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Sam(ira)'s worst (best) summer by Nina Hamza

Sam(ira)'s worst (best) summer

Nina Hamza

Samira knows this is going to be the worst summer ever. Her best friend, Kiera, ditched her for the cool girls. Her parents and older sister are taking a trip to India, so Sammy is staring down endless weeks spent with Imran, her little brother, and her Umma....

Brave baby hummingbird by Sy Montgomery

Brave baby hummingbird

Sy Montgomery

"The story of a hummingbird's early life and how they make their way into the world"

I want to be a scientist by Laura Driscoll

I want to be a scientist

Laura Driscoll

For the child who says, "I want to be a SCIENTIST when I grow up!" And for any child who wants a gentle behind-the-scenes look at being a scientist. This Level One Community Helper story takes readers on a research boat to the North Pole, where they learn all...

Ant story by Jay (Jay S.) Hosler

Ant story

Jay (Jay S.) Hosler

Meet Rubi, a tiny ant with a big personality and an even bigger love for stories. Who knew the small world of her colony could be full of unexpected friendships, epic adventures, and death-defying escapes?

Ursula upside down by Corey R. Tabor

Ursula upside down

Corey R. Tabor

"Ursula is a happy catfish, swimming through a shimmering river with weeds waving above and a sky full of scrumptious bugs below. Then one question turns her world upside down. Is left right? Is right wrong? Which way even is up?"--Provided by publisher.

No cats in the lLibrary by Lauren Emmons

No cats in the lLibrary

Lauren Emmons

Clarisse, a street cat who loves books, finds a new home in the library as a read-aloud cat.

Drawing Deena by Hena Khan

Drawing Deena

Hena Khan

When aspiring artist Deena's anxiety reaches a breaking point, both she and her mother learn the importance of asking for help, and that, with the right support, she can create something truly beautiful.

Queen by Karen (Karen A.) Lynch


Karen (Karen A.) Lynch

Jesse recovered the missing ke'tain to keep her parents safe, but it came at a high price. In the weeks after her brush with death, she struggles to adapt to her new life, while burdened with the terrible secret she learned about her brother Caleb. On her...

Knight by Karen (Karen A.) Lynch


Karen (Karen A.) Lynch

18-year-old Jesse risked everything to bring her mother and father home, but her life is far from back to normal. With her parents' memories of their abduction gone, Jesse is no closer to finding answers, and the threat still looms over her family. When the...

Barracoon by Zora Neale Hurston


Zora Neale Hurston

In the first middle grade offering from Zora Neale Hurston and Ibram X. Kendi, young readers are introduced to the remarkable and true-life story of Cudjo Lewis, one of the last survivors of the Atlantic human trade, in an adaptation of the internationally...

Tree. Table. Book. by Lois Lowry

Tree. Table. Book.

Lois Lowry

Eleven-year-old Sophia endeavors to prevent her increasingly forgetful eighty-eight-year-old neighbor and best friend Sophie from entering assisted living, and in the process, uncovers unexpected stories of war, loss, and hope.

Dalmartian by Lucy Ruth Cummins


Lucy Ruth Cummins

An unlikely friendship develops when Stephen takes in an abandoned alien as his guest.

Gooseberry by Robin Gow


Robin Gow

Twelve-year-old nonbinary B forms a connection with an anxious stray dog, Gooseberry, prompting them to pursue their dream of becoming a dog trainer while navigating the complexities of trust and building a family in their newest foster home.

Clairboyance by Kristina Kahakauwila


Kristina Kahakauwila

"When she attains the ability to hear what boys are thinking, Clara hopes her newfound powers will reverse her ex-best friend's betrayal but ends up making a mess of everything and must fix her mistakes as she tries to figure out old friendships and new...

Road home by Rex Ogle

Road home

Rex Ogle

"This final, essential chapter in Rex Ogle's memoir trilogy recounts being forced from his home and living on the streets after his father discovered he was gay. When Rex was outed the summer after he graduated high school, his father gave him a choice: he...

Blame my virgo moon by Freja Nicole Woolf

Blame my virgo moon

Freja Nicole Woolf

Hilarious follow up to Never Trust a Gemini featuring Cat Phillips, astrology aficionado and chaotic teen lesbian, as she struggles to balance romance, friendship and a star turn onstage. Life should be Gucci gooseberry gorgeous for loved-up Cat. And it is ......

