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新西兰  by Peter Turner


Peter Turner

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Birdstories  by Geoff Norman


Geoff Norman

"Kiwi, kākāpō, takahē, moa, tūī – these birds, and many others, are unique to Aotearoa New Zealand, and famous throughout the world. It was the 1873 publication of Walter Buller’s A History of the Birds of New Zealand that introduced overseas readers...

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Sh*t towns of New Zealand.

Sh*t towns of New Zealand.

Laid-back Kiwi humour at its best, this will have you laughing out loud and cringing in recognition at the same time. Based on the hugely popular Facebook page 'Shit Towns of New Zealand', this book describes New Zealand's towns and suburbs from the ...

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'Hauhau' by Paul Clark


Paul Clark

This book, the definitive study of the Pai Marire or 'Hauhau' Maori movement in the 1860s, presents a different view. Pai Marire is shown as being a search for ways of meeting European settlement and domination, and of using European skills and literacy,...

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Captain Cook in the underworld  by Robert Sullivan

Captain Cook in the underworld

Robert Sullivan

Captain Cook in the Underworld is a book-length poem by a gifted Maori poet, an archetypal exploration of Western mythology and legend as it 'discovers' itself in the South Pacific. The poem was commissioned as the libretto for a new work with composer...

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Over the mountains of the sea by David Hastings

Over the mountains of the sea

David Hastings

Based on the records of 250 voyages and the direct testimony of more than 80 shipboard diaries, "Over the mountains of the sea" recreates what life was like on the migrant ships for ordinary people - the ancestors of many of today's New Zealanders - as...

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Len Lye  by Roger Horrocks

Len Lye

Roger Horrocks

This is a biography of the New Zealand artist Len Lye, who became a leading modernist artist in London and New York, a major figure in experimental film, a kinetic sculptor and innovative theorist, painter and writer. The author was Lye's assistant in...

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Fast talker by David Eggleton

Fast talker

David Eggleton

This dynamic poetry collection combines punchy political and social awareness with tender observations of everyday life. Embracing a wide variety of subjects, these poems constantly shift in tone and rhythm, ranging from hard-hitting "rants" on the ...

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Someone else's life by Kapka Kassabova

Someone else's life

Kapka Kassabova

With both these books out of print, Someone Else's Life includes 26 poems from the first two and a substantial number of new poems, responding to new places and incidents, only confirm Kassabova's gifts. Drawing on a European tradition in several la...

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His way by Barry Gustafson

His way

Barry Gustafson

His Way is the only authorised biography of New Zealand prime minister Robert Muldoon? one of the dominant political figures of the last half-century in that country. His Way was based on many hours of conversation with Muldoon himself as well as col...

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Young knowledge by Michele Leggott

Young knowledge

Michele Leggott

"[Robin Hyde] was 33 when she died, ending fifteen years of massive production as a poet, novelist, journalist and historical biographer. Her autrobiographical writing has long been acclaimed ... and the scope of her social and political commentary is...

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An unsettled spirit by Terry Sturm

An unsettled spirit

Terry Sturm

G.B. Lancaster (the pen name of Edith Lyttleton) was a very successful novelist in the 1920s and 30s, but is now largely forgotten. This biography gives a picture of the harsh experience of a woman writer in the first half of the 20th century, whose ...

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Songs of a kaumātua

Songs of a kaumātua

This is a unique historical document uncovering the richness of Tuhoe music and poetry. Includes 60 traditional songs from outstanding singer Kino Hughes with the text of each song in both English and Maori; musical transcriptions; information on Kino...

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Ngā tini whetū  by Mason Durie

Ngā tini whetū

Mason Durie

Brings together twenty-five papers Mason Durie has presented at national and international conferences between 2004 and 2010. It discusses Maori moving towards a future involving new technologies, alliances, economies and levels of achievement and be...

