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Large print westerns new titles

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​Browse our collection of the latest large print westerns. This list updates automatically with new titles.

The beaten territory by Randi Samuelson-Brown

The beaten territory

Randi Samuelson-Brown

"Annie Ryan running a second-rate brothel in 1890s Denver with an eye toward expansion. By chance she encounters Lydia Chambers a society woman suffering from a laudanum habit and a bad marriage, who owns a prized property on the infamous Market Stre...

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Pinkerton's gold by Thom Nicholson

Pinkerton's gold

Thom Nicholson

"Someone's stealing gold shipments in Colorado. John Whyte, ace Pinkerton detective, is tasked to find the culprits and bring them to justice. He is joined by his friends and associates: Khan Singh, his loyal Sikh manservant from his service for the Queen...

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Angel falls by Derek Catron

Angel falls

Derek Catron

"Josey Angel, a Union cavalryman struggling to set aside a violent past; Annabelle Rutledge, a Southern war widow who found love in the West but little peace; and a Sioux determined to earn his warrior name -- Crazy Horse. After Annabelle is seized in...

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Dead and buried by Tim Bryant

Dead and buried

Tim Bryant

Wilkie John Liquorish may be a young man, but he's no greenhorn. So far in his short, hard life, he's dug graves, driven cattle, and nearly dangled from the end of a hangman's noose--no thanks to his ungentlemanly enemy, Gentleman Jack Delaney. Now W...

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Backed to the wall by C. M. Wendelboe

Backed to the wall

C. M. Wendelboe

"In the Dakota Territory of the 1870s, the line between outlaw and lawman is often blurred. Some sworn to protect the helpless might exploit them instead. And some hard cases might redeem themselves. Here, a lawman and an outlaw plunge into a battle that...

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Flintlock by William W. Johnstone


William W. Johnstone

"Life is hard on the American frontier. Justice is even harder. But when it comes to revenge, no man can escape the righteous wrath of a wronged bounter hunter. Especially when his name is Flintlock... Flintlock takes no pleasure in killing. But when...

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Guns in Sage Valley by Wayne D. Overholser

Guns in Sage Valley

Wayne D. Overholser

"In Land Rush white families have lined up, waiting for the U.S. Army's signal to move in on the land vacated by the Ute Indians and make their homestead claims. Steve Regan knows the newly opened land well enough and wants to head for the mesa land because...

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Red Clark of the Arrowhead by Gordon Young

Red Clark of the Arrowhead

Gordon Young

"Red Clark is tired of fighting other men's battles and returns to Miz Dobbs and her Arrowhead Ranch where he had spent much of his youth. He tries to settle down, but the Dobbs-Hepple feud has just burst into flame and he was just in time to lead th...

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A ranger called Solitary by Barry Cord

A ranger called Solitary

Barry Cord

"Fear was rampant in the Muleshoe country -- fear of the unknown figure called the Baron, fear of men who killed with blunt arrows and other weapons not common to the frontier, fear that the local lawman himself might be the next to go. So Jackson, a...

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Three trails to Triangle by Robert J. Horton

Three trails to Triangle

Robert J. Horton

"Expert investigator Mel Davitt is brought in when the new State Bank of Milton is robbed. Just outside of town, Davitt joins up with Buck Granger, a young cowpuncher who helps him catch the bank robber known as the Crow. This is the beginning of a p...

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Songbird of the west by James Clay

Songbird of the west

James Clay

"Seven years ago Skeet Jones rescued thirteen-year-old Angela. Now a famous singer known as the Songbird of the West and going by the name of Carrie Whiting, she agrees to sing at his new saloon in Dry Creek to repay the debt. When threats arise, Det...

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Fortress Iron Eyes by Rory Black

Fortress Iron Eyes

Rory Black

Tracking outlaws Dobie Miller and Waldo Schmitt into a deadly desert, the notorious bounty hunter Iron Eyes is closing the distance between them with every beat of his determined heart. Yet the magnificent palomino stallion beneath his ornate saddle ...

