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Sisters of the sands  by J. B. Villinger

Sisters of the sands

J. B. Villinger

"16-cycle old Sacet was once a child soldier for the Female Dominion. Along with an army of brainwashed squad sisters, it was her job to capture, kill, or otherwise defeat the male population of their desert world. But now that she's free and has the power to...

The atrocity engine  by Tim Waggoner

The atrocity engine

Tim Waggoner

"Creatures from dark dimensions infesting your home? Demonic beings trying to drive you insane? Alien gods attempting to destroy your universe? Just call Maintenance. This underpaid and overworked secret organization is dedicated to battling forces that seek...

Of gods & globes III

Of gods & globes III

"20 speculative stories based on the world's astronomical myths. We know that the moon holds sway over the ocean tide and the almost universal testimony of the effect of a full moon on people. Are planetary effects more mysterious than we have discovered?...

Death wave  by Ben Bova

Death wave

Ben Bova

"In the precursor to the Star Quest Trilogy, New Earth, Jordan Kell led the first human mission beyond the solar system. They discovered the ruins of an ancient alien civilization. But one alien AI survived, and it revealed to Jordan Kell that an explosion in...

Earth abides  by George R. Stewart

Earth abides

George R. Stewart

"The cabin had always been a special retreat for Isherwood Williams, a haven from the demands of society. But one day while hiking, Ish was bitten by a rattlesnake, and the solitude he had so desired took on dire new significance. He was sick for days - and...

A door into ocean  by Joan Slonczewski

A door into ocean

Joan Slonczewski

"The Sharers of Shora are a nation of women on a distant moon in the far future who are pacifists, who are highly advanced in biological sciences, and who reproduce by parthenogenesis - because there are no males. Conflict erupts when a neighboring...

In universes  by Emet North

In universes

Emet North

"Raffi works in an observational cosmology lab, searching for dark matter. Every chance they get, they escape to see Britt, a queer sculptor who fascinates them for reasons they can't understand. As Raffi's carefully constructed life begins to collapse, they...

The mark  by author Fríða Ísberg

The mark

author Fríða Ísberg

"In the near future, in Reykavik, in a world like our own, society is divided about the controversial Empathy Test, which measures an individual's capacity for compassion and identifies anti-social behaviour in citizens. Two thirds of the country, including...

City at the end of time  by Greg Bear

City at the end of time

Greg Bear

"In a post-human future, one city, guarded by reality generators and surrounded by the terrible maelstrom of Chaos, is the sole bastion of order. In our time, three young people--Ginny, Jack, and Daniel--who can alter the course of fate, a murky past, and the...

Secret invasion  by Paul Cornell

Secret invasion

Paul Cornell

"The shapeshifting alien race known as the Skrulls have infiltrated every branch of the Marvel Universe, from S.H.I.E.L.D., to the Avengers, and even interplanetary defence force S.W.O.R.D. As the New Avengers watch leader of the Hand, Elektra, transform into...

The Ministry of Time  by Kaliane Bradley

The Ministry of Time

Kaliane Bradley

"In the near future, a disaffected civil servant is offered a lucrative job in a mysterious new government ministry gathering 'expats' from across history to test the limits of time-travel. Her role is to work as a 'bridge': living with, assisting and...

Anomaly  by Andrej Nikolaidis


Andrej Nikolaidis

"New Year's Eve. The last day of the last year of human existence. A high-ranking minister criss-crosses the city with blood on his hands, a dying necrophile attempts to go clean before God, and a traumatized nurse is pressured into keeping a powerful secret....

2001  by Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) Clarke


Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) Clarke

"Written when landing on the moon was still a dream, and made into one of the most influential films of all time, 2001: A Space odyssey remains a classic work of science fiction fifty years after its original publication. The discovery of a black monolith on...

