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Jesus by Deepak Chopra


Deepak Chopra

From his unceremonious birth in Bethlehem to his ultimate betrayal in Jerusalem, "Jesus" presents a riveting and soul-stirring account of the remarkable story of one of the world's most important figures.

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The silenced by Anders De la Motte

The silenced

Anders De la Motte

The adrenaline-charged and suspenseful thriller set in a ruthless world where all means are permitted in the fight for power. When a savaged body is found in the waters outside the governing party's conference centre, the case lands on detective Juli...

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Overwatch by Matthew Betley


Matthew Betley

-- Overwatch -- The Providence Journal

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The French art of war by Alexis Jenni

The French art of war

Alexis Jenni

It was the beginning of the Gulf War. I watched it on TV and did little else. I was doing badly, you see. Everything was going wrong. I just awaited the end. But then I met Victorien Salagnon, a veteran of the great colonial wars of Indochina, Vietnam...

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Marry in haste by Anne Gracie

Marry in haste

Anne Gracie

Major Calborne Rutherford returns to England on the trail of an assassin, only to find he's become Lord Ashendon, with the responsibility for vast estates and dependent relatives. Cal can command the toughest of men, but his wild half-sisters are quite...

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The guns above by Robyn Bennis

The guns above

Robyn Bennis

They say it's not the fall that kills you. For Josette Dupre, the Corps' first female airship captain, it might just be a bullet in the back. On top of patrolling the front lines, she must also contend with a crew who doubts her expertise, a new airship...

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Ghostal living by Kathleen Bridge

Ghostal living

Kathleen Bridge

Rare books start disappearing from the B & B and Meg sees a connection between the stolen books and the deceased authenticator. With the fair looming, she finds herself caught up in catching a killer and thief before another victim is booked for deat...

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Never trust a pirate by Valerie Bowman

Never trust a pirate

Valerie Bowman

A rumored pirate and the scurrilous black sheep of his well-to- do family, Cade Cavendish relishes his world of rebellion, deception, and seduction. Nothing and no one can hold him to be the duty-bound, honorable man he is expected to be. But when an...

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Wolverine. Old man Logan by Mark Millar

Wolverine. Old man Logan

Mark Millar

Es wurden ja schon diverse Blicke in die Zukunft des Marvel-Universumsgeworfen. Doch nie war der Ausblick so brutal wie der von Mark Millar und Steve McNiven. Sie schickeneinen in die Jahre gekommenen Wolverine auf einen Trip durch die Ruinen eines v...

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A holiday romance by Carrie Alexander

A holiday romance

Carrie Alexander

A summer holiday in the desert what had she been thinking? Extreme heat? Scorpions? Senior citizens? Check.This home-swap vacation had seemed like such a great idea at the time. Huh. Yet Alice Potter might actually get the romantic adventure she's only...

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The giving tree by Megan (Christian author) Payne

The giving tree

Megan (Christian author) Payne

The Elliott family had a Christmas tree, but it was not like any other Christmas tree on their very long street with dozens and dozens of neighbors going to and fro with shopping bags from every name brand store at the mall a block over. No, the Elliotts'...

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Falling fast by J. H. Croix

Falling fast

J. H. Croix

Ginger Sanders believes in love and happily-ever-after for everyone. Except her. At thirty, she's already been married and divorced. She's bright, brash, beautiful, and very practical. So practical that she's boxed her broken heart up and put it away...

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The beach house by Georgia Bockoven

The beach house

Georgia Bockoven

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The empire's ghost by Isabelle Steiger

The empire's ghost

Isabelle Steiger

"Isabelle Steiger has crafted a powerful and masterful debut with The Empire's Ghost, the first book in a haunting new epic fantasy series. The empire of Elesthene once spanned a continent, but its rise heralded the death of magic. It tore itself apart...

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The case of the man who died laughing by Tarquin Hall

The case of the man who died laughing

Tarquin Hall

A prominent Indian scientist dies in a fit of giggles when a Hindu goddess appears from a mist and plunges a sword into his chest. The main suspect is a powerful guru named Maharaj Swami, who seems to have done away with his most vocal critic. Vish P...