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The Danville stagecoach robbery by Frank Chandler

The Danville stagecoach robbery

Frank Chandler

Riding on the Danville stagecoach as a young lad, Jason Colebrook survived a robbery but was badly wounded. Twenty years later, determined to uncover the truth, he gets a lead to a frontier town in Nebraska where he falls foul of a local gang, but also...

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The Mohawk showdown by Matt Laidlaw

The Mohawk showdown

Matt Laidlaw

Twenty years after being jailed on a trumped-up charge of train robbery, Jack Garrison escapes from Yuma Penitentiary with nothing to his name but an old banjo and the hope of proving his innocence. Jack is banking on the help of his younger brother,...

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To the death! by Brent Towns

To the death!

Brent Towns

When Captain Nathan Kelso has a falling-out with his commanding officer, Major Matthew Hackett, Company 'C' is unofficially disbanded - but not for long, with broncos and Apaches raising hell throughout the territory. Then a patrol under a green lieutenant...

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Showdown at Parson's End by Simon (Novelist) Webb

Showdown at Parson's End

Simon (Novelist) Webb

When Anthony Armstrong returns to his hometown of Parson's End after completing his studies at Harvard, he expects to spend a few quiet weeks lending a hand at his family's farm. When his father is shot, however, he is drawn into a vicious range war....

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Canyon rattlers by Eli Colter

Canyon rattlers

Eli Colter

Black Desmond is one of the most brutal and murderous bandits ever known. But this scourge of the ranges has a surprising companion riding along with him - his young son.

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Hidden blood by W. C. (Wilbur C.) Tuttle

Hidden blood

W. C. (Wilbur C.) Tuttle

Cowboys Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens take the stage to the hot springs of Hawk Hole, seeking to ease Hashknife's rheumatism. But their journey is interrupted by a night holdup.

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Comanche captive by D. László author. Conhaim

Comanche captive

D. László author. Conhaim

"A mother's determination, a stranger's help, a child's fate Scott Renald is an Indian agent searching for white captives. Laura Little is a former captive seeking her Comanche-born son. They meet unexpectedly on the high plains. Touched by her story,...

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Too good to be true by Marcus Galloway

Too good to be true

Marcus Galloway

"Professor Henry Whiteoak is a liar and a swindler heading to Montana. Corey Maynard is a thief who has worked with Whiteoak and backs him in business adventures of crooked card games and deadly shootouts in Montana. Bounty hunters are looking to cash...

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Sharpshooter by Dusty Richards


Dusty Richards

"In the brutal, unforgiving wastes of the Arizona desert, Chet Byrnes built a cattle ranching empire with his bare hands, steel will, and a fast draw. As the U.S. marshal, he risks his life to bring law to a lawless land. When a new railroad route is...

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Bitter trail by Elmer Kelton

Bitter trail

Elmer Kelton

"Bitter Trail: Tough teamster Frio Wheeler hauls cotton from Texas to Mexico. But as the Civil War rages through the South, Wheeler must contend with the most difficult challenges he's ever faced, including imprisonment with the bandidos in league with...

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The stalking death by William W. Johnstone

The stalking death

William W. Johnstone

"There's something rotten in Wyoming, and the first whiff is coming off the Laramie County Cattlemen. Right off the bat Duff MacCallister notices there's no small-time ranchers allowed. It's big-leaguers only, like Brad Houser of the sprawling Twin P...

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The glory trail by Ray Hogan

The glory trail

Ray Hogan

"Cowhand Luther Pike always dreamed of being a lawman. His first assignment is to escort the infamous Nellie Dupray, a beautiful but shady woman convicted as a rustler, to the Capital City jail. His journey is lined with dangers that even the most ha...