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The new biological economy  by Eric Pawson

The new biological economy

Eric Pawson

"For over a century, New Zealand has built its economy through a series of commodity-based booms - from wood and wool to beef and butter. Now the country faces new challenges. By doubling down on dairy farms, aren't New Zealanders destroying the clean...

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The Kosovo War  by Wade Goddard

The Kosovo War

Wade Goddard

"The war in Kosovo was instigated by the Kosovo Albanian rebel group known as the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with the intent of creating an independent Kosovo free from Yugolsabia, for the majority Kosovo Albanians. The Yugolsav Army retaliation was...

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New Zealand birds in pictures  by Kimball Chen

New Zealand birds in pictures

Kimball Chen

"From the barely-visible wings of the flightless kiwi to the immense wingspan of the wandering albatross, New Zealand's fragile island ecosystem is home to a diverse array of spectacular birds. Delve into the fascinating world of our feathered friends...

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Hearken O daughter  by Grace J. Adams

Hearken O daughter

Grace J. Adams

"On April 19 1993, on a remote property called Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas, 76 people who were part of the Branch Davidian cult died when their compound caught fire after a 51 day stand off with the FBI. Among the dead was one New Zealander. How did she...

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New Zealand  by Charles Rawlings-Way

New Zealand

Charles Rawlings-Way

"Lonely Planet's Best of New Zealand is your passport to New Zealand's top sights and most authentic experiences. Start your trip with a rush in Queenstown, the birthplace of bungy jumping, kayak through the verdant cliffs of Milford Sound or enjoy local...

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Let's get lost  by Nicola McCloy

Let's get lost

Nicola McCloy

"There are few things as sweet as throwing some clothes, your togs, your jandals, a chilly bin, some good sounds and your best mate into the car and shouting, 'ROADIE!' as you gleefully leave your everyday life behind for a few days. Chuck this book in...

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Ajax the kea dog  by Corey Mosen

Ajax the kea dog

Corey Mosen

"Ajax is a working dog trained to sniff out the nests of endangered kea in remote parts of the South Island. His trainer, Corey Mosen, then places cameras in and around the nests to monitor the kea and any predators that might attack them. Their part...

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Broken branches  by Josh Scadden

Broken branches

Josh Scadden

"It is well known that New Zealand suffered one of the highest casualty rates, per capita, of all nations which fought during the First World War. The tragedy of this conflict is compounded when an analysis of the losses suffered by individual families...

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Sam hunt by Sam Hunt

Sam hunt

Sam Hunt

An off-the-road biography of New Zealand's best-known poet Thirty years after Hogg and Hunt collaborated on the now-legendary Angel Gear: On the Road with Sam Hunt, the pair have decided to throw caution to the wind and proceed without doctors' certi...

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The invading sea  by Neville Peat

The invading sea

Neville Peat

Low-lying coast is a chronically grim frontline of climate change, socially and economically, and the frontline with the most to lose.’New Zealand’s coastline is under attack. When cyclones and king tides coincide, there is double trouble...

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Godley  by Terry Kinloch


Terry Kinloch

"A comprehensive biography of General Sir Alexander Godley, presenting for the first time a fair and balanced look at his time as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and ANZAC Corps during World War I. While Godley is generally re...

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Indians and the antipodes

Indians and the antipodes

This book looks at the history of Indian migrants in Australia and New Zealand over a period of two and a half centuries. It looks at the history of their migration, settlement and encounter with racism. However, this book is not just about the diaspora;...

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Francesca's Italian Kitchen  by Francesca Voza

Francesca's Italian Kitchen

Francesca Voza

"Francesca's Italian Kitchen is a popular South Island restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine. This cookbook presents Francesca's popular pasta, pizza and other traditional Italian dishes and desserts, adapted for the home kitchen, using local ...

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Hillary's Antarctica  by Nigel Watson

Hillary's Antarctica

Nigel Watson

Written by Nigel Watson of the Antarctic Heritage Trust, and illustrated with Jane Ussher's stunning photographs, plus historic images and never-before-seen ephemera and diary entries, this is the first book that fully documents and celebrates Ed Hil...

