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What is a doctor? by Phil Whitaker

What is a doctor?

Phil Whitaker

"A vital contribution to the ongoing debate about how we maintain an NHS that is both fit for purpose and free. Using stories and case studies from across his thirty-year career as a GP, Phil Whitaker offers insight into the medical movements, political...

SAS battle ready by Dominic Utton

SAS battle ready

Dominic Utton

"Utton focuses on the most infamous operations undertaken by the SAS, from its inception in the Second World War to the present day." -- Publisher.

The dictionary people by Sarah Ogilvie

The dictionary people

Sarah Ogilvie

"What do three murderers, Karl Marx's daughter and a vegetarian vicar have in common? They all helped create the 'Oxford English Dictionary'. The 'Oxford English Dictionary' has long been associated with elite institutions and Victorian men; its...

Time after time by Chris Atkins

Time after time

Chris Atkins

British prisoners have to endure the most inhumane and barbaric conditions imaginable, so why do so many of them keep going back? Former inmate and documentary maker Chris Atkins has spent the last six years tracking the fortunes of a dozen repeat offenders to...

Tell no one by Brendan Watkins

Tell no one

Brendan Watkins

"A stunning memoir of one man's search for his birth parents, which uncovered an astonishing global scandal at the heart of the Catholic Church. Brendan Watkins was eight years old when his parents told him he was adopted. When he was in his late twenties, he...

Difficult people by Rebecca Ray

Difficult people

Rebecca Ray

"An explosive boss, a controlling boyfriend, a gaslighting colleague, an interfering mother-in-law, a friend who talks only about herself - we all know them, but how do we deal with them? Difficult people take over our lives. They live rent-free in our heads....

Where the flaming hell are we? by Craig Collie

Where the flaming hell are we?

Craig Collie

"March, 1941: 40,000 Australian and New Zealand troops are rushed to Greece in a desperate attempt to stop the Wehrmacht overrunning the country. Most of them overseas for the first time in their lives, they seek excitement and adventure. What they get are...

From the pilot's seat by Fletcher McKenzie

From the pilot's seat

Fletcher McKenzie

"Aviation safety expert and keen pilot Fletcher McKenzie has interviewed 23 Kiwi pilots who have worked around the world and are record-breakers of different kinds. Put yourself in the pilot seat and experience the intense thrills, the pleasures and the near...

Don't dream it's over by Jeff Apter

Don't dream it's over

Jeff Apter

"This is the first biography to focus exclusively on Neil Finn, the man who wrote the timeless hits of Split Enz and Crowded House. In early 1980, 21-year-old Neil Mullane Finn wrote 'I Got You', which became the signature song and biggest hit for the Kiwi...

Head on by Carl Hayman

Head on

Carl Hayman

"Carl Hayman, All Black 1000, once the most highly prized player in world rugby and a giant of the game in every sense - someone who was always respected, even feared. But at the end of seventeen years as a professional rugby player, the last eight played with...

Back up by Liam Mannix

Back up

Liam Mannix

"Back pain is the one of the world's greatest public health challenges. It is the leading reason we visit the doctor, the leading reason we take time off work, the biggest cause of disability worldwide. One in 10 people will develop chronic back pain. And...

There's a cure for this by Emma (Physician) Espiner

There's a cure for this

Emma (Physician) Espiner

"From award-winning writer Dr Emma Espiner comes this striking and profound debut memoir. Encompassing whanau, love, death, '90s action movies and scarfie drinking, There's a cure for this is Espiner's own story, from a childhood spent shuttling between a...

Things that matter by David Galler

Things that matter

David Galler

"Dr David Galler tells stories of life and death from his position as Intensive Care specialist at Middlemore Hospital. Written lyrically and warmly, these stories are based on real life events describing the everyday dilemmas and challenges that doctors and...

Move like water by Hannah Stowe

Move like water

Hannah Stowe

"The seas cover over two thirds of our planet and yet most of us live our lives on land, creatures of a different element, at once fascinated and terrified by the beauty and power of these great bodies of water. There are some, though, who go to sea, who get...