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Sun and sand by Max Brand

Sun and sand

Max Brand

"The Flaming Rider: Large groups of Blackfeet, Cheyennes, and Crows, ordinarily hostile to each other, are camped around the newly built Fort Meany, having come to trade with factor Henry Meany. The members of these tribes love most of all to gamble,...

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Sagebrush bandit by Bliss Lomax

Sagebrush bandit

Bliss Lomax

"Rocky Jeanette and two accomplices robbed the Boulder City bank. When Rocky learns that the amount reported stolen was about five times what they took, he knows the banker, Charles Oatman, must have embezzled the rest. Rocky returns to Boulder City ...

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Go and bury your dead by Bill Brooks

Go and bury your dead

Bill Brooks

"John Henry Cole agrees to escort an old rancher and his two sons to an outlaw stronghold to arrange for the release of the man's kidnapped wife after the Pinkerton sent to deliver her ransom has been found dead with the money gone"--

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Evil never sleeps by William W. Johnstone

Evil never sleeps

William W. Johnstone

"U.S. Deputy Marshal Will Tanner sets off into Oklahoma Territory pursuing a bank robber unaware that notorious cattle rustler Jebediah Cotton has sent his five remaining sons and a cold-hearted brother-in-law after Tanner to avenge the death of Cott...

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Hunted wolf by T. T. Flynn

Hunted wolf

T. T. Flynn

"In "Death for Double-O Neighbors," Tom Lucas owes plenty to Old Bob Hurley who raised him and helped him start up his own ranch, the Wagon Wheel. Lucas is also in love with his granddaughter, Marcia, who has just returned from the East. Hurley calls...

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The devil to pay by William W. Johnstone

The devil to pay

William W. Johnstone

"The Kerrigans have fought long and hard to carve out their own piece of heaven on the Texas frontier. And when evil comes knocking at their door, with guns blazing, there'll be hell to pay ... NO SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL It begins with a simple act of...

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Bounty of greed by Paul Colt

Bounty of greed

Paul Colt

"Powerful merchant and political strongman James Dolan owns Lincoln County, until brash young English businessman John Turnstall hits town to challenge his empire. War breaks out when Turnstall is murdered. William Bonney vows revenge, launching the ...

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.45 caliber by Peter Brandvold

.45 caliber

Peter Brandvold

.45-caliber Town Under Siege: Cuno Massey has been cooling his heels in the little northern New Mexico town of Nopal, trying to give up his gunslinging ways and return to freighting. But a large gang of cutthroats who call themselves "the Boys," led by...

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Jericho's road by Elmer Kelton

Jericho's road

Elmer Kelton

Jericho's road : Young Texas Ranger Andy Pickard is assigned to the Texas-Mexico border and finds himself in the middle of a violent range war.

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The Texan rides alone by Lauran Paine

The Texan rides alone

Lauran Paine

"Outlaw Stormy Merrill is looking for a place to hide out for a while, but when he discovers Marais Valley and finds that the two ranches comprising the valley will be inherited by the owners' single daughters, he devises a plan whereby he could own it...

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Guns of darkness by Carter Travis author. Young

Guns of darkness

Carter Travis author. Young

"Owen Conagher was ambushed as he rode through the town of Bitter Creek in the evening darkness. Wounded in the initial attack, he became the target for a group of vigilantes so crazed for blood that they never suspected that their target was the wrong...

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Canadian Red by R. W. Stone

Canadian Red

R. W. Stone

"Mountie Lucas Donovan chases a ruthless serial killer whose victims include Lucas' twin brother. Taking an administrative leave and accompanied by his malamute sled dog, Lucas crosses the border into the U.S. and faces a struggle for survival in the...

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No justice in Hell by Charles West

No justice in Hell

Charles West

"Army scout John Hawk helps three women traveling through Blackfoot country, pursued by outlaws. Reaching their destination in Helena, the women thought they were safe. But Zach Dubose and his two partners were waiting for them. Dubose kills the youngest...