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The case of the deadly butter chicken by Tarquin Hall

The case of the deadly butter chicken

Tarquin Hall

Mustachioed sleuth Vish Puri tackles his greatest fears in a case involving the poisoning death of the elderly father of a leading Pakistani cricketer, whose demise is linked to the Indian and Pakistani mafias and the violent 1947 partition of India.

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The light we lost by Jill Santopolo

The light we lost

Jill Santopolo

"Lucy is faced with a life-altering choice. But before she can make her decision, she must start her story--their story--at the very beginning. Lucy and Gabe meet as seniors at Columbia University on a day that changes both of their lives forever. To...

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Somebody's baby by Donna Alward

Somebody's baby

Donna Alward

Known as the family playboy and a serial dater, veterinarian Rory Gallagher finds the only woman who can tame his roving heart when his best friends sister, who was just left at the altar, shows up at his clinic with a wounded dog.

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Any day now by Robyn Carr

Any day now

Robyn Carr

The highly anticipated sequel to #1 New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr's What We Find transports readers back to Sullivan's Crossing. The rustic campground at the crossroads of the Colorado and Continental Divide trails welcomes everyone?wh...

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Mother's Day, muffins, and murder by Sara Rosett

Mother's Day, muffins, and murder

Sara Rosett

With summer approaching, Ellie Avery's schedule is ruled by attending end-of-the-year events at her kids' school-and avoiding run-ins with her arch competitor. When a murder disrupts the core curriculum, can the two women form an alliance to teach the...

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Somebody like you by Donna Alward

Somebody like you

Donna Alward

When Aiden Gallagher and Laurel Stone are asked to recreate their decades-old kiss on the towns famed Kissing Bridge, the couple, who havent spoken since high school, wonder if this could lead to a second chance at love.

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Batman by Paul Dini


Paul Dini

"The definitive collection of one of DC Comics's most popular characters is here in BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN! This new graphic novel collects Harley's greatest DC tales including her DC Universe debut story. Fresh on the heels of her bestselling New 52 s...

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The scribe of Siena by Melodie Winawer

The scribe of Siena

Melodie Winawer

"Equal parts transporting love story and gripping historical conspiracy--think The Girl with a Pearl Earring meets Outlander--debut author Melodie Winawer takes readers deep into medieval Italy, where the past and present blur and a twenty-first century...

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Lilli de Jong by Janet Benton

Lilli de Jong

Janet Benton

"In 1883 Philadelphia, Quaker schoolteacher Lilli de Jong finds herself faced with a seemingly impossible task: how can she keep her infant daughter after being cast out by her family, abandoned by her fiancé, and rejected by society? After the unexp...

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The boy who biked the world, Part three, Riding home through Asia by Alastair Humphreys

The boy who biked the world, Part three, Riding home through Asia

Alastair Humphreys

Tom is a boy from England who dreams of being an adventurer. Everyone tells him he's crazy, so he decides to prove them wrong by going around the world on his bike! The first book of Tom's adventures follows him across Europe and from the top to the bottom...

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Code Lupin by Michel Bussi

Code Lupin

Michel Bussi

Un roman qui invite à se replonger dans les aventures d'Arsène Lupin et vous entraine avec lui sur les chemins de Normandie, familiers et mystérieux.L'aiguille creuse d'Etretat, les tours blanches de l'abbaye de Jumièges, le vieux phare de Tancarville,...

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"Flashpoint has changed the DC Universe, and nothing is as it was before. Now Batman is Thomas Wayne, driven by the death of his son Bruce to punish criminals-- and in pursuit of a Joker whose twisted crimes will bring him to the brink of madness himself!...

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Shylock is my name by Howard Jacobson

Shylock is my name

Howard Jacobson

Man Booker Prize-winner Howard Jacobson brings his singular brilliance to this modern re-imagining of one of Shakespeare's most unforgettable characters: Shylock Winter, a cemetery, Shylock. In this provocative and profound interpretation of "The Merchant...