Dune  by Frank Herbert


Frank Herbert

"Melange, or 'spice', is the most valuable - and rarest - substance in the universe. And it can only be found on a single planet: the inhospitable desert world Arrakis. Whoever controls Arrakis controls the spice. And whoever controls the spice controls the...

Stories of your life and others  by Ted Chiang

Stories of your life and others

Ted Chiang

"With his masterful first collection, multiple-award-winning author Ted Chiang deftly blends human emotion and scientific rationalism in eight remarkably diverse stories, all told in his trademark precise and evocative prose. From a soaring Babylonian tower...

Dr. Bloodmoney  by Philip K. Dick

Dr. Bloodmoney

Philip K. Dick

"'What happens after the bombs drop?' This is the troubling question Philip K. Dick addresses with Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along After the Bomb. It is the story of a world reeling from the effects of nuclear annihilation and fallout, a world where...

Dune  by Frank Herbert


Frank Herbert

"Melange, or 'spice', is the most valuable - and rarest - element in the universe. And it can only be found on a single planet: the inhospitable desert world Arrakis. Whoever controls Arrakis controls the spice. And whoever controls the spice controls the...

Heretics of Dune  by Frank Herbert

Heretics of Dune

Frank Herbert

"Leto Atreides, the God Emperor of Dune, is dead. In the fifteen hundred years since his passing, the Empire has fallen into ruin. The great Scattering saw millions abandon the crumbling civilization and spread out beyond the reaches of known space. The planet...

Speaker for the dead  by Orson Scott Card

Speaker for the dead

Orson Scott Card

"Ender Wiggin, the young military genius, discovers that a second alien war is inevitable and that he must dismiss his fears to make peace with humanity's strange new brothers."--Provided by publisher.

The long run  by Patrick Chiles

The long run

Patrick Chiles

"Melanie Mooney thought she was just doing her job when she came upon an unusual accident in the deep woods late one night. Acting alone, what she found was nothing like she'd expected. What followed was even more unexpected. Recruited by emissaries of a...

Admiral and Commander  by Charles E. Gannon

Admiral and Commander

Charles E. Gannon

"It has been 15 Terran months since Colonel Roger Murphy and his Lost Soldiers were dropped in the 55 Tauri binary system. Since then, they have forged an uneasy alliance with space-dwelling descendants of the Ktor. They also liberated the human inhabitants of...

The Icarus job  by Timothy Zahn

The Icarus job

Timothy Zahn

"For years Gregory Roarke and his Kadolian partner Selene worked as crocketts, combing through the atmospheres of uninhabited worlds for places that might be colonized or hold valuable resources. Now, they work for the Icarus Group, a top-secret government...

Beyond enemies  by Marisa Wolf

Beyond enemies

Marisa Wolf

"Talinn Reaze and Bee are part of the United Colonial Force's elite Artificial Intelligence Troops and after years of leading assaults on several fronts they are thrown to a backwater base without cause and they begin to question everything they've ever...

Mission critical  by Charles E. Gannon

Mission critical

Charles E. Gannon

"Major Rodger Y. Murphy should have died when his helicopter crashed off the coast of Mogadishu in 1993. Instead, he woke up in 2125, 152 light-years from home. Murphy and 100 other 'Lost Soldiers' have been retrieved and awakened by two officers of the...

Brain wave  by Poul Anderson

Brain wave

Poul Anderson

"A mentally impaired farm worker finds himself capable of more delicate and intelligent thoughts than he ever dreamed. A young boy on holiday manages to discern the foundations of calculus before breakfast. Animals that were seen as livestock and pets can now...

Our savage heart  by Justina Robson

Our savage heart

Justina Robson

"Justina Robson is one of the most original writers of genre fiction working today. Her work has been variously shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Award, the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the Philip K. Dick Award, and the John W. Campbell Award. This is the...

Attack of the Raekeem  by A. J. Elksnis

Attack of the Raekeem

A. J. Elksnis

"IT HAS BEEN TWO YEARS SINCE THE SABRE COMPANY WAS DEFEATED... NOW A NEW THREAT EMERGES... Caught between her role and the desire to help more, Lana stumbles upon the Raekeem - an alien race determined to bring devastation wherever they go. When machine...