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Texas jeopardy by James J. Griffin

Texas jeopardy

James J. Griffin

"Sixth generation Texas Ranger James C. Blawcyzk takes on a drug organization in this contemporary novel. After a major drug bust in which Jim kills a drug dealer, a hit is put out on him. Jim will fight for his life to protect and defend his family,...

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Timber line by Max Brand

Timber line

Max Brand

Two actors stage capturing a bandit to collect a reward.-- A kid named Sleeper looks unprepossessing, but has hidden talents.-- A traveller seeking shelter is mistaken for a fearsome outlaw.

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Pards of Buffalo Bill by Tom Curry

Pards of Buffalo Bill

Tom Curry

Jim Barringer finds his father murdered and scalped - with a distinctive boot mark near the body. Seems white men killed him, and are trying to pin it on the Sioux.

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The boot hill breed by Ned Oaks

The boot hill breed

Ned Oaks

Jack Marric is returning to his family home after learning of his mother's illness. But a decision to stop for a drink at a saloon results in him getting into a fight with and killing two men who are bullying the elderly saloon-keeper. Jack is enthus...

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Buffalo wolf by Colin Bainbridge

Buffalo wolf

Colin Bainbridge

On his way out to the diggings, fate throws John Creed together with Polly Chantry, whose wagon he frees from the mud. At the diggings they meet with Timber Wolf Flynn and his Sauk wife, White Fawn, but there is no sign of Polly's father, for whom she...

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100 golden eagles for Iron Eyes by Rory Black

100 golden eagles for Iron Eyes

Rory Black

Bounty hunter Iron Eyes is heading south to Mexico in search of outlaws Bodine and Walters, but is himself being hunted down by his erstwhile sweetheart Squirrel Sally. Then Iron Eyes learns that Sally has been kidnapped by landowner Don Jose Fernandez,...

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Blood over Black Creek by Edwin Derek

Blood over Black Creek

Edwin Derek

Hoping to put his violent past behind him, Matt Crowe purchases the Texas ranch of Black Creek. It has water in abundance; but at the massive and powerful neighbouring Bar-T, the waters run dry in the summer. Protected by gunmen, its hands constantly...

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Kill the tin star! by Jake Henry

Kill the tin star!

Jake Henry

They warned Savage not to take the short cut through Dead Man's Gulch. Too many Apaches, they said. The warning, however, failed to mention anything about Craig and Bobby Vandal. Father and son. One a cold killer, the other prepared to do anything for...

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The badman's daughter by Terry James

The badman's daughter

Terry James

When Daniel Cliff arrives in Ranch Town, he discovers the settlement is caught in the stranglehold of a brutal tyrant, and refuses to take sides. That is until the spirited Charlotte 'Charlie' Wells, heir to the Crooked-W ranch, crosses his path. When...

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Wild West by Elmer author. Kelton

Wild West

Elmer author. Kelton

"From rodeos to rustlers, from ranch life to the outlaw trail, Elmer Kelton's take on the human condition shows us life in Texas as it was back then: simpler but harder, with danger always present. Filled with unforgettable characters and adventure, and...

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Ghost river by L. J. Washburn

Ghost river

L. J. Washburn

"After his hometown turns against him for a crime he didn't commit, Jacob Travers runs away and joins a gang of bank robbers. When a job goes bad and he's seriously wounded, Emory Moore, whom Jacob considers his only friend, leaves him to die or be c...

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White Wolf's Feud by Hal Dunning

White Wolf's Feud

Hal Dunning

Small, freckled Jim Allen seems a harmless youth. But he is in fact the outlaw known as the White Wolf, worth $12,000 to any bounty hunter who can fell him.

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Bullet justice by Bradford Scott

Bullet justice

Bradford Scott

To some, Walt Slade is a fearless Texas Ranger. Others know him by his undercover identity, El Halcon - The Hawk - a lightning-fast gunhand who pursues justice for the oppressed.