The forgers by Roger Moorhouse

The forgers

Roger Moorhouse

"Between 1940 and 1943, a group of Polish diplomats in Switzerland engaged in a wholly remarkable - and until now, completely unknown - humanitarian operation. In concert with Jewish activists, they masterminded a systematic programme of forging passports and...

Dusty by Lucy O'Brien


Lucy O'Brien

"Dusty Springfield was one of our greatest pop singers. From 60s hits like 'I Only Want To Be With You', 'Son of a Preacher Man' and 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' to her 80s collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys and beyond, she was a musical pioneer and...

What an owl knows by Jennifer Ackerman

What an owl knows

Jennifer Ackerman

"Jennifer Ackerman illuminates the rich biology and natural history of owls and reveals remarkable new scientific discoveries about their brains and behavior. She joins scientists in the field and explores how researchers are using modern technology and tools...

Funny farm by Laurie Zaleski

Funny farm

Laurie Zaleski

"Laurie Zaleski never aspired to run an animal rescue; that was her mother Annie's dream. But from girlhood, Laurie was determined to make the dream come true. Thirty years later as a successful businesswoman, she did it, buying a 15-acre farm deep in the...

Letter to my younger self

Letter to my younger self

Over 15 years ago, THE BIG ISSUE began to ask well-known figures from the worlds of entertainment, politics, literature, business and more, one simple question: IF YOU COULD WRITE A LETTER TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF, WHAT WOULD IT SAY? In this collection,...

Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

Killers of the Flower Moon

David Grann

"In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions and sent their children to study in Europe. Then,...

The facemaker by Lindsey Fitzharris

The facemaker

Lindsey Fitzharris

From the moment the first machine gun rang out over the Western Front, one thing was clear: mankind's military technology had wildly surpassed its medical capabilities. New weaponry enabled slaughter on an industrial scale, and trench warfare led to thousands...

This ragged grace by Octavia Bright

This ragged grace

Octavia Bright

"Everybody needs a little oblivion. Besides, what is the fantasy of the knight on a white charger if not an abandonment wish? A desire to be rescued from your own life by a story. But if addiction is rooted in the will to forget, recovery is an act of...

Small by small by Ike Anya

Small by small

Ike Anya

"This is the compelling story of Nigerian physician Ike Anya's path to becoming a doctor, from his intensely demanding studies to his beginnings as a newly qualified doctor. Moving, often humourous and always revealing, his account lays bare the challenges and...

Confessions by Edward Stourton


Edward Stourton

"Brought face to face with the author of his obituary and his own inevitable mortality, Edward Stourton is prompted to reflect on the life he has led and the events that have shaped him. Ed was born into a life of privilege: the son of expat parents in...

The Chipilly Six by Lucas Jordan

The Chipilly Six

Lucas Jordan

"On 9 August 1918, at Chipilly Spur overlooking the Somme River, an entire British Army Corps is held up by German machine gunners. The battle has raged for 30 hours and more than 2000 men have fallen. Then, two Australian sergeants, Jack Hayes and Harold...

We need to talk about ageing by Melissa Levi

We need to talk about ageing

Melissa Levi

"Do you get the sense that something's just not quite right with Mum, Grandpa or yourself? Does your family avoid having the big conversations about ageing? Are you confused and overwhelmed? You are not alone. With over a decade of experience specialising in...

The house with all the lights on by Jessica Leigh Kirkness

The house with all the lights on

Jessica Leigh Kirkness

"Jessica Kirkness has traversed the boundary between deaf and hearing cultures all her life. Her memoir tells the story of her grandparents who grew up deaf in a hearing world--one where sign language was banned for much of the twentieth century--and weaves in...

Ultramarathon man by Dean Karnazes

Ultramarathon man

Dean Karnazes

"Dean Karnazes is an internationally recognised endurance athlete who has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits. In this remarkable memoir, he recounts the personal events that have led to him becoming an extraordinary athlete. The seeds of his...

Crossing the line by Nick McKenzie

Crossing the line

Nick McKenzie

"An explosive exposé and testament to the power of investigative journalism. In mid-2017, whispers from Australia's most secretive and elite military unit reached Walkley Award-winning journalist Nick McKenzie. McKenzie and veteran reporter Chris Masters began...