Elephants in bloom  by Cécile Cristofari

Elephants in bloom

Cécile Cristofari

"Debut short story collection from a French author who has been making a name for herself with regular appearances to Interzone and contributions to Clarkesworld, ParSec, and elsewhere. Providing a fresh perspective on things, Cécile's fiction reflects her...

Strange attractors  by Jaine Fenn

Strange attractors

Jaine Fenn

"First full collection from the award-winning author of innovative science fiction and off-kilter fantasy. Fifteen stories selected by the author from more than two decades' worth of work; includes the BSFA Award-winning 'Liberty Bird', a Hidden Empire story,...

Silver repetition  by Lily Wang

Silver repetition

Lily Wang

"Having left China for Canada with her parents as a child, Yuè Yuè yearns to discover who she is as she nears the end of her undergraduate degree and starts a new relationship. In urgent poetic fragments, she seeks common ground with her Canadian-born younger...

Gridlinked  by Neal L. Asher


Neal L. Asher

"Thousands have been killed on Samarkand and a terraforming project has been destroyed. Agent Cormac must reach it by ship to begin an investigation. But he has incurred the wrath of a vicious psychopath called Arian Pelter, who follows him across the galaxy...

Dune messiah  by Frank Herbert

Dune messiah

Frank Herbert

"The sisterhood of the Bene Gesserit plots to seize control of the galaxy-wide empire of their supernatural leader, while on Arrakis, the Maud'dib, the heir to an unimaginable power, confronts new challenges."--Provided by publisher.

The wings upon her back  by Samantha (Novelist) Mills

The wings upon her back

Samantha (Novelist) Mills

"Zenya was a teenager when she ran away from home to join the Mecha God's warrior sect. She was determined to earn her copper wings and protect the people and city she loved. Under the strict tutelage of a mercurial, charismatic leader, Zenya became Winged...

Ocean's Godori  by Elaine U. Cho

Ocean's Godori

Elaine U. Cho

"Ocean Yoon has never felt very Korean, even if she is descended from a long line of haenyeo, Jeju Island's beloved female divers. She doesn't like soju, constantly misses cultural references, and despite her love of the game, people still say that she doesn't...

Convergence problems  by Wole Talabi

Convergence problems

Wole Talabi

"A new speculative fiction short story collection from award-winning, Nebula-nominated Nigerian author Wole Talabi"--

Mal goes to war  by Edward (Science fiction writer) Ashton

Mal goes to war

Edward (Science fiction writer) Ash...

"The humans are fighting again. Go figure. As a free A.I., Mal finds the war between the modded and augmented Federals and the puritanical Humanists about as interesting as a battle between rival anthills. He's not above scouting the battlefield for salvage,...

Ghost station  by S. A. Barnes

Ghost station

S. A. Barnes

"While part of a small space exploration crew on an abandoned planet, a psychologist confronts a gruesome murder and twisted secrets as she races to prevent history from repeating itself in the form of space-borne madness."--Publisher.

Alien clay  by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Alien clay

Adrian Tchaikovsky

"They travelled into the unknown and left themselves behind . . . On the distant world of Kiln lie the ruins of an alien civilization. It's the greatest discovery in humanity's spacefaring history - yet who were its builders and where did they go? Professor...

The dark forest  by Cixin Liu

The dark forest

Cixin Liu

"In Dark Forest, Earth is reeling from the revelation of a coming alien invasion - in just four centuries' time. The aliens' human collaborators may have been defeated, but the presence of the sophons, the subatomic particles that allow Trisolaris instant...

Dragonquest  by Anne McCaffrey


Anne McCaffrey

"On Pern, men breed and train great fire-breathing dragons to help them fight the deadly silver Threads that fall from the sky, destroying all life-forms, whenever the Red Star passes near. Trouble is brewing between modern and Oldtimer. Pern has changed much...