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Last of the halcyon days  by Julie Ryan

Last of the halcyon days

Julie Ryan

"These poems distil diverse encounters with places, people and the natural world. Seasoned with humour and deft satire, there is always an undercuttent of love for family, friends, community, and this land we share. Julie's late husband Frank was mayor...

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My Indian kitchen  by Ashia Ismail-Singer

My Indian kitchen

Ashia Ismail-Singer

"My Indian Kitchen features recipes for well-known traditional Indian dishes alongside a range of new and exciting Indian tastes and textures, all of which are easy to make in your own home kitchen. Ashia Ismail-Singer's recipes aren't just a list of...

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I am New Zealand

I am New Zealand

"What's your vision of New Zealand? An inner-city street in the rain, a campervan under a clear and starry night sky, a high-octane sport or a traffic jam of sheep? This book collects a range of personal views of Aotearoa from photographers, both amateur...

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Elizabeth Lissaman  by Jane Vial

Elizabeth Lissaman

Jane Vial

"Elizabeth Lissaman: New Zealand's Pioneer Studio Potter traces the life and works of New Zealand's pioneering woman studio potter. It is fully illustrated with over 100 images, especially photographed, of Lissaman's pottery selected from private and...

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Le Quesnoy 1918  by Christopher Pugsley

Le Quesnoy 1918

Christopher Pugsley

"The New Zealand Division's capture of the French town of Le Quesnoy was its last and most successful action in the First World War. Breaking through defensive lines and scaling the town walls by ladder, the New Zealanders overwhelmed the defenders, ...

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Urban sanctuary  by Anna Johnson

Urban sanctuary

Anna Johnson

":In today's fast-paced world, finding refuge from our busy lives is one of the most significant requirements for home. This refuge takes the form of rooms for rest, spaces for interacting with family and friends, as well as outdoor spaces. Urban San...

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"In 2017, Ministry of Health figures showed that one in five New Zealanders sought help for a diagnosed mood or anxiety disorder, and these figures are growing. Headlands: New Stories of Anxiety tells the real, messy story behind these statistics -- ...

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"Generally conceded to be doomed from the outset by the most recent historiography, the Gallipoli campaign still arouses heated controversy. In a new compendium of original research by an impressive array of established and up and coming scholars, Ga...

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Te paparahi, toi Māori

Te paparahi, toi Māori

"A new project curated by Māori designer Olivia Haddon, Ngāti Manuhiri, of the Auckland Council Design Office and published by Artweek Auckland with support from Auckland Council, ATEED and Auckland Transport provides maps of walks around Auckland. The...

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Literary Whanganui  by Joan Rosier-Jones

Literary Whanganui

Joan Rosier-Jones

"Many literary luminaries were born and bred in Whanganui. Others have visited the city or made it their home. This book, with maps, will take the reader to birthplaces and other sites of interest to the featured authors“--Provided by publisher.

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Why businesses fail...  by Bob Weir

Why businesses fail...

Bob Weir

"What was the real reason for the failure of South Canterbury Finance and could it have been saved? Was it really the fall in coal prices that sank Solid Energy? Why did Pumpkin Patch collapse? Why do over 2000 small businesses go into liquidation every...

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The anti-money laundering regime  by Marty (Martin Graeme) Robinson

The anti-money laundering regime

Marty (Martin Graeme) Robinson

"[This book] provides an objective, all-in-one resource summarising key concepts of the Act, explaining the risk-based approach taken by legislators and the supervisors, exploring in detail key concepts such as the application of the Act"--Publisher....

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Handbook of pests and diseases for New Zealand potato growers.

Handbook of pests and diseases for New Zealand potato growers.

"Potatoes New Zealand has entered into an agreement with the Government to share responsibility for biosecurity readiness and response. The publication of the Second Edition of this handbook demonstrates the industry’s commitment to improve awareness...