Resilient grieving by Lucy Hone

Resilient grieving

Lucy Hone

"The death of someone we hold dear may be inevitable; being paralyzed by our grief is not. A growing body of research has revealed our capacity for resilient grieving, our innate ability to respond to traumatic loss by finding ways to grow -- by becoming more...

Bite back by Genevieve Mora

Bite back

Genevieve Mora

"Gen's early teenage years were the hardest of her life. Struggling with anorexia and poor mental health, she spent time in and out of hospitals and clinics, which also had a huge impact on her family. But with treatment and support, Gen was able to turn her...

Your name is not anxious by Stephanie Dowrick

Your name is not anxious

Stephanie Dowrick

"Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, embraces a whole body, whole-self approach to radically reduce stress, quieten anxiety, and return power to each reader through strong, self-supporting solutions you can use in daily life. Anxiety and stress are wildfire problems. Why...

One of them by Shaneel Lal

One of them

Shaneel Lal

"What would you do if you were told by the people you loved the most that the way you were born was evil and wrong? For Shaneel Lal, this was their reality from the time they were five. Growing up in a tiny, traditional village in Fiji, Shaneel always knew...

The seaside by Madeleine Bunting

The seaside

Madeleine Bunting

"England's seaside is made up of a striking variety of coastlines including cliffs, coves, pebbled shore, wide sandy beaches, salt marshes, and estuaries cutting deep inland. On these coastal edges England's great holiday resorts grew up, developed in the...

We should not be friends by Will Schwalbe

We should not be friends

Will Schwalbe

"In his last year of university, Will thought he knew everyone he cared to know. A perm-haired, out, gay young man, working at an AIDS helpline in the early days of the crisis, Will found friends and community amongst the theatre students, artists and writers....

Pages from my passport by Amelia Dalton

Pages from my passport

Amelia Dalton

"Amelia Dalton, fresh from touring the Scottish islands, takes on the world and sets up exclusive holidays in remote places for a new cruise ship. As she scopes out her itineraries, she explores inaccessible islands and survives a hotel fire, a bomb in a...

The book of roads & kingdoms by Richard Fidler

The book of roads & kingdoms

Richard Fidler

"People obsessed with travel, knowledge and adventure. When Richard Fidler came across the account of Ibn Fadlan - a tenth-century Arab diplomat who travelled all the way from Baghdad to the cold riverlands of modern-day Russia - he was struck by how modern...

Learning to be French (and failing) by Anna Bibby

Learning to be French (and failing)

Anna Bibby

"Anna Bibby owned a successful art gallery in New Zealand until one day, on holiday in France, she bought a falling-down house in a picturesque medieval village. So began the process of renovating her beautiful old house which, of course, wasn't without its...

A wife on Gorge River by Catherine Stewart

A wife on Gorge River

Catherine Stewart

"In 2010, New Zealand met its remotest family, through the writing of Robert Long — aka Beansprout — and we were intrigued. Now Beansprout's wife, Catherine Stewart, tells her story, and answers many of our questions. Why did she decide to join him on the wild...

Waco by Jeff Guinn


Jeff Guinn

"The definitive account of the disastrous siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, featuring never-before-seen documents, photographs, and interviews, from former investigative reporter Jeff Guinn, bestselling author of Manson and The Road to...

Diary of a Tuscan bookshop by Alba Donati

Diary of a Tuscan bookshop

Alba Donati

"Alba Donati was used to her hectic life working as a book publicist in Italy, a life that made her happy and allowed her to meet prominent international authors, but she was ready to make a change. One day she decided to return to Lucignana, the small village...

Island girl to airplane pilot by Silva McLeod

Island girl to airplane pilot

Silva McLeod

"This is the life story of Silva McLeod, the first Tongan woman to become an airline pilot. She's still one of only a handful. Told by Silva with frankness and wit, it's quite a story. Silva takes us on a journey of cultural change from her beginnings as a...

Put your feet in the dirt, girl by Sonia Henry

Put your feet in the dirt, girl

Sonia Henry

"'Solo GP needed for medical clinic, mining town in Pilbara region, Western Australia. Car and accommodation provided. On call paid extra. Close proximity to absolutely nothing.' Going Under, Sonia Henry's autobiographical novel about the stresses and failures...