When Evelyn sleeps  by Laura Spivak

When Evelyn sleeps

Laura Spivak

"New York City, 1919. Evelyn Moore is a young legal secretary who slips eighty-four years into the future every time she falls asleep. After a terrifying mugging in an alleyway, Evelyn seeks advice from a budding therapist, Thomas Allen, who is fascinated by...

Lake of souls  by Ann Leckie

Lake of souls

Ann Leckie

"Journey across the stars of the Imperial Radch universe. Listen to the words of the Old Gods that ruled The Raven Tower. Learn the secrets of the mysterious Lake of Souls. And so much more, in this masterfully wide-ranging and immersive short fiction...

The stories of Ray Bradbury  by Ray Bradbury

The stories of Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

"The Stories of Ray Bradbury--a hundred of his best stories, selected by the author himself--is the definitive collection of one of the greatest fantasists the world has ever known. Published in 1980, the volume contains stories selected from the first four...

2001  by Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) Clarke


Arthur C. (Arthur Charles) Clarke

"In this allegory of humanity's exploration of the universe - and the universe's reaction to humanity - Arthur C. Clarke has created a novel that captures and expands on the vision of Stanley Kubrick's immortal film. It is a hallmark achievement in...

The Belt  by Dale E. (Novelist) Lehman

The Belt

Dale E. (Novelist) Lehman

Upon discovering a rock bearing ancient microfossils, exobiologist Dr. Miguel Hernandez seeks to preserve a tract of Mars for further research. But Lowell Colony Mayor Andre Rand covets the same area for expansion. Now, framed for sabotage, Miguel must flee...



"This unique collection of newly translated short stories offers a taste of classic and contemporary French science fiction to English-language readers. These stories cover a range of fascinating topics including simulated reality, speciesism, ecology, and...

A view from the stars  by Cixin Liu

A view from the stars

Cixin Liu

"A View from the Stars is a collection of short fiction and nonfiction pieces from Cixin Liu, the New York Times bestselling author of The Three-Body Problem. Included are essays and interviews that shed light on Liu's experiences as a reader, writer, and...

The currents of space  by Isaac Asimov

The currents of space

Isaac Asimov

"Trantor had extended its rule over half the Galaxy, but the other half defied its authority, defending their corrupt fiefdoms with violence and repression. On the planet Florina, the natives labored as slaves for their arrogant masters on nearby Sark. But now...

Dear Tui  by M. C Ronen

Dear Tui

M. C Ronen

"In 2023, nine-year-old Juniper Hawthorne, is playing happily on the beach near her house, with her older brother. Climate change is a real, impending threat, of which Juniper is very much aware. But it is a creeping evil, rather than a colossal, big-bang...

Portal to liberty  by A. J. Elksnis

Portal to liberty

A. J. Elksnis

"The leader of the freedom fighters, Luke Palmer, has disappeared after a failed attempt to find his sister, Emma, who has been taken by slavers and sold to the Corporation. He is on a quest to save her and leaves Rachel Navara, a soldier, in charge. She and...

Godzilla x Kong  by J. Gregory Keyes

Godzilla x Kong

J. Gregory Keyes

"The official novelization of the blockbuster Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire. A follow-up to the explosive showdown of Godzilla vs. Kong. This time the almighty Kong and the fearsome Godzilla face a colossal undiscovered threat hidden within our world,...

Doctor strange  by James Lovegrove

Doctor strange

James Lovegrove

"The mind-bending original adventures of Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, are brought to life for a new era by New York Times-bestselling author James Lovegrove. A self-centred healer, Stephen Strange is arrogant, but it's almost justified. After all, he...

The Mars house  by Natasha Pulley

The Mars house

Natasha Pulley

"In the wake of environmental catastrophe, January, once a principal in London's Royal Ballet, has become a refugee on Tharsis, the terraformed colony on Mars. In Tharsis, January's life is dictated by his status as an Earthstronger--a person whose body is not...