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Christmas at Evergreen Inn by Donna Alward

Christmas at Evergreen Inn

Donna Alward

When a December Nor'easter roars up the eastern seaboard, Jewell Cove cop Todd Ricker spends his day off being a Good Samaritan to stranded holiday travelers. But when the roads close and Todd can't make his way home, he discovers that the Evergreen Inn...

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Ghost fleet by P. W. (Peter Warren) Singer

Ghost fleet

P. W. (Peter Warren) Singer

"What will the next global conflict look like? Find out in this ripping, near-futuristic thriller. The United States, China, and Russia eye each other across a twenty-first century version of the Cold War, which suddenly heats up at sea, on land, in the...

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Heller's regret by J. D. Nixon

Heller's regret

J. D. Nixon

There's not much ordinary about Tilly Chalmers' life as a security officer. Her latest assignments--two jobs involving children; protection of a valuable jewellery collection; and security at an unusual conference--provide plenty of adventures for her....

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Secrets of the night by Jo Beverley

Secrets of the night

Jo Beverley

Young Rosamunde Overton is forced into a daring deceit when her elderly husband cannot sire an heir. So when she flees a masquerade and happens upon an injured nobleman, Rosamunde might just have the answer to her prayers. Lord Brand Malloren is far above...

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Carolina blues by Virginia Kantra

Carolina blues

Virginia Kantra

Jack Rossi is Dare Island's new police chief. The laid-back North Carolina community is just what he needs to recover from a rocky marriage and a big-city police department. He's learned his lesson: no more high-profile women or high-pressure jobs. The...

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My haunted blender's gay love affair, and other twisted tales

My haunted blender's gay love affair, and other twisted tales

Die Laughing. A collection of not-so-chilling tales of love and laughter from three of the genre's masters of pulp. In The Bone Orchard by Abigail Roux, Pinkerton investigator Ezra Johns and US Marshal Ambrose Shaw have a lot to learn about life — and...

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Warrior beautiful by Wendy Knight

Warrior beautiful

Wendy Knight

Scout is used to pain. Her body has been broken, her heart has been broken, and the only thing keeping her together is her relationship with her younger sister. Lil Bit believes in unicorns and terrifying monsters she calls soul stealers. But unicorns...

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Carolina man by Virginia Kantra

Carolina man

Virginia Kantra

Marine Luke Fletcher is determined to do his duty to his country and to his daughter, the product of a high school romance, but things get complicated when he falls for small-town lawyer Kate Dolan.

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Cathedral windows by Clare O'Donohue

Cathedral windows

Clare O'Donohue

More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

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Streak of lightning by Clare O'Donohue

Streak of lightning

Clare O'Donohue

Nell and Jesse are taking time off from work. They've bought their tickets and made reservations. Nothing can stop them from enjoying a romantic weekend in New York City'except a murder. When Joe, the ill-tempered owner of Archer's Rest's only pizzeria,...

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The double wedding ring by Clare O'Donohue

The double wedding ring

Clare O'Donohue

It?s murder before marriage in book five of the -- The Double Wedding Ring.

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Carolina home by Virginia Kantra

Carolina home

Virginia Kantra

"Home to the Fletcher family for generations, Dare Island is a fishing village rocked by changing times-its traditions slipping away like sands of the North Carolina coast. Single dad and fishing boat captain Matt Fletcher deferred his own dreams to ...

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Stand on zanzibar by Bruce Sterling

Stand on zanzibar

Bruce Sterling

Norman Niblock House is a rising executive at General Technics, one of a few all-powerful corporations. His work is leading General Technics to the forefront of global domination, both in the marketplace and politically--it's about to take over a country...

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Carolina girl by Virginia Kantra

Carolina girl

Virginia Kantra

Meg Fletcher will do anything to escape Dare Island--and her past--but past flame Sam Grady won't let her go so easily.

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The sheep look up by John Brunner

The sheep look up

John Brunner

With the rise of a corporation-sponsored government, pollution in big cities has reached extreme levels and most (if not all) people's health has been affected in some way. Now rioting and civil unrest sweep the United States, due to a combination of...