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The Abbot's shoes  by Peter Robertson

The Abbot's shoes

Peter Robertson

"Out of the organised chaos of a radio station newsroom and into the silence of an austere Trappist monastery. In The Abbot' Shoes Peter recounts his journey and brings into our view the hidden day-to-day life within an enclosed contemplative community....

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Thorny encounters  by Matt Elliott

Thorny encounters

Matt Elliott

"In 1905, Vic Cartwright's England rugby team lined up against Dave Gallaher's touring All Blacks at Crystal Palace--the first ever meeting of two national teams. Ensuing matches, in both the amateur and professional eras, have been dramatic and cont...

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From the ashes  by Deborah Challinor

From the ashes

Deborah Challinor

"Auckland,1956. Allie Manaia works at Smith and Caughey's department store. It's been two years since the Dunbar and Jones fire, where some of her friends perished, but she still has nightmares. Allie and her husband, Sonny, are desperate for a baby,...

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Together  by Annabel Langbein


Annabel Langbein

"The seed of the idea for this book was sown when Annabel and her family were holidaying in Greece, and Annabel realised what a confident, creative cook her daughter Rose had become during her years of studying and flatting. They decided it would be fun...

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Flourish  by Juliet Nicholas


Juliet Nicholas

"This book celebrates the endeavours and achievements of women gardeners who are responsible for some of the most-admired gardens within New Zealand. Often starting as a home-based hobby, fitting around child care and other domestic tasks, the garden...

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Compass points  by W. N. (William Neil) Plimmer

Compass points

W. N. (William Neil) Plimmer

"Adventures in Samoa in its first years of independence, negotiating economic relations with Australia, stumbling through a Drambuie party at Lake Vanda in Antarctica, meeting in the White House with an American president in the Muldoon era, exploring...

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The Upper Harbour ferries of Auckland  by David Balderston

The Upper Harbour ferries of Auckland

David Balderston

"The upper Waitemata River, as far as Riverhead, was an important river road until motor vehicles, operating over good roads, proved a more economic and ... reliable form of transport. Despite a gallant rearguard action from launch operators, the last...

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Topp country  by Arani Cuthbert

Topp country

Arani Cuthbert

"Well-loved New Zealand entertainers, Dames Lynda and Jools Topp go on a culinary journey around New Zealand meeting passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life. Based on the first two series of their award-winning TV series, the Topp Twins...

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The obscure heroes of liberty  by Kenneth M. Baker

The obscure heroes of liberty

Kenneth M. Baker

Most have heard of the French Resistance during World War Two. Few are aware of the Belgian Resistance movements during the First World War and the enormous role they played in the defeat of the enemy. This book tells the story of those underground.....

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Lasting impressions  by Ian F. (Ian Fraser) Grant

Lasting impressions

Ian F. (Ian Fraser) Grant

"[This is] the first detailed history of New Zealand newspapers since Guy Scholefield's Newspapers in New Zealand in 1958, ... a social history that places newspapers and their vital importance to New Zealand's development as a nation in the context...

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Little and loud  by Sharon Davies

Little and loud

Sharon Davies

"Sharon Davies was born with spina bifida in 1963. She is a full-time wheelchair user. Sharon was bought up at Wilson Home, a home for disabled children on Auckland's North Shore. She was mainstreamed at various local school from a young age and lives...

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Life as a novel : Volume one, 1932-1973  by Philip Temple

Life as a novel : Volume one, 1932-1973

Philip Temple

"Maurice Shadbolt believed that New Zealanders should tell their own stories, cherish their own myths and believe in their own big lies before they could stand upright in a post-colonial world. Through his fiction, non-fiction and international journalism,...

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New Zealand art at Te Papa

New Zealand art at Te Papa

"Te Papa holds New Zealand's national art collection, whose origins date back to 1865 and the establishment of the then Colonial Museum (later the Dominion and then the National Museum). Built up over the years by a succession of directors and curators,...