Xenocide  by Orson Scott Card


Orson Scott Card

"The Starways Congress decides that the deadly virus on Lusitania must be wiped out and sends a fleet to destroy it. After the fleet disappears, Gloriously Bright is selected to solve the mystery."--Publisher.

Annie Bot  by Sierra Greer

Annie Bot

Sierra Greer

"Annie is a robot, created to be the perfect girlfriend for her human owner, Doug. Playful and eager to please, she has dinner ready for him every night, wears the outfits he buys for her, and adjusts her libido to suit his whims. Maybe the apartment isn't...

The lost world  by Michael Crichton

The lost world

Michael Crichton

"It has been six years since the secret disaster at Jurassic Park, six years since the extraordinary dream of science and imagination came to a crashing end--the dinosaurs destroyed, the park dismantled, and the island indefinitely closed to the public. There...

Sun god  by Andy Southall

Sun god

Andy Southall

"After founding a colony on the remote moon of Freyja, the missionary order of Assumptors resumes searching for a new Earth. Yet its recently elected leader, Mother Josephine, faces unforeseen challenges. An uncooperative council. An impulsive Helmsman. And a...

The living force  by John Jackson Miller

The living force

John Jackson Miller

"The Jedi have always traveled the stars, defending peace and justice across the galaxy. But the galaxy is changing, and the Jedi Order along with it. More and more, the Order finds itself focused on the future of the Republic, secluded on Coruscant, where the...

The practice, the horizon, and the chain  by Sofia Samatar

The practice, the horizon, and the chain

Sofia Samatar

"The boy was raised as one of the Chained, condemned to toil in the bowels of a mining ship out among the stars. His whole world changes--literally--when he is yanked 'upstairs' and informed he has been given an opportunity to be educated at the ship's...

Godzilla and Godzilla raids again  by Shigeru Kayama

Godzilla and Godzilla raids again

Shigeru Kayama

"Awakened and transformed by nuclear weapons testing, Godzilla serves as a terrifying metaphor for humanity's shortsighted destructiveness: this was the intent of Shigeru Kayama, the science fiction writer who drafted the 1954 original film and its first...

The collapsing wave  by Douglas Johnstone

The collapsing wave

Douglas Johnstone

"Six months since the earth-shattering events of The Space Between Us, the revelatory hope of the aliens' visit has turned to dust and the creatures have disappeared into the water off Scotland's west coast. Teenager Lennox and grieving mother Heather are...

Cypher  by John (Novelist) French


John (Novelist) French

"As the Great Rift unfolds in the night sky above Terra and daemons walk upon the birth world of mankind, the Primarch Roboute Guilliman returns, heralding a dark new age. During the breaking storm, Cypher and his band of Fallen escape from the most secure...

Lives of the monster dogs  by Kirsten Bakis

Lives of the monster dogs

Kirsten Bakis

" In the New York of 2009, 150 'monster' dogs arrive by helicopter and chartered plane, dressed in the clothing of 19th-century Prussian burghers, speaking through surgically implanted voice boxes, able to perform the tasks of humans by virtue of prosthetic...

Chimera's star  by Glynn Stewart

Chimera's star

Glynn Stewart

"In a bold and brazen act of treachery, the Royal Martian Navy exploratory cruiser Rose was stolen and is now in the hands of the conspiracy group known as Nemesis. Guilty of a thousand crimes, Nemesis and its leader, Kent Riley, are determined to find proof...

A brutal design  by Zachary C. Solomon

A brutal design

Zachary C. Solomon

"After the fascist takeover of his homeland and the murder of his parents, Jewish architecture student Samuel Zelnik thinks that he and his friends are bound for the gulag - or worse. Instead, he receives an unexpected offer of freedom working in the...