This by Lazaros Zigomanis


Lazaros Zigomanis

Supernova by Logan Macx


Logan Macx

Swift and Hawk are on the run in the third mission in the unputdownable high-tech, high-adventure spy series for fans of Alex Rider and Young Bond.An epic chase. An unstoppable enemy. On a breakneck mission to rescue their AI from evil organization Razor, teen...

What would Wednesday do? by Iphigenia Jones

What would Wednesday do?

Iphigenia Jones

Step into the eerie world of Wednesday with this book filled with unofficial advice and cryptic counsel for navigating the peculiarities of everyday existence. Written by a Wednesday expert and in an appropriately sinister style, this captivating and...

We who are forged in fire by Kate Murray

We who are forged in fire

Kate Murray

" An electrifying urban fantasy about a family of women warriors, and a girl who will risk everything to save them"--publisher.

How to become a successfull straight A student by Otobong Edet

How to become a successfull straight A student

Otobong Edet

Students in the University and College think and believe that A's can only be achieved only through stressful all-night reading at the library and forceful cramming. Edet is aware of the fact that students who score 'A' don't really study hard but instead they...

The queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake

The queens of Fennbirn

Kendare Blake

Together in one package for the first time, the dazzling prequels to the Three Dark Crowns series are finally available for fans. Uncover the sisters' origins, dive deep into the catastrophic reign of the Oracle Queen, and reveal layers of Fennbirn's past,...

Allegiance, the wild Kaimanawa by Kelly Wilson

Allegiance, the wild Kaimanawa

Kelly Wilson

Nina's and Lily's wild horse adventures take off at a gallop when they get the opportunity of a lifetime to help Kelly Wilson save five wild stallions from slaughter. All of a sudden, Nina is in charge of training a mature stallion called Allegiance, a huge...

Skip beat!. 44 by Yoshiki Nakamura

Skip beat!. 44

Yoshiki Nakamura

Kyoko thought she'd be able to relax now that she's secured the role of Momiji, but various romantic misunderstandings are making her life more stressful than ever. How can she focus on being an amazing actress when a photo of Ren kissing a famous actress just...

Fluffy & Freckles by Ellen Miles

Fluffy & Freckles

Ellen Miles

"Charles and Lizzie Peterson love puppies. Their family fosters these young dogs, giving them love and proper care, until they can find the perfect forever home. Charles is so excited for his spring break trip to his dad's friend Steve's cozy cabin in Vermont....

Skip Beat!. 41 by Yoshiki Nakamura

Skip Beat!. 41

Yoshiki Nakamura

Kyoko has trained hard to be the perfect ninja, and now the day of the Momiji audition has dawned. But the producer in charge of the acting test kicks Kyoko out for having hair unbecoming of a ninja, without even letting her perform! Kyoko's temporary manager...

Always Anthony by Terri Libenson

Always Anthony

Terri Libenson

The eighth book in the New York Times bestselling Emmie & Friends series, told from the alternating POVs of popular Anthony and timid Leah as they grapple with a bullying incident at school. Friends. Bullies. MIDDLE SCHOOL Anthony is TPFW (Too Popular For...

Best friends forever by P. J. Night

Best friends forever

P. J. Night

The bestselling You're Invited to a Creepover middle grade series comes to graphic novels with this sixth book about a girl whose new friend may be more sinister than she appears.Katie Lee is majorly bummed when her BFF moves away. But her hopes soar when the...

Skip-beat! 45 by Yoshiki Nakamura

Skip-beat! 45

Yoshiki Nakamura

"Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence-she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!... The news that...

One cool duck. 3, Summer games by Mike Petrik

One cool duck. 3, Summer games

Mike Petrik

Duck and the gang have built the FAR OUT FORT and now they are playing a mega game of Capture the Flag--in the third installment of this "cool" graphic chapter book series, perfect for fans of Dog Man.Duck and the gang are joined by Rhino, Turtle, Frog and the...

Mrs. Marge is in charge! by Dan Gutman

Mrs. Marge is in charge!

Dan Gutman

With more than 34 million books sold, the My Weird School series really gets kids reading! In this fifth book of the My Weirdtastic School arc, A.J. and his friends finally get a chance to join after-school clubs--but these are extra-weird...