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Wichita town tamer by Dale Graham

Wichita town tamer

Dale Graham

The citizens of Wichita are desperate to appoint a lawman who can control the wild Texas cowboys fresh off the trail, and crooked plotters who want to take over the town. Bear River Cal Bonner has earned an enviable reputation as a town tamer, and soon...

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Jordan's crossing by Ethan Harker

Jordan's crossing

Ethan Harker

Jack Denton is just another travel-stained wanderer when he fetches up in the town of Jordan's Crossing. There he finds a young widow, Marion Fowler, being terrorized by three men in her store, and kicks them out. But then the stakes are raised when ...

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Deception creek by Ned Oaks

Deception creek

Ned Oaks

A masked predator is stalking the town of Oakridge. Known as the Phantom, he strikes at night, attacking sleeping couples in their beds, raping and murdering with impunity. Despite the best efforts of the local deputy, he manages to elude capture, and...

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The siege of Morton's Cross by K. S. Stanley

The siege of Morton's Cross

K. S. Stanley

The town leaders of Morton's Cross are awaiting with trepidation the imminent release of Dan McCleery from prison. It is common knowledge that McCleery and his gang of outlaws will want to exact revenge on the townsfolk for incarcerating him five yea...

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The deadly shadow by Paul (Western fiction writer) Bedford

The deadly shadow

Paul (Western fiction writer) Bedfo...

In the winter of 1888, a gang led by notorious desperado Taw Johnson arrives at a small ranch near the town of Chinook. Cathy Clemens is recently married, but temporarily alone on the ranch, and Johnson makes the fateful decision to carry her off. When...

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Showdown in Badlands by Shorty Gunn

Showdown in Badlands

Shorty Gunn

Businessmen Edward Chambers and Rolo Mackenzie have settled in the mining town of Peralta with the aim of buying up abandoned gold mines to search instead for silver. When the Goss family begins to cause trouble, Rolo and Edward appoint hired gun Ben...

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The chuckwagon trail by William W. Johnstone

The chuckwagon trail

William W. Johnstone

"Framed for murder, Dewey "Mac" McKenzie is running for his life. Though he's never even made a pot of coffee, Mac talks his way onto a cattle drive as a chuckwagon cook. Turns out he's as good with a pot and pan as he is with a gun. But trail boss D...

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River with no bridge by Karen Wills

River with no bridge

Karen Wills

"In 1882 Boston, eighteen-year-old Nora Flanagan works as a maid and dreams of achieving the respectability and security denied her as a tinker's daughter in Ireland. Then she meets Tade Larkin, who tells of better things in the Montana Territory where...

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Golden spike by Robert Lee Murphy

Golden spike

Robert Lee Murphy

"Will Braddock is working for the Union Pacific Railroad as it races west to join the Central Pacific. Paddy O'Hannigan is out to kill Will, Homer Garcon, and Will's uncle, all of whom he blames for his own troubles. Desperate for money, Paddy sees his...

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Red Hawk's trail by Max Brand

Red Hawk's trail

Max Brand

"John Sherburn, a troublemaking gunfighter rides into Amityville, Texas, where Peter Gresham, the most successful businessman in town, asks Sherburn to oversee his business interests while Gresham devotes his time to finding and killing Red Hawk, the...

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Doom Patrol by L. P. (Llewellyn Perry) Holmes

Doom Patrol

L. P. (Llewellyn Perry) Holmes

"Two Western stories--In 'Wolf brand' rancher Vike Gunnison is targeted when he sides with the farmers against the railroad's attempt to cheat them out of their land. In 'Doom Patrol' rancher Buck Comstock is wrongfully convicted of murder, but escapes...

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Wide loop by Nelson C. (Nelson Coral) 1907-1997 Nye

Wide loop

Nelson C. (Nelson Coral) 1907-1997 ...