Harlan Ellison's greatest hits  by Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison's greatest hits

Harlan Ellison

"How to summarize the psychedelic, witty, helter-skelter mind of Harlan Ellison? A mind that refused to be contained by something as rudimentary as genre, form, or even a particular label. A mind that created some of the most outrageous short stories and...

Cascade failure  by L. M. Sagas

Cascade failure

L. M. Sagas

"There are only three real powers in the Spiral: the corporate power of the Trust versus the Union's labor's leverage. Between them the Guild tries to keep everyone's hands above the table. It ain't easy. Branded a Guild deserter, Jal 'accidentally' lands a...

Three kings

Three kings

"In the aftermath of World War II, the Earth's population was devastated by an alien virus. Those who survived were changed forever. Some, known as jokers, were cursed with bizarre mental and physical mutations; others, granted superhuman abilities, became the...

The siege of burning grass  by Premee Mohamed

The siege of burning grass

Premee Mohamed

"Alefret, the founder of Varkal's pacifist resistance, was bombed and maimed by his own government, locked up in a secret prison and tortured by a 'visionary' scientist. But now they're offering him a chance of freedom. Ordered to infiltrate one of Med'ariz's...

The company you keep  by Luiza Dobrzyńska

The company you keep

Luiza Dobrzyńska

"In a not-so-distant future, Earth is slowly being reborn in the wake of an ecological catastrophe, but that rebirth is not happening fast enough. With her faithful android companion at her side, school teacher Etta must embark upon a dangerous mission to the...

Machinehood  by S. B. Divya


S. B. Divya

"Welga Ramirez, executive bodyguard and ex-special forces, is about to retire early when her client is killed in front of her. It's, 2095 and people don't usually die from violence. Humanity is entirely dependent on pills that not only help them stay alive but...

Blue lard  by Vladimir Sorokin

Blue lard

Vladimir Sorokin

"The book begins in a futuristic laboratory where genetic scientists speak in a Joycean dialect of Russian mixed with Chinese-peppered with ample neologisms - and work to clone famous Russian writers, who are then made to produce texts in the style of their...

Jumpnauts  by Jingfang Hao


Jingfang Hao

"In a future where the world is roughly divided into two factions, the Pacific League of Nations and the Atlantic Division of Nations, tensions are high as each side waits for the other to make a move. But neither side is prepared for a powerful third party...

End times

End times

"Explore the fall of the World That Was in this great value omnibus from Black Library. The End Times are coming. The Ruinous Powers of Chaos threaten to drown the world in madness. No kingdom is safe. In Sylvania, Mannfred von Carstein hopes to turn the tides...

The empress of Mars  by Kage Baker

The empress of Mars

Kage Baker

"When the British Arean Company founded its Martian colony, it welcomed any settlers. Outcasts, misfits, and dreamers emigrated in droves to undertake the grueling task of terraforming the cold red planet - only to be abandoned when the BAC discovered it...

The graveyard game  by Kage Baker

The graveyard game

Kage Baker

"Two cyborgs of the Company journey back in time to 1996 San Francisco to search for Mendoza, a banished fellow cyborg, to uncover some dangerous secrets about what the Company does with cyborgs it no longer wants in the field."--Publisher.

Floating Hotel  by Grace Curtis

Floating Hotel

Grace Curtis

"Welcome to the Grand Abeona Hotel: home of the finest food, the sweetest service, and the very best views the galaxy has to offer. All year round it moves from planet to planet, system to system, pampering guests across the furthest reaches of the milky way....

The peripheral  by William Gibson

The peripheral

William Gibson

"William Gibson returns with his first novel since 2010's New York Times-bestselling Zero History. Where Flynne and her brother, Burton, live, jobs outside the drug business are rare. Fortunately, Burton has his veteran's benefits, for neural damage he...

The rain artist  by Claire Rudy Foster

The rain artist

Claire Rudy Foster

"In a future where rain is a luxury enjoyed exclusively by the ultra-rich, the world's only umbrella-maker is framed for the high-profile murder of the quadrillionaire patriarch who controls the earth's last natural resources. Beautiful and horrific, The Rain...