Simone by Viet Thanh Nguyen


Viet Thanh Nguyen

From Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen and illustrator Minnie Phan comes an unforgettable story of a Vietnamese American girl whose life is transformed by a wildfire.When Simone is awakened by her mom as a wildfire threatens their home, it is the...

The eXpets. Book 1 by Mark Tatulli

The eXpets. Book 1

Mark Tatulli

"This is a story of a pet dog named Bosco who discovers he has special skills and is asked to join the eXpets and saved the world's kittens from an evil mastermind"--

Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann


Victoria Kann

Cute, colorful, and very lively kittens star in this Level One Pinkalicious I Can Read. Pinkalicious and Peter get a big surprise when their foster cat has kittens! Caring for six rambunctious kittens is a huge challenge. Will Pinkalicious and Peter be able to...

Out of left field by Jonah Newman

Out of left field

Jonah Newman

"Ninth-grader Jonah is not a jock. On the contrary, he loves history class and nerdy movies, and his athletic ineptitude verges on tragic. So, what's he doing signing up for the baseball team? Could it have something to do with the cute shortstop, Elliot?"--

The puzzling pearls by Lisa Siberry

The puzzling pearls

Lisa Siberry

A dazzling, whip-smart mystery series about two very different girls and a whole heap of danger ... Hannah Plum loves fashion, fun, and junk food. Patti Woo is obsessed with detective novels, lives in leggings, and is definitely not Hannah's friend. But the...

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 24 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 24

Yoshihiro Togashi

While the King is preoccupied with playing Gungi, Gon and the other Hunters sneak closer to their target. They get a lucky break when an unforeseen accident results in the deactivation of Nerferpitou's En, making the defenses surrounding the castle temporarily...

Charlie's balloons by Sarah Degonse

Charlie's balloons

Sarah Degonse

"Hi! I'm Charlie. In my mind and in my body, all my emotions fight to take up as much space as they can. I like to picture my feelings as balloons. Sometimes they're so light they float away. Other times, they're so heavy it's like they're filled with water......

Love letters for joy by Melissa. author. See

Love letters for joy

Melissa. author. See

Less than a year away from graduation, seventeen-year-old Joy is too busy overachieving to be worried about relationships. She's determined to be Caldwell Prep's first disabled valedictorian. And she only has one person to beat, her academic rival Nathaniel....

Addie Ant goes on an adventure by Maren Morris

Addie Ant goes on an adventure

Maren Morris

"Addie Ant travels from one garden bed to another on her first solo adventure. As she forges her own path, she gets lost along the way and finds help from her trusted garden pals, Lewis Ladybug, Beatrix Butterfly, and Cleo Cricket, in finding her way back...

The brilliant ideas of Lily Green by Lisa Siberry

The brilliant ideas of Lily Green

Lisa Siberry

Twelve-year-old Lily Green's life is falling apart. Her best friend, Violet, is more interested in the latest shade of lip gloss than hanging out. Her enemy, Zoe, is determined to beat Lily in the school science competition - and win Violet's friendship, too....

The girl who figured it out by Minda Dentler

The girl who figured it out

Minda Dentler

"The uplifting true story of Minda Dentler, the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the Ironman World Championship triathlon. Minda Dentler made history when she became the first female wheelchair athlete to complete the world's toughest triathlon,...

The scapegracers by H. A. Clarke

The scapegracers

H. A. Clarke

An outcast teenage lesbian witch finds her coven hidden amongst the popular girls in her school, and performs some seriously badass magic in the process. Skulking near the bottom of West High's social pyramid, Sideways Pike lurks under the bleachers doing...

Ottilie Colter and the master of monsters by Rhiannon Williams

Ottilie Colter and the master of monsters

Rhiannon Williams

"Ottilie Colter and her brother, Gully, have always fended for themselves. So when Gully goes missing one night, Ottilie sets out to find him - and soon makes a horrible discovery. Gully has been forcibly recruited bythe Narroway Hunt, a secretive male-only...

If you run out of words by Felicita Sala

If you run out of words

Felicita Sala

As a young girl seeks reassurances to more elaborate what-ifs, her father's reassurances paint a picture of infinite care, showing her there is no limit to the love he has for her.