"Not far from Tombstone, Arizona, Burt Alvord agrees to help Bella Norton save her ranch, but can't pass up the opportunity to organize a train robbery"--

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Skyline riders by Francis W. Hilton

Skyline riders

Francis W. Hilton

"Range detective Steve Laird goes to Badger Basin to roundup the Skyline Riders, a notorious gang of horse thieves, but his plans to keep a low profile go awry when bests the Denver Kid at shooting and riding and antagonizes rancher Silver Powers. Instead...

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Taos lightning by Johnny D. Boggs

Taos lightning

Johnny D. Boggs

"When an accident seriously injures his father, fifteen-year-old Evan Kendrick saddles his half broke mustang stallion to take his father's place in a horse race from Texas to New England offering $3,000 to the winner. He will discover what America can...

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Ride the savage land by William W. Johnstone

Ride the savage land

William W. Johnstone

"Those Jensen boys, Ace and Chance, know how to ride the savage land. But when they agree to lead a wagon full of women across Texas, they're just asking for trouble - times five. A prostitute. A virgin. A tomboy. A woman on the run. And a bank robbe...

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Mariana's knight by W. Michael Farmer

Mariana's knight

W. Michael Farmer

"On the first of February, 1896, prominent attorney and legislator Albert Fountain drove his wagon across New Mexico's lonely Tularosa basin on the way home from a grand jury indictment of ranchers for cattle theft. His wife, Mariana, believing no one...

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Hard Texas winter by Preston Lewis

Hard Texas winter

Preston Lewis

"In the aftermath of the Civil War, Morgan Garrett heads west in search of work and a new start. Neither is easy for a man burdened with a lame arm as a reminder of the lost war. With winter approaching, he finds work -- and trouble -- in Crossrock, Texas,...

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Remington 1894 by William W. Johnstone

Remington 1894

William W. Johnstone

"As a teenager, John McMasters won the Medal of Honor as a sniper for the Union Army. Thirty years later, raising a family and running cattle in the Arizona Territory, he still needs eyeglasses to hit a distant target. Still, his wife and four children...

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Spirit trail by Darrel Sparkman

Spirit trail

Darrel Sparkman

"Revenge is a blade that cuts both ways. Sean MacLeod loses his family to renegades, but in his quest for retribution he nearly loses his soul. Seeking redemption, he follows the Spirit Trail down the Missouri River, leaving the Blackfoot nation of the...

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Slate Creek by Wallace J. Swenson

Slate Creek

Wallace J. Swenson

"Reality on the Wyoming frontier in the late 1800's has scorched Simon Steele's idealism. He's killed a man he didn't have to, betrayed and driven away his best friend, and seen what's left of his morals reduced to an occasional twinge of conscience....

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Long road to Abilene by Robert Vaughan

Long road to Abilene

Robert Vaughan

"After surviving the bloody battle of Franklin and the hell of a Yankee prison camp, Cade McCall comes home to the woman he loves to find that she, believing him dead, has married his brother. With nothing left to keep him in Tennessee, Cade heads for...

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The legend of Perley Gates by William W. Johnstone

The legend of Perley Gates

William W. Johnstone

"He's the son of a cattle rancher. A restless young dreamer who, under normal circumstances, would follow in his father's footsteps. Normal, however, is not his style. Like his famous grandfather and namesake Perley Gates--a hell-raising mountain man...

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Flame across the land by Colin Bainbridge

Flame across the land

Colin Bainbridge

Fark Seaton comes to the aid of old timer Utah Red when he and his flock of sheep are attacked. Who is responsible? The evidence seems to point towards Mitch Montgomery and his Lazy Ladder outfit; but as tension mounts and the bullets fly, Seaton is not...

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Land of the Saints by Jay Clanton

Land of the Saints

Jay Clanton

It is the summer of 1858, and the Turner family are making their way along the Oregon Trail to California. The wagon train with which they are travelling is attacked by a band of Paiute, but this is no mere skirmish in the Indian Wars. The territory of...