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Trial of strength  by Shona Riddell

Trial of strength

Shona Riddell

"The subantarctic islands circle the lower part of the globe in the 'Roaring Forties' and 'Furious Fifties' latitudes. Trial of Strength tells the compelling stories of the men and women who have braved these unique islands and will leave you with an...

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The New Zealand money guide  by Lisa Dudson

The New Zealand money guide

Lisa Dudson

"Over the last two decades I have personally seen thousands of people make enormous progress with their money and go on to create financial freedom for themselves. This book aims to help you understand financial principals so you, too, can make your....

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Gottfried Lindauer  by Joan McIntyre

Gottfried Lindauer

Joan McIntyre

"After 18 years of research and travels in New Zealand, Australia and the Czech Republic, Joan and Kevin have decided that it was time to compile this history of one of the foremost art recorders of New Zealanders through his portraiture. He is well known...

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Karori confidential  by Leah McFall

Karori confidential

Leah McFall

A collection of humorous and personal columns which first appeared in Sunday magazine. Leah writes about her family, neighbourhood, friends, property, personal life and interests in a funny and candid manner.

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Memory pieces  by Maurice Gee

Memory pieces

Maurice Gee

"Memory Pieces is an intimate and evocative memoir in three parts. 'Double Unit' tells the story of Maurice Gee's parents - Lyndahl Chapple Gee, a talented writer who for reasons that become clear never went on with a writing career, and Len Gee, a b...

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No limits by Joanne Black

No limits

Joanne Black

No Limits describes Craig Heatley's entrepreneurial life. It charts the good times and the bad, his philosophies, his approach to currency trading and the significance of becoming the first person from the southern hemisphere to be invited to join the...

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With them through hell  by Anna Rogers

With them through hell

Anna Rogers

"For New Zealanders, the First World War was not just a grueling conflict but also the nation's biggest health challenge. Military personnel had to deal with horrific injuries caused by high velocity bullets, artillery fire and chemical weapons. Infe...

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Government for the public good  by Max Rashbrooke

Government for the public good

Max Rashbrooke

"In a time of global political ferment, established ideas are coming under renewed scrutiny. Chief among them is one of the dominant notions of our era: that we should entrust markets with many of the tasks previously carried out by government. In th...

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I have loved me a man  by Sharon Mazer

I have loved me a man

Sharon Mazer

"From the Old Mill Disco in Timaru to San Francisco's ACT UP protests, through Jazzercise and drag, AIDS and homosexual law reform, I Have Loved Me a Man takes readers inside the social revolution that has moved New Zealand from the 1960s to the present...

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Bravo Kiwi  by Craig Wilson

Bravo Kiwi

Craig Wilson

"Major Craig Wilson is a decorated former SAS member, and has been in more combat zones than any other Kiwi soldier. He was the commanding officer of Bravo Company, which lost 2 soldiers when they went to the aid Afghan police at Baghek in August 2012....

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Whispers in the wood  by Tim Mead

Whispers in the wood

Tim Mead

A fascinating chronicle of wooden artefacts created by Lionel Jefcoate.

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Dancing on a razor's edge  by Mandy Whyte

Dancing on a razor's edge

Mandy Whyte

"A mother decides to write the story of her son’s long-term methamphetamine addiction as a means to understand why he became an addict and how she can help him. Discovering the true extent of his use and the likely result of permanent psychosis, prison...

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Parallel lives  by Jennifer Andrewes

Parallel lives

Jennifer Andrewes

"Increasingly dissatisfied with the humdrum routine of corporate life, Jennifer Andrewes does what many of us can only dream about, when in 2014 she and her family pack up and spend two seasons living in a French village in the south-west region of France....