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A most unsuitable man by Jo Beverley

A most unsuitable man

Jo Beverley

After inheriting a huge fortune, Damaris Myddleton decides to buy herself an eligible man with a title, but mystery, peril, passion, and a penniless adventurer named Mr. Fitzroger stand in the way of her plans.

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Jane Austen made me do it

Jane Austen made me do it

"Stories by: Lauren Willig, Adriana Trigiani, Jo Beverley, Alexandra Potter, Laurie Viera Rigler, Frank Delaney & Diane Meier, Syrie James, Stephanie Barron, Amanda Grange, Pamela Aidan, Elizabeth Aston, Carrie Bebris, Diana Birchall, Monica Fairview,...

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Winter fire by Jo Beverley

Winter fire

Jo Beverley

Genova Smith, trapped in a seemingly compromising position with the Marquess of Ashart who she has been trying to convince to accept responsibility for an abandoned infant she believes he fathered, agrees to a pretend betrothal, not realizing she has...

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Never trust a rogue by Olivia Drake

Never trust a rogue

Olivia Drake

The wealthiest heiress of the season, Miss Lindsey Crompton finds detective work far more fascinating than social engagements--at least until she meets Thane Parker, the Earl of Mansfield. Thane is a paradox: a war hero and a cad, a wicked scoundrel and...

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Dragon squeeze by Eve Langlais

Dragon squeeze

Eve Langlais

Adi thinks there are plenty of things that are awesome, such as gravy and cheese on fries, motorcycles that growl, oh, and the fact that she is a wicked dragon with a freakishly cool power. But do you know what's more awesome than all that? A certain...

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Aurora by Kim Stanley. Robinson


Kim Stanley. Robinson

Hundertsechzig Jahre Einsamkeit Es ist das gewaltigste Unterfangen, dem sich die Menschheit seit Beginn der bemannten Raumfahrt je gegenübersah: die Besiedelung eines neuen Sonnensystems. Ein Raumschiff mit Kolonisten machte sich einst auf den Weg zu...

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No getting over you by Cerise DeLand

No getting over you

Cerise DeLand

Viv LaClare is so over being the matron...the widow. She wants to live again, laugh, maybe even dabble in a little affair...if she can find the right guy. Enter the studly Navy SEAL designated to drive her around town on wedding errands. She's hot for...

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S is for stranger by Louise Stone

S is for stranger

Louise Stone

There are two sides to every story. But only one is true. Sophie wished she'd paid more attention when her little daughter, Amy, caught sight of a stranger watching them. She only looked away for a second. But now Amy's gone. No one trusts an alcoholic....

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Sweet ride by Cathryn Fox

Sweet ride

Cathryn Fox

Private investigator Curtis Jagger has always had a thing for Alix Harris. She was the darling of their high school--gorgeous, popular, class president...and, he suspects, just as naughty as she is nice. Now Jag has the opportunity to show her what s...

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Off the hook by Chloe (Fiction writer) Walsh

Off the hook

Chloe (Fiction writer) Walsh

Nate and Andi return in Off the Hook, the latest instalment in the successful Faking it Series from Chloe Walsh.Note: release date subject to change***Contains explicit content***

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The sexy one by Lauren Blakely

The sexy one

Lauren Blakely

From the #1 NYT Bestselling author of FULL PACKAGE and BIG ROCK, comes a sexy new standalone romance... Let me count the ways why falling into forbidden love is not my wisest move... 1. She works with me every single day. Did I mention she's gorgeous,...

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Finding Leigh by Amy J. Hawthorn

Finding Leigh

Amy J. Hawthorn

A ghost emerges from Rick's past, kidnapping the woman he loves and the leader of Dark Horse Inc. will stop at nothing to get her back.Leigh Ann MacDonald values love and loyalty above all else. When Rick denies their attraction, he deals a callous blow...