The China tightrope by Sam Sachdeva

The China tightrope

Sam Sachdeva

"For the past 50 years, New Zealand has prided itself on a history of breaking new ground with China. We were the first to back the country joining the World Trade Organization and ink a free trade deal, with milk and meat flowing like water into the Middle...

Make love work by Nic Beets

Make love work

Nic Beets

"We all want to make the most of our relationship. We hope it will be the centre of joy and satisfaction in our life. Yet so often we end up hurt, frustrated or resentful. If you've wondered why your relationship has stalled or why you find intimate...

Under the weather by J. A. (James A.) Renwick

Under the weather

J. A. (James A.) Renwick

"A warmer world will change more than just our weather patterns. It will change the look of the land around us, what grows and lives on it -- including us. In this must-read book, Professor James Renwick untangles how we know what the future holds and why it...

Inside the dyslexic mind by Laughton King

Inside the dyslexic mind

Laughton King

"Laughton King shares his understanding of the dyslexic mind from his own lived experience as a dyslexic child, an angry adolescent, a therapist and eventually an author. In Laughton King’s formulation, a dyslexic person is like a diesel vehicle. They run...

The good gut anti-inflammatory diet by Phil Hansbro

The good gut anti-inflammatory diet

Phil Hansbro

"At last, a book that shows you how to reverse the negative effects of inflammation, so you look and feel younger and live longer, happier and healthier. For over four decades, world-leading independent medical research organisation the Centenary Institute has...

Pardon my French by Rachael Mogan McIntosh

Pardon my French

Rachael Mogan McIntosh

"At the school gate, when she accidentally kissed one new friend on the nose and called another a 'beautiful man-horse', Rachael realised that small-town France could hardly be more different to beach-side Australia. The smell of cigarettes replaced the tang...

Fear by Byron C. Clark


Byron C. Clark

"... [M]aps New Zealand's alt-right underworld and unearths the roots of the occupation that ended in a violent protest on the grounds of Parliament. Speaking after the chaos of the protest that stopped the nation, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told a press...

The drinking game by Guyon Espiner

The drinking game

Guyon Espiner

"An incisive analysis of how our drinking culture is influenced by the government, media and big business, by investigative journalist Guyon Espiner. Four years ago, investigative journalist Guyon Espiner gave up drinking alcohol. He had been a heavy yet...

Did I ever tell you this? by Sam Neill

Did I ever tell you this?

Sam Neill

For over forty years, Sam Neill's name has been a reassuring mark of quality. With starring roles in hit movies including DEAD CALM, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, THE PIANO and JURASSIC PARK, Sam's work has taken him from arthouse to blockbuster, and from cult...

George VI and Elizabeth by Sally Bedell Smith

George VI and Elizabeth

Sally Bedell Smith

"A revelatory account of how the loving marriage of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth saved the monarchy during World War II, and how they raised their daughter to become Queen Elizabeth II, based on exclusive access to the Royal Archives--from the...

Sarn Helen by Tom Bullough

Sarn Helen

Tom Bullough

"Sarn Helen - Helen's Causeway - is the old Roman Road that runs from the south of Wales to the north. As Tom walks the route, sometimes alone, sometimes in company, he describes the changing landscape around him and explores the political, cultural and...

Lipstick and leather by Kim Hawes

Lipstick and leather

Kim Hawes

"What do Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Elvis Costello, Rush and Chumbawamba have in common? Kim Hawes, pioneering female tour manager. Through hard work, hard partying and hard times, Kim hurled a TV through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated music industry....

The Empress and the English doctor by Lucy Ward

The Empress and the English doctor

Lucy Ward

"Within living memory, smallpox was a dreaded disease. Over human history it has killed untold millions. Back in the eighteenth century, as epidemics swept Europe, the first rumours emerged of an effective treatment: a mysterious method called inoculation. But...

My first popsicle

My first popsicle

"With an incredible list of celebrated contributors including DAVID SEDARIS, NAOMI FRY, PATTI SMITH, SIAN CLIFFORD and JIA TOLENTINO, My First Popsicle revels in the delights of food in all its forms. Edited by ZOSIA MAMET - Shoshanna in Girls - this is a...

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