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Long trail to redemption by B. S. Dunn

Long trail to redemption

B. S. Dunn

A U.S. senator and his family have been kidnapped by bandits and imprisoned in the Mexican village of Las Palomas, but the government is reluctant to provoke war by sending troops after them. Joshua Bell of the secret service amasses a team to retrieve...

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A gun for Shelby by Jake Henry

A gun for Shelby

Jake Henry

Forced into taking a job he doesn't want, Savage rides into a desert full of hostile Yavapai Indians to track down a killer. There he is taken captive by a small band of rebels for whom the Civil War has never ended. Although their leader, the legend...

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To ride the savage hills by Neil Hunter

To ride the savage hills

Neil Hunter

Arizona, 1888: Marshal Ed Pruitt had been bringing Sam Trask to justice when, following an accident, Trask murdered the driver and escaped. Now Pruitt wants Bodie to bring Trask in before the wanted man can cross the line into Canada. But what should...

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Chisholm trail showdown by Jack Tregarth

Chisholm trail showdown

Jack Tregarth

For the young men in the Texas town of Indian Falls, riding the Chisholm Trail as cowboys is a rite of passage. Dan Lewis is heartbroken when it looks as though he is to be cheated of his chance. Determinedly, he manages to secure a place on the trail,...

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The four from Gila Bend by Merle Constiner

The four from Gila Bend

Merle Constiner

Sheriff Bill Ferrine receives a telegram warning him that an armed and dangerous outlaw is arriving in town. But after shooting the man dead, Ferrine realizes he's been set up...

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Beyond the Bitterroots by Allan Vaughan Elston

Beyond the Bitterroots

Allan Vaughan Elston

A stagecoach carries a telegram granting a stay of execution to a condemned prisoner. When the coach is delayed, passenger Dave Harbison must set off alone to beat the hangman.

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The waiting gun by Wayne D. Overholser

The waiting gun

Wayne D. Overholser

"Twenty-three-year-old Bill Varney had only known his father's disapproval while his twin sister, Vida, is favored. Bill is set to leave until Vida convinces him to face the gunfighter who has challenged their arthritic father"--

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Treasure freight by Peter Dawson

Treasure freight

Peter Dawson

"Six western stories of robbery, murder, and deceit where men are called upon to use their wits as well as their guns to bring the culprits to justice"--

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Death trap on the Platte by Cliff Farrell

Death trap on the Platte

Cliff Farrell

"Vance Jardine returned to Del Rosa, Texas, after serving two years for a robbery he didn't commit, but confessed to in order to protect ones he loved. Now he is suspected of another robbery. But this time he will track down the real criminals with the...

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Texas flat by Ray Hogan

Texas flat

Ray Hogan

"Two western stories: 'Texas Flat' is the scene of an ill-fated cattle drive attempt to help small ranchers break the control of a large cattle rancher. 'Rinneger' finds Cole trying to fulfill his brother's dying wish to return the money Harvey stole...

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The button horse by Giles Tippette

The button horse

Giles Tippette

"Texan Warner Grayson uses his skills to defeat a ruthless thoroughbred breeder who intends to take over Warner's ranch and breeding operation"--

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Seven for vengeance by James Keene

Seven for vengeance

James Keene

"When the express office in Gunlock, Texas, is robbed and the agent killed, a posse is organized to capture the young man whose gun was found at the scene of the crime in this western novel of murder and a manhunt, with their effects upon both the hunters...

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The Valeron code by Terrell L. Bowers

The Valeron code

Terrell L. Bowers

When Rodney Mason is hired by a banker to help his sister, it seems like just another job. But he finds more than he bargained for in Deliverance, Colorado. The opposition is ruthless, and the victim someone who can change his world. When an ambush leaves...