That self-same metal by Brittany N. WIlliams

That self-same metal

Brittany N. WIlliams

Ferris by Kate DiCamillo


Kate DiCamillo

It's the summer before fifth grade, and for Ferris Wilkey, it is a summer of sheer pandemonium. Her little sister, Pinky, has vowed to become an outlaw. Uncle Ted has left Aunt Shirley and, to Ferris's mother's chagrin, is holed up in the Wilkey basement to...

We care by Megan Madison

We care

Megan Madison

"Developed by experts in the fields of early childhood and activism, this topic-driven book offers clear, concrete language and compelling imagery to introduce the concept of justice. This book aims to ground the idea of justice within the responsibilities and...

As the sparrow flies by Chad Corrie

As the sparrow flies

Chad Corrie

"A young girl and boy on opposite sides of a war find themselves traveling and surviving together as the world falls apart around them"--

 by Maia Kobabe

Maia Kobabe

The vanishing station by Ana Ellickson

The vanishing station

Ana Ellickson

Eighteen-year-old Ruby Santos, grappling with her mother's death and financial struggles, discovers her father's secret life as a magical underworld delivery person, leading her to take over his station and jump train lines, only to realize the perilous nature...

Lily Xiao speaks out by Nicole Chen

Lily Xiao speaks out

Nicole Chen

Lily Xiao can't wait to go to Camp Rock Out this summer, where she'll finally be able to shed her "class robot" good girl reputation and start her journey to becoming the next Eddie Vedder! And she can't wait to do it with her best friend and cousin, Vivian,...

Amazing immortals by Dinah (Dinah J.) Williams

Amazing immortals

Dinah (Dinah J.) Williams

Profiles for over eighty gods and goddesses from over thirty pantheons from all over the world, illustrated by artists from those cultures. Filled with family drama, heroic deeds, impossible feats, battles and magic, stories have been used to address life's...

A Sundae with everything on it

A Sundae with everything on it

-- Green Eggs and Ham ELEMENT OF CHAOS: For anyone who loves books that celebrate the absurd and chaotic, like -- A Pizza with Everything on It Perfect for:Anyone who loves ice creamParents, caregivers, educators, and librariansReaders looking for wholesome...

Pillow talk by Stephanie Cooke

Pillow talk

Stephanie Cooke

When college freshman Grace Mendes reluctantly attends her first pillow fight match, she falls in love with the surprisingly gritty sport. Despite her usually shy, introverted, and reserved nature, Grace decides to try out for the Pillow Fight Federation...

Nat the Cat has a snack by Jarrett Lerner

Nat the Cat has a snack

Jarrett Lerner

Nat that Cat has a snack. Pat the Rat wants a snack. Nat the Cat can share, right? Nat the Cat does not want to share!

The light that blinds us by Andy Darcy Theo

The light that blinds us

Andy Darcy Theo

When consumed by shadow, even the faintest light can be blinding... After a childhood haunted by disturbing hallucinations of the Shadow Man, Alexis Michaels's only comfort is the blue amulet he's had since before he can remember. Now, the visions have gone,...

The summer love strategy by Ray Stoeve

The summer love strategy

Ray Stoeve

Hayley always has a crush. The problem is, her crushes never like her back. After her latest unrequited love—a girl from her basketball team—gets a boyfriend, she decides she's done falling for girls who are unavailable. Her best friend, Talia,...

Fortune tellers by Lisa Greenwald

Fortune tellers

Lisa Greenwald

When the long-ago fortune tellers they created in third grade start popping up in the most unexpected places during the summer before seventh grade, three former best friends -- Millie, Nora and Bea -- see this as a sign to finally reconnect and reunite.

Zombie train by David Macinnis Gill

Zombie train

David Macinnis Gill

While twelve-year-old Wyatt rides out the zombie apocalypse on his crew's cobbled together train, a mysterious girl arrives with stories of a potential cure for the zombie parasite.

Queerceañera by Alex Crespo


Alex Crespo

This irresistible and hilarious rom-com from acclaimed author Alex Crespo is a whirlwind of telenovela-level drama and hijinks when Joaquin Zoido finds himself fake-dating his childhood crush and newly minted date to his queerceañera.Joaquin Zoido is out and...