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Well hung by Lauren Blakely

Well hung

Lauren Blakely

From #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Lauren Blakely comes a HOT new standalone romance... Here's what you need to know about me--I'm well-off, well-hung and quick with a joke. Women like a guy who makes them laugh. Even better if he's loyal and....

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Beyond duty by Stanalei Fletcher

Beyond duty

Stanalei Fletcher

Northstar Security agent, Riley O'Neal, balks at posing as anyone's husband for an assignment. Nevertheless, to rescue the kidnapped wife of a U.S. Senator, he'll perform his duty and do his best to resist the charms of the very woman who deceived him...

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Board approved by Jessica Jayne

Board approved

Jessica Jayne

After his divorce, Greg Snow dedicated his life to his work as a corporate attorney in a large law firm and to his membership on the board of directors at Advantage Insurance Company. He liked it that way... at least that's what he thought until Tessa...

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Best intentions by Joseph T. Klempner

Best intentions

Joseph T. Klempner

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His Father's Son by Tony Black

His Father's Son

Tony Black

Australia is the Lucky Country, and Joey Driscol knows it. It's a far cry from his native Ireland, but he believes this is the place he and his wife Shauna can make a new life and forget the troubles of the past. For a time, they do just that, and soon...

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North American Lake Monsters by Nathan Ballingrud

North American Lake Monsters

Nathan Ballingrud

""Nathan Ballingrud is one of my favorite short fiction writers.""?Jeff VanderMeer ""Nathan Ballingrud's 'The Way Station' is another story of the sort I've come to expect from him: emotionally intense, riveting, and deeply upsetting in many ways. It...

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Drenched by Janine Ashbless


Janine Ashbless

Drenched is a collection of five wet and wild erotic short stories, each taking place in and around water.

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Ultimate Storm by Richard Castle

Ultimate Storm

Richard Castle

A New York real estate tycoon plunges to his death on a Manhattan sidewalk. A trophy wife survives a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls trot out their alibis. And then, in the suffocating grip of a record heat wave, comes another murder. Mystery sens...

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Perfectly matched by Heather S. Webber

Perfectly matched

Heather S. Webber

When Boston psychic Lucy Valentine finds herself involved with a group of eccentric mediums trying to fine tune their abilities, she is convinced a rare spring heat wave has flushed all the local crazies out of hiding. Adding to her theory is her newest...

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Die Unsichtbaren by Roy Jacobsen

Die Unsichtbaren

Roy Jacobsen

"Ein geheimnisvolles Meisterwerk! Norwegen, erste Hälfte des 20. Jahrhunderts: eine abgelegene Insel hoch oben im Norden an der zerklüfteten Küste. Für Hans und Maria Barroy ist sie das Paradies auf Erden. Sie leben mit ihrer kleinen Familie von dem,...

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Am rande der gefahr by Cherry Adair

Am rande der gefahr

Cherry Adair

As a secret invention is stolen from a lab, top agent Gabriel Edge is the right man. For the investigation, he is provided with a fancy beautiful scientist Dr. Eden Cahill at his side, but she does not trust him an inch. And Gabriel afraid of their.....

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RaeAnne Thayne Hope's crossings series. Volume one by RaeAnne Thayne

RaeAnne Thayne Hope's crossings series. Volume one

RaeAnne Thayne

In Blackberry Summer, Claire Bradford leads a predictable life in Hope's Crossing, Colorado. So what if she has no time for romance? At least, that's what she tells herself, especially when her best friend's sexy younger brother comes back to town as...

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Lola's secret by Monica McInerney

Lola's secret

Monica McInerney

A-- The -- -- The Courier-Mail "Exploring universal family issues of loss, rivalry, aging and grief, (Lola's Secret Look for special features inside. Join the Circle for author chats and more.

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Luxe glamour by Maggie Marr

Luxe glamour

Maggie Marr

A former star who turned his back on fame... Trick Williams understands celebrity. He was a Broadway star by age 10, had his own hit TV show by age 12, a platinum record by 16, and multiple movies well into his 20s. A superstar with everything until he...