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Why follow the pied piper  by Kalpana Chana

Why follow the pied piper

Kalpana Chana

When living in South Africa feels extremely unsafe, the feelings of desperation for a better and safer lifestyle are often the push factors for many people wanting to emigrate. However, when people feel desperate, they tend to rush into decisions wit...

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Hudson & Halls  by Joanne Drayton

Hudson & Halls

Joanne Drayton

"Hudson & Halls: The food of love is more than just a love story, though a love story it certainly is. It is a tale of two television chefs who helped change the bedrock bad attitudes of a nation in the 1970s and 80s to that unspoken thing - homosexu...

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Ngaio Marsh by Joanne Drayton

Ngaio Marsh

Joanne Drayton

The Empress of Crime's life was the ultimate detective story ' revealed for the first time in this forthright and perceptive biography. While Ngaio Marsh had a flamboyant public persona, she was fiercely protective of her private life. And no one knows...

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Ko Rongowhakaata

Ko Rongowhakaata

"This book is published to mark the opening of the Ko Rongowhakaata: The Story of Light and Shadow exhibition at Te Papa, which represents the culmination and breadth of Rongowhakaata history and whakaaro (considerations) and has the significant meeting...

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A tale from a trail  by Anna Grafl

A tale from a trail

Anna Grafl

"From Cape Reinga on New Zealand's North Island to Bluff on the South Island leads a long-distance trail with the name of Te Araroa. The Long Pathway covers a distance of roughly 3000 kilometers and tempts thru-hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, runners...

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The vineyards of Central Otago  by Viv Milsom

The vineyards of Central Otago

Viv Milsom

"From humble beginnings in the 1980s, the Central Otago wine industry has grown into a major calling card for the region and New Zealand. The vineyards of Central Otago tells the tale of the vineyard developers and owners, the viticulturists and...

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Women now

Women now

Twelve dynamic essays by leading New Zealand thinkers mark 125 years since New Zealand won the right to vote.

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Repurposed  by Cate Foster


Cate Foster

"The book features 20 homes located through out the country that feature a variety of clever solutions and design styles. There is everything from repurposed container homes to army barracks, farm utility buildings, churches and urban spaces finished...

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A shattered life  by Darryl Smith

A shattered life

Darryl Smith

"This is the story of Darryl Smith's abuse at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God (Saint John of God Brothers) in two Countries, New Zealand & Australia. The self-published book includes his experiences, letters...

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Wild journeys  by Bruce Ansley

Wild journeys

Bruce Ansley

"Discover a world of wild, mysterious and audacious journeys. One of New Zealand's best writers retraces a diverse array of wild and fascinating journeys, including the mythical path to Erewhon; George Wilder's prison escape route through the volcanic...

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Our land, our people  by Ross Hyland

Our land, our people

Ross Hyland

"The modern farmer faces a constant battle for survival. Not only do farmers and their families cope with everything nature throws at them, they have to meet the challenges presented by technology, the environment and the way society raises the bar on...

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As you will  by Mickey Smith

As you will

Mickey Smith

"In her new book, As You Will: Carnegie Libraries of the South Pacific, artist Mickey Smith documents the historic legacy of 23 Carnegie Libraries erected across the South Pacific, including 18 in NZ. Named after the successful Scottish-American indu...

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Stardust and substance

Stardust and substance

"Stardust and Substance captures some of the magic of Jacinda Ardern's extraordinary seven-and-a-half weeks' campaign, defeating a National government in power for nine years. The story of her sensational achievement - with `relentless positivity' and...

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That Derrida whom I derided died  by C. K. (Christian Karlson) Stead

That Derrida whom I derided died

C. K. (Christian Karlson) Stead

"In his eighty-sixth year, C. K. Stead's new collection leads us deep inside the life of the poet. He looks back at his younger self, remembering old loves and cringing at his 'lugubrious rhyming'. He writes most often of those who have gone (Jacques...