The witch get witcher by Andres Miedoso

The witch get witcher

Andres Miedoso

Convinced their principle is a witch, Andres and Desmond's next step is to find out if she is a good one or a bad one.

The undying of Obedience Wellrest by Nicholas Bowling

The undying of Obedience Wellrest

Nicholas Bowling

Ned works as a gravekeeper with his grandfather. Ned's odd life is disrupted when graves are disturbed and an attractive young woman, Obedience Wellrest (Bede), starts visiting the cemetery. A mystery of science and magic unravels—and no-one is quite as...

Big break! by Ash Barty

Big break!

Ash Barty

Australian tennis superstar Ash Barty teams up with Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin to bring young readers this fun and exciting new illustrated series about school, sport, friendship and family. Ash can't WAIT for family beach day. All the cousins play...

Into the mouth of the wolf by Erin Gough

Into the mouth of the wolf

Erin Gough

Iris lives on the run with her mother, Rohan. They're travelling to escape the earthquakes, though of course that's impossible. And they're being followed. One day, Rohan insists Iris repeat the phrase in bocca al lupo: into the mouth of the wolf. The next...

Cora seen and heard by Zanni Louise

Cora seen and heard

Zanni Louise

Being the new kid is hard enough, without your secret thoughts being put on display for all to see. Shy, library-lurking Cora Lane moves to a small town, where her parents have bought an old theatre to renovate. After discovering the secret letters of a famous...

The unexpected mess of it all by Gabrielle Tozer

The unexpected mess of it all

Gabrielle Tozer

A very funny and fraught 'enemies-to-will-they-won't-they' romance between family friends Jamila and Billy. Jamila Dakhoul wants to escape her life. Forget everything. Forget that her only friends are strangers on the internet. Forget that she's stuck in a...

Sound the gong by Joan He

Sound the gong

Joan He

All her life, Zephyr has tried to rise above her humble origins as a no-name orphan. Now she is a god in a warrior's body, and she has never felt more powerless. Her lordess, Xin Ren, holds the Westlands, but her position is tenuous. In the north, the empress...

Talent quest by Anh Do

Talent quest

Anh Do

The talent quest is coming to town and JJ the Genius Pup will need all his smarts to take home first prize! The fourth adventure in the PAWSOME Smarty Pup series from mega-bestselling author Anh Do.

The apprentice witnesser by Bren MacDibble

The apprentice witnesser

Bren MacDibble

Bastienne Scull is nearly twelve years old and lives a simple life as an apprentice to the Witnesser of Miracles in a small village mostly populated by women and girls. Basti knows that miracle-hunting is a lot like mystery-solving, and her little world is...

Trompie Omnibus 4 by Topsy Smith

Trompie Omnibus 4

Topsy Smith

In hierdie omnibus, wat nóg drie gewilde Trompie-stories bevat, word die sproetgesig Grootkaptein en die Boksombende se avonture voortgesit! Trompie samel geld in vir 'n bedlêende seun, Trompie word verkies as junior leerderraadslid en die rugbyseisoen begin -...

An emerald sky by Aneesa Marufu

An emerald sky

Aneesa Marufu

Khadija's sister, Talia, has been kidnapped and stolen into the magical realm of Al-Ghaib. Khadija embarks on a quest to rescue her. But Al-Ghaib, where the sky is emerald green, is a place of trickery: she will have to have all her wits about her if she's to...

Sleepover surprise! by Ash Barty

Sleepover surprise!

Ash Barty

Australian tennis superstar Ash Barty teams up with Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin to bring young readers this fun and exciting new illustrated series about school, sport, friendship and family. It's time for a SLEEPOVER! Ash is so excited to watch a movie...

The Truck Cat by Deborah Frenkel

The Truck Cat

Deborah Frenkel

The Truck Cat is a story about cats and humans, immigration and identity, and homes lost and found. Along with his human, Yacoub, Tinka travels roads wide and narrow, near and distant. But no matter how much they travel, home feels very far away; for both of...

Life on us by Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof) Flannery

Life on us

Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof) Flannery

Life On Us is a first-of-its-kind exploration of everything that lives ON and IN us, but is NOT us, from one of the world's greatest living explorers and scientists! Welcome to the fascinating world of Life On Us! Our bodies are home to tens of thousands of...