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Flame and thunder by Ben Bridges

Flame and thunder

Ben Bridges

It stands to be the biggest oil well in the territory, providing wildcatter Bud Bishop can bring it in before his lease runs out. However, Hugh Quillan wants to move in and keep the spoils for himself. So Bishop's backers hire freelance fighting man ...

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The high riders by Neil Hunter

The high riders

Neil Hunter

In the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming, Bodie is on the trail of Lew Gallman and his gang - a bunch of brutes who'll go to any lengths to get what they want, and kill anyone who stands in their way. Tracking them into the heart of a raging storm, Bodie ...

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The bloody trail to redemption by Paxton Johns

The bloody trail to redemption

Paxton Johns

English aristocrat Born Gallant is riding to Dodge City when he is attacked and left to die. Initially relieved when rescued by a lawman and his posse, they then accuse him of murder. A witness has sworn that he saw Gallant stab a Kansas senator, and...

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Rimrock renegade by Ned Oaks

Rimrock renegade

Ned Oaks

Released after spending five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Hank Chesham only wants to return home to his ranch, the Rimrock, and resume his old life. But then he discovers that he has been betrayed by both his wife, Phoebe, and his best...

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The last gun by Peter Wilson

The last gun

Peter Wilson

Jack Crawford, badly wounded in the final action of the Civil War, returns home to discover that his parents have been massacred, and the family ranch has fallen into the hands of empire-building newcomer Vic Bannon. When Crawford becomes town sheriff,...

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Starlight Range by Barry Cord

Starlight Range

Barry Cord

Laura Canady's son is set to inherit Starlight Range. But Walter Selman, owner of the Crescent spread, also has his eyes on Starlight, and will do anything to seize it...

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The land grabbers by D. B. (Dwight Bennett) Newton

The land grabbers

D. B. (Dwight Bennett) Newton

During an outbreak of cattle rustling, ranchers blame the Cheyenne on the nearby reservation. But Johnny Logan, a Cheyenne working on the Bar J, is sure his kinfolk are innocent.

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The outfit by Matthew P. Mayo

The outfit

Matthew P. Mayo

Life at the Barr-McGee ranch has settled into a pleasant lull of work and rest for members of The Outfit. Life should be good ... but big Rafe Barr stews about his wife and son's murderer, and leaves to search for resolution, revenge, reckoning. Mean...

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Of ashes and dust by Marc Graham

Of ashes and dust

Marc Graham

"He has cast me into the mire, and I have become like dust and ashes. -- Job 30:19 (NKJV) Jim Robbins is a dead man, and he knows it. He's fought Yankee and Pawnee, fought for the love of two very different women, fought for his very survival. Now, as...

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The Texas badge by Dusty Richards

The Texas badge

Dusty Richards

Saddler County Sheriff Dell Hoffman is charged with bringing the perpetrators of these horrific crimes to justice, but even the toughest and most cunning lawman in Texas has his limits. With nothing to go on but five bloody bodies, a cracked safe, and...

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Hell's half acre by William W. Johnstone

Hell's half acre

William W. Johnstone

They call him "The Butcher of Baxter Pass," the notorious former Union general who massacred 200 Confederate prisoners--just because he could. Now it's Sheriff Jess Casey's unenviable job to protect the bloodthirsty murderer from those who want him dead,...

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Revenger by Frank Leslie


Frank Leslie

After the War Between the States, former Confederate Mike Sartain came west and joined the frontier cavalry. Wounded by Apaches in Arizona, he was nursed back to health by an old desert rat and his beautiful granddaughter, Jewel. When the prospector and...

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The bloody spur by Mickey Spillane

The bloody spur

Mickey Spillane

The Santa Fe Railroad wants to build a spur through Trinidad, New Mexico, linking the town to the cattle trade. Only one man stands against it - rancher George Cullen. At the request of the town council, Sheriff Caleb York rides out to the Bar-O to reason...

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