Twice lived  by Joma West

Twice lived

Joma West

"There are two Earths. Perfectly ordinary and existing in parallel. There are no doorways between them, no way to cross from one world to another. Unless you're a shifter. Canna and Lily are the same person but they refuse to admit it. Their split psyche has...

Toll of honor  by David Weber

Toll of honor

David Weber

"Lieutenant Brandy Bolgeo has come home from the Battle of Hancock station wounded in both body and spirit. She will need months to regenerate her lost leg, but how long will it take to heal her heart? She's come home to find that her wounds, her ship's brutal...

Only hard problems  by Jennifer Estep

Only hard problems

Jennifer Estep

"My name is Zane Zimmer. To most folks, I live a seemingly charmed life as a Regal lord and the heir apparent to the powerful, wealthy House Zimmer, and the gossipcasts breathlessly follow my every swaggering move across the Archipelago Galaxy. I'm also a...

When I'm her  by Sarah Zachrich Jeng

When I'm her

Sarah Zachrich Jeng

"Though polar opposites, Mary and Elizabeth are as close as can be - until the night Elizabeth makes an irrevocable mistake and leaves Mary to take the blame. Years later, Elizabeth seems to have forgotten Mary exists. Mary hasn't forgotten her. She follows...

The power of the ascendant  by Van author. Ris

The power of the ascendant

Van author. Ris

"BY WAY OF CREATION, EVERY HUMAN BEING POSSESSES A DROP OF GOD'S POWER, WHICH THE SCIENTISTS CALL THE POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. While held prisoner at the Research Institute for Paranormal Power Activity in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, Philip develops...

Death's end  by Cixin Liu

Death's end

Cixin Liu

Half a century after the Doomsday Battle, the uneasy balance of Dark Forest Deterrence keeps the Trisolaran invaders at bay. Earth enjoys unprecedented prosperity due to the infusion of Trisolaran knowledge. With human science advancing and the Trisolarans...

Death stranding. 02  by Hitori Nojima

Death stranding. 02

Hitori Nojima

"Mysterious explosions have rocked the planet, setting off a series of supernatural phenomena known as the Death Stranding. Spectral creatures that devour the living have pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, causing countries to fall and survivors to...

Wild blue yonder  by Mark Morris

Wild blue yonder

Mark Morris

"A ship at the edge of space. A robot with a secret. A sinister presence... The Doctor and Donna are trapped on board a mysterious spacecraft. Fate of the crew - unknown. Fate of the universe if what's on board gets out - terminal."--Publisher.

The best of all possible worlds  by Karen Lord

The best of all possible worlds

Karen Lord

"A proud and reserved alien society finds its homeland destroyed in an unprovoked act of aggression, and the survivors have no choice but to reach out to the indigenous humanoids of their adopted world, to whom they are distantly related. They wish to preserve...

The other valley  by Scott Alexander Howard

The other valley

Scott Alexander Howard

"Set in an unnamed valley - surrounded by other valleys, each twenty years apart in time - a masterful, moving literary speculative novel in which the Conseil determines if a bereaved resident can cross the border to the past or the future on a 'mourning...

Exit black  by Joe Pitkin

Exit black

Joe Pitkin

"Imperium is the most expensive structure ever created. Once an orbiting laboratory, it is now a space hotel for the fantastically wealthy. But as the station preps for its first group of space tourists, Dr. Chloe Bonilla, Imperium's resident biophysicist,...

Where'd you park your spaceship?  by Rob Bell

Where'd you park your spaceship?

Rob Bell

""Heen Gru-Bares has been SERIES 5 for most of his adult life, traveling from planet to planet collecting data and filing reports for the CHAIRS who run the universe. And then he lands on the planet Firdus for his next assignment and he meets Borns and Lan...

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