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You can see me by A. E. Via

You can see me

A. E. Via

Renowned Chef Prescott Vaughan was at the height of his career when a car accident leaves him completely blind. His fiancée leaves him in a state of desperation and depression. Prescott pines for love and happens to find it in his neighbor; male neighbor...

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The keepers by Rae Rivers

The keepers

Rae Rivers

Declan Bennett has zero tolerance for thieves. He and his brothers, the Keepers, are fiercely protective of their witch, Sienna, and their privacy. So when Kate Carrigan breaks into their estate, he'll be damned if he lets the little wildcat get away...

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Eternal embrace by Billi Jean

Eternal embrace

Billi Jean

When a sheltered young woman meets the one guy in this world she'd never dreamed existed, she might not be ready for the changes he brings, but she's more than ready to be in his eternal embrace. When an ancient vampire starts stalking a woman over.....

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A prideless man by Amber Kell

A prideless man

Amber Kell

Sometimes people aren''t quite what they seem. James Everett moved to a shifter town to escape his shifter-hating father. Little did he expect to catch the eye of the town''s sheriff. Louis Arktos can''t resist the new human. Something about the other...

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Sorcha's wolf by Billi Jean

Sorcha's wolf

Billi Jean

When Alex learns that he can gain his vengeance after centuries of waiting, he does not hesitate to do what must be done: Kidnap the head of the Jade Coven. Will Alex break the bonds he has imposed on his wolf in order to win his witch's heart? Or, will...

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Forbidden fire by Jan Irving

Forbidden fire

Jan Irving

Sian Blaine grew up as firefighter Luke Cade's caring older stepsister-it is forbidden to want his body covering hers-but when Luke takes her against the wall of the house they share, she can't turn away from this persistent younger man. Coffee shop owner...

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Killer physique by G. A. McKevett

Killer physique

G. A. McKevett

Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid gets a taste of the high life when she attends a Hollywood premiere on the arm of husband Dirk Coulter. Savannah may be a newlywed, but even she gets weak in the knees when she meets celebrity athlete-turned-movie-star J...

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A talent for sin by Lavinia Kent

A talent for sin

Lavinia Kent

She was blessed with a gift of temptation. Violet, Lady Carrington, possesses everything a spirited woman could want out of life. Money (and lots of it). The freedom to make her own choices, with no husband to rule her. And a delightfully attentive y...

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The company of shadows by Lisa Olsen

The company of shadows

Lisa Olsen

Cady Garrett can't help but be shaken when next door neighbor, Ethan, shows up in the nick of time to save her from a ruthless killer, spouting mumbo jumbo. Even more disturbed when the killer slits his own throat to escape Ethan after a vicious stru...

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Pillowtalk by Cassie Mae


Cassie Mae

In a feel-good romance that will steal your heart, a charming small town brings together two people who could each use a fresh start--and it's all thanks to a little pillowtalk. Kennedy Walters used to be lucky in love--until tragedy struck. Now she's...

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Am Rande der Angst by Cherry Adair

Am Rande der Angst

Cherry Adair

He would rewrite the past to save the woman he loves ... The fearless Caleb Edge is one of three brothers assigned to the top-secret paranormal unit of an elite counterterrorism group. As a prized T-FLAC agent, Caleb uses his special mystical gifts to...

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Am Rande der Dunkelheit by Cherry Adair

Am Rande der Dunkelheit

Cherry Adair

In the suspenseful climax of a trilogy that began with Edge of Danger and Edge of Fear, T-FLAC agent Duncan Edge must use all the paranormal talents he possesses to stop a lethal terrorist conspiracy, a mission complicated by his childhood nemesis Se...

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Atonement by Ian McEwan


Ian McEwan

Atonement: on the hottest day of the summer of 1935, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her older sister Cecilia strip off her clothes and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their country house. Watching Cecilia is their housekeeper's son Ro...

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Simply wicked by Kate Pearce

Simply wicked

Kate Pearce

When Anthony Sokorvsky falls into trouble with his recklessness, his is forces to find a wife. When Marguerite comes into his life, he realizes he can have a wife and his pleasure, but will she agree?

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