbourne ladies motorcycle and flying club

Helen Simonson

"Constance Haverhill is without prospects. Her mother has just passed away, her brother is newly married, and now that the Great War is over, she has been asked to give up managing the estate she helped to run when the men all joined the army. It is suggested...

The 24th hour by James Patterson

The 24th hour

James Patterson

"SFPD sergeant Lindsay Boxer, medical examiner Claire Washburn, assistant district attorney Yuki Castellano, and crime writer Cindy Thomas gather at one of San Francisco's finest restaurants to celebrate exciting news: Cindy is getting married. Before they can...

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