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District High Schools in the nineteenth century  by Catherine Hodder

District High Schools in the nineteenth century

Catherine Hodder

"This book describes the establishment, operations, and fate of nineteenth-century district high schools in New Zealand. The first two chapters set the context for these types of school, while the remaining chapters provide details of the twenty thre...

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The sophisticated property investor  by Jeff Brill

The sophisticated property investor

Jeff Brill

"Those of you who want financial freedom and/or have a need to create a legacy to leave a secure money machine behind for your children, need to read this book. Herein you will learn the tools needed to invest in the commercial property sector, be it...

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Nurture  by Peter Alsop


Peter Alsop

"This is a book about community; about fostering the potential of children to boost New Zealand's wellbeing. It's a book of parenting ideas, shared by parents keen on growing the greater good. These parents challenged the norm - to keep parenting views...

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The heart of Jesús Valentino  by Emma Gilkison

The heart of Jesús Valentino

Emma Gilkison

"The Heart of Jesús Valentino is an extraordinary story about a young couple forced to go beyond their everyday experience and confront head-on issues of life and death. Powerful, honest and beautifully written, it moves all who read it, and is creat...

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The missing files  by Scott Bainbridge

The missing files

Scott Bainbridge

"According to the New Zealand Police, around 8000 people go missing in this country every year. While 95 per cent of these people are found within 14 days, there remains a small number of people who are never found. In The Missing Files, Scott investigates...

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Luxembourg  by Stephen Oliver


Stephen Oliver

'Luxembourg' is the new poetry collection from the well-known Australian/New Zealand poet, Stephen Oliver.

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Better than a bought one  by Jo Seagar

Better than a bought one

Jo Seagar

"In this fabulous new book, Jo shows ordinary Kiwis how they can put on great celebration events with minimum effort and maximum effect. That's what Jo does best. From a baby shower to a 21st, an office shout to a winter dinner party, from a high tea...

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NZ rugby stars cookbook

NZ rugby stars cookbook

"Fabulous recipes from the stars of New Zealand rugby, including current All Blacks Kieran Read, Ben Smith, Sam Cane and Dane Coles, retired heroes such as Richie McCaw and Sean Fitzpatrick, and all your favourite players from the Black Ferns, the Se...

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Recollections and reflections  by Graeme MacCormick

Recollections and reflections

Graeme MacCormick

"Graeme MacCormick is a descendent of early New Zealand settlers on both sides of his family. His mother's family were of Irish descent and his father's family were from Scotland. Graeme and his brother became borderer at Kings Preparatory School after...

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Two slices of bread  by Ingrid Coles

Two slices of bread

Ingrid Coles

"You will be moved beyond words, even to tears--a true story of heartaches and triumphs... As a young child in Holland, Ingrid's uncle offered her another slice of bread. 'Two slices of bread?' she asked, never having been allowed that many before! Her...

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Not enough hours in the day!  by Arthur Gatland

Not enough hours in the day!

Arthur Gatland

"The absorbing memoirs of a New Zealand pilot who flew RAF Harriers, Hunters and Hawks, and then enjoyed a long career with Air New Zealand. He was also a successful sportsman in fencing, basketball and windsurfing for over 50 years, and flew glider ...

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World table  by Nicola Martin

World table

Nicola Martin

"World Table is more than a recipe book, it's a snapshot of our community. Let us take you on a journey through 22 different countries as we share more than 80 family recipes, cooked by both trained chefs and passionate home cooks who now call New Ze...

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Manurewa  by Adam Bryce


Adam Bryce

"Manurewa by Adam Bryce was never meant to be a social examination, it was really a way of proving an important point - that this amazing community that gets an unfair rap. The leaders are insightful, resourceful and committed. The people are proud. ...

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Passages  by Linda Trubridge


Linda Trubridge

"Passages is an intimate account of a young family's sailing adventure. When Linda and David sold the house they had built to last a lifetime and abandoned a thriving career for a nomadic life, they discovered more about the world and themselves than...

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