Hello Twigs. Puddle party by Andrew McDonald

Hello Twigs. Puddle party

Andrew McDonald

For kids who love Narwhal and Jelly comes this joyous early graphic novel series about four twigs and their adventures in nature. The world is big when you're a twig!

Hello Twigs. Look who's grumpy by Andrew McDonald

Hello Twigs. Look who's grumpy

Andrew McDonald

For kids who love Narwhal and Jelly comes this joyous early graphic novel series about four twigs and their adventures in nature. The world is big when you're a twig!

Unicorn crush by Dana Simpson

Unicorn crush

Dana Simpson

"Nine-year-old Phoebe Howell and her magical unicorn friend, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, explore the complexities of popularity, friendship, and crushes. Phoebe finds herself in the awkward position of taking on her friend Max in a debate contest and also...

Kaiju no. 8. 9 by 松本直也

Kaiju no. 8. 9


With the looming threat of a cataclysm induced by No. 9, the next generation of the Defense Force takes steps to prepare. Reno undergoes training and becomes the first compatible user of No. 6 in history. Kafka sharpens his skills by learning squadron-style...

Dead happy by Josh Silver

Dead happy

Josh Silver

By some miracle, Seb has survived the HappyHead programme, only to find himself stranded on a remote island under the guidance of a freakishly beautiful couple. Far from home, Seb reluctantly teams up with Eleanor again and the pair are forced to compete in a...

Kaiju no. 8. 5 by 松本直也

Kaiju no. 8. 5


The Defense Force has taken Kafka into custody and has plans to dispose of him. Kafka attempts to plead his case with Director General Shinomiya, wielder of the mighty Kaiju No. 2's power and the person lauded as the strongest in Defense Force history. But...

The Sky King by Polly Holyoke

The Sky King

Polly Holyoke

"In this soaring adventure for fans of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief and Wings of Fire, a new kind of monster launches an attack on the empire of Prekalt. Who can Kiesandra and her skysteed turn to for help in this life-and-death battle? Fresh from their...

Thorne by Charlotte McConaghy


Charlotte McConaghy

Thorne is a story of courage, sacrifice and forbidden love. Lovers in Kaya have always died together, bonded in death as in life. But rumours of a cure are rife. A team of young Kayans will be sent on a quest to find the answer - for the very nature of love is...

Kaiju No. 8. 4 by Naoya Matsumoto

Kaiju No. 8. 4

Naoya Matsumoto

The raid on the Defense Force's Tachikawa base continues as the officers expend their efforts to fend off the yoju. Meanwhile, Hoshina unleashes his full combat power to take on the daikaiju--the mightiest kaiju of the group. Just when the battle seems to be...

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 25 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 25

Yoshihiro Togashi

"As the midnight hour nears, all the Hunters are rarin' to go! With some surprising allies on their side, they launch their blitz against the ruthless Ants. While Chairman Netero is past his prime, don't count this old man out! He's got a trick of two up his...

Hunter x hunter. Volume 26 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x hunter. Volume 26

Yoshihiro Togashi

"Killua's uneasiness about the Ants wasn't so far-fetched after all. When unforeseen incidents set the Hunters back in their showdown with the King and his Royal Guards, everyone has to scramble to get back on track. Can the Hunters regain their advantage...

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 22 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 22

Yoshihiro Togashi

"Having lost their queen, the Chimera Ants are spreading beyond their native homeland to establish their own colonies. Some attack Meteor City, and the group of assassins known as the Spiders, are called home to fend off the invasion. Meanwhile, in the...

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 23 by Yoshihiro Togashi

Hunter x Hunter. Volume 23

Yoshihiro Togashi

"Killua is under attack!! Confronted with a sniper that's shooting Flea-Bullets from afar, Killua must predict where the next shot will hit of fall victim to the fleas that are draining all his blood. But there are more surprises in store as other snipers aim...

7th time loop, the villainess enjoys a carefree life married to her worst enemy! by Touko Amekawa

7th time loop, the villainess enjoys a carefree life married to her worst enemy!

Touko Amekawa

Every time Rishe turns twenty, she dies and is reincarnated, so for her seventh life her goal is to live a long and lazy life, but then she gets a marriage proposal from the Crown Prince--the man who killed her in her previous life as a